Success in your online marketing for your online information business

Website Traffic – Attracting Traffic To Your Site

Whatever the numbers of visitors you’re getting to your website at present, you should aim to increase it even further. Avoid being complacent about it. Aim to get it higher so you have consistent flow through.

Pragmatically, you need to attract targeted traffic composed of people who are interested in your ideas and offers.

First, create a relevant website with relevant niche content that your target audience want to find out about. You can use your RSS feed to help with this.

Second, use keywords in your contents for search engine relevance.

Third, use content marketing in a relevant format and that you’re comfortable in creating. Provide content that has niche value, as original to you as possible.

Fourth, build your list. Market your website and offers to your subscribers on that list who have shown a specific niche interest. .


Email Marketing – Generating Profits With It

Isn’t email marketing almost the only way to make profits in your business? Of course, visitors buy your offers from your sales pages. However, they reach your sales pages from your emails.

Create content to send visitors to your opt in page, on or off your site, and the opt in page puts your subscribers in your email marketing process. Send traffic to your sales page from your emails. That is, email marketing generates you traffic. To be able to do that you have to build your own list.

So you generate profits with email marketing by:

First, sending visitors to your sales letters.

Second, sending visitors to your offers or you’re an affiliate for.

The key is the sending of visitors from your emails – the rest follows from that.

Sales Letter Writing – Sales Letter Basics

I guess you can’t, or don’t want to, spend thousands of dollars to pay somebody to write a decent sales letter for you. However, you obviously don’t want to have poor sales letters with poor conversion rates.

What to do?

You can buy products and training so you can learn to do it yourself. Or you can buy software to start you off, that takes you through the process and you end up with a relevant letter.

Or do neither of those and learn from sales letters you know have been successful, and use them as models for your own – but not copying and pasting them.

Here are some basic suggestions – and they are only suggestions since you have to decide what format and what type of content you want in the letter.

First, you must have a headline that compellingly attracts your target market.

Second, create or use a story that examples the problem your offer deals with – then how it deals with it successfully.

Third, bullet point list the benefits of your product – tell them how they will exactly benefit from having and using it.

Fourth, use a genuine and compelling guarantee.

Fifth, put your order button, and maybe a PS.

Needless to say, test out different versions to see which converts best.

Content Marketing And Generating Profits

Content marketing is important for the basics of driving traffic to your website and offers, and for converting that traffic to subscribers and customers.

Content marketing is a personal thing. Much more personal than, for example, Pay Per Clicks ads, or ads on sites. These last two are simply advertising. Your content marketing communicates with potential visitors and buyers. With consistent content marketing you should get more targeted traffic who also respond more.

Of course, it takes more time and effort than putting up an ad, which is why still not all that many people follow through in doing it. You might also have worries about the search engine rules about content. However, if you only create simplistic content with no value in your niche, then you might not be ranked anywhere on the search engines and/or get no response from people in your niche.

Create valuable content and place it on sites where your target market is online regularly. Place valuable content on your website making sure it’s unique to your site.

Email Marketing – Get An Autoresponder

Really, you can’t build a list and manage that list without an an autoresponder. You need one to run your business.

It will help you with the 2 key aspects of having a successful online business: getting traffic and converting prospects to customers. These are the actions that generate you profit. Without people knowing about your offers and then buying from you, there’s no revenue or profits.

Both traffic and converting to buyers work together for you.

In terms of traffic, people on your list will visit your site and offers more than someone not on your list. Therefore, you have an opt in page instead of aiming directly for the sale. Then you can send them to your offer multiple times, so they’re more likely to realize, given time, how valuable your offer is for them. Of course, it has to be genuinely valuable in your niche.

So to build a list you need the combination of an opt in page and an autoresponder so you can market through your emails.

Don’t try to do it yourself with autoresponder software but buy into a fully functioning autoresponder you can depend on.

Domain Name – Why It’s Important To Your Business

Why is your domain name important? If you don’t take some care over it you might be stuck with something you don’t want. You can get another one. However, you want to use it to help brand your business.

Most of all, decide what your business is – what’s its purpose? Generate profits or increase knowledge through the information you share?

