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How To List Build With Content Marketing

Have you already built a list, at least to some extent? Or maybe you’re realizing its importance and considering how to go about it. Having your own list is still one of the best ways to generate revenue and income.

What’s the purpose of using content marketing in building your list? The key element is that those who sign up to your list coming from having gone through some of your content are generally the most qualified. They’re interested in what you have to say and want more information from you. They’re no longer totally cold leads.

How do you use content marketing to create your list?

Your prime activity is to create content on subjects that are of interest to individuals in your niche, and so might buy what you’re offering. But, as you’ll see in my content, you’re not aiming to make your content as sales pages or aim to even suggest a promotion to people. It’s much more straightforward: provide people with content relevant and useful to their needs and wants in the niche. Provide answers and solutions to difficulties people usually have in the niche.

Then, put a link to your website opt in page, or a separate opt in page, where they can get a freebie valuable for their needs. This is vital so that you give them the opportunity to follow through.

When they arrive at your website and opt in page, they can subscribe to your list and get the freebie. Some people will not be serious enough in what they’re doing to opt in. People who opt in are serious at some level about what they’re doing related to your niche.


List Building If You’re Not In The Internet Marketing Niche

Quite a lot of marketers see this as a problem because some advice and information is internet marketing focused, whereas there are masses of niches outside internet marketing. Marketers can often forget this. In fact, I believe most online businesses are not in the internet marketing niche as such.

However, having said that, they are still using internet marketing in their business to sell in their specific niche. Therefore, the basic methods are the same, even through their target customers are different. You still have to make an opt in page, and have people join your list when you send visitors there.

The largest difference is the actual niche. Therefore, when you set up an ad or create content, you do it related to your specific niche.

Creating content to get visitors to your niche site is just as relevant for you in that exact niche as when someone sends visitors to an internet marketing site. The way in which you create content is just the same: you still have to create lots of it, persistently over time, use relevant keywords, and so on.

I really think content creation is evergreen. It’s basically what the internet is made up off: information people are searching for. That’s why the most successful content is made by individual marketers for the specific purpose of using it to market their business and get visitors. You can try tools to spin or create content but these are easily seen by the search engines, whereas unique, individualized content remains just that – unique and individualized. This is the reason that by creating your own content you’re at an advantage, as most people just find it too much work to spend time and effort generating content and of good enough quality.

List Building – Your List Is Unique

List building is a way of developing a subscriber list of people interested in your niche and its topics and who will probably be buyers of niche products that you sell. Lists are unique, so there are few standardized rules: people on one list will not be exactly the same people on another list, responses will be different to different types of emails – and that’s if the lists are in the same niche. How people respond reflects the opt in page they signed up on, and their psychological state or attitude while on your list.

So, there are no 1,2,3 step rules except in a basic sense. However, you can measure and affect list member responses and track behavior such as click through rates.

The key point is that you cannot simply copy the same as another marketer is doing, and get the precisely same results. For example, it’s not possible to buy into a special offer product, copy what it says in what you do with your emails, and be successful in the same way. You have to have an understanding of list building and email marketing. And also track and test what’s happening and what you’re doing. You need to be analytical and creative at the same time.

How To Get Responsive Visitors From Content

I see the biggest mistake when people want to get responsive visitors from their content marketing, is that they think just one or a few pieces of content will do.

This is completely wrong.

It isn’t just one piece of content you should look to leverage but the combined impact of lots of pieces. It’s using your niche knowledge in various ways and in various places, and connecting them, that produces the result you want. Each piece of content builds on others, and thus builds your credibility as well as the ability to reach more potential customers who need your products and information.

Think of it as an increasingly growing pre-selling campaign. Any one person might miss certain content but others will see them. This allows you to have regular traffic to your site or opt in page. This is the response you want.

Just taking one piece of content and converting it any as many different formats as you can, and publishing some of the different formats on as many sites as you can, will make a big difference. Do that with hundreds or even thousands of pieces of the content and the impact is exponential compared to only using one piece of content.

However, each content piece must be created as if it is the only one. So its title, the body of information in whatever format, and the linking need to be taken care of. With all this you will over time get the response level you aim for.

This is all to say that your marketer’s psychology is to think in very big terms together with consistency over time, in order to get the results you want.

List Building Using Internet Marketing