As a business aimed at making profits you must you must get targeted traffic, and convert that traffic to buyers and create your list.

You need traffic so conversions can take place. An excellent opt in page or sales page without traffic is useless.

Therefore, how will the domain name you’ve decided on affect traffic and converting people? Will people remember it? Will people feel encouraged to become your customer or to join your list because of it? Will they tell others about it?

What impression will it give in your niche? When you add the URL to some of your content, what effect will it have – in content marketing or on your opt in pages or as part of your emails?

Email Marketing – Generating More Revenue With It

Email marketing means relationship with your list of subscribers through the emails you send them. Your campaigns need to be focused on topics your list, or parts of your list, are looking for information and products on.

Build your own list, within which there will be people looking for ideas and products on different aspects of your niche. You can generate traffic from your list and have them convert to customers through your offers.

Marketers are always concerned about getting more traffic. Once you have a list, the simplest way is to increase click thrus from your emails, and convert them to buyers. Where you send people who click thru must be to an offer of a product which fits the email they’ve come from, and maybe why they joined your list in the first place. You can have different lists with different targets. Separate them in your autoresponder.

To get traffic to your opt in page in the first place use content marketing focused on what people in your niche are seeking to find. Since you’re already building a relationship through your content from the start, then it’s likely people will want more from you in your emails and then your products.

Effective Email Marketing Campaign Organization

Email marketing is a straightforward and less expensive method of marketing your business and products. Competition online increases all the time in some form, so you need to use email marketing to focus your promoting efforts.

First, have a list built by you that you have collected through your own efforts. There’s no point in having any old list of subscribers and hoping for the best. Have a list of people who are your audience, your market, in your niche. This vastly increases the chance of your emails having a successful result for your business.

Second, decide on what methods for marketing and communicating you’ll use in your emails in your campaign. Test out different ways of organizing which emails are in which order in the campaign. This takes time. For example, will you make an offer in the first email? Or send 3 or 4 emails to do with the subject of your business and product, educating subscribers as a lead up to making an offer?

Third, having decided on a structure for the campaign, then you can write the emails to fit that structure. Make sure the subject line is attractive to your audience, so that they’re tempted or curious to open the email.

Fourth, you start sending the emails, and must be ready to get reactions or responses. There may be no response or you’re flooded out with them – either extreme has to be faced up to. This is how you learn what works and what doesn’t, and leads to how you change and develop your campaign over time. This is key to your emails becoming increasingly effective over time.

Email Marketing Campaign Planning

Email marketing is still important as a means of promoting offers to subscribers and clients. In addition it’s still significant in people communicating information about their business. It’s cheaper than other marketing methods too.

Before you even start thinking about actual emails in your campaigns, plan to get your  subscriber list sorted correctly so that it has people targeted to what you sell in their niche, and what they are looking for or need. To ensure your list is organized on these lines then build the list yourself and ignore buying in lists from commercial sellers. When you have your own list then you can communicate with it to offer your products. This communication includes whatever follow up emails you may need, or have to create in response to buyers’ or prospects’ questions or requests.

Aim to ensure your emails are not ending up in spam folders. Or that even, if that’s not the case, that they don’t think of your emails as yet more spam junk offering more products they’re not interested in. The simplest way to do this is to have subscribers double opt in so you have a record you can point to of them joining your list, as people can forget that they did join.

Email Marketing – Your Targeting

Any online or offline business can only stay in business if it’s marketed. That marketing must be aimed at the specific business target market. To not do that means your marketing easily fails. Therefore, email marketing which is targeted is very important.

Success in marketing your products is only possible if you know about and have have insight into what your target audience is. This grows in significance in email marketing. You send off an email with an offer to a subscriber but you cannot be certain they will even open it. To avoid that situation people who receive your emails must see them as serious ways of helping them in the niche – they recognize your emails as worth opening and reading, and even responding to.

There are advantages to email marketing over other means of advertising such as ads on sites or Pay Per Click. To begin with it’s much cheaper than other means. You can also communicate regularly with a larger number of interested people.

Focus the marketing in your emails to get the most benefit from your campaigns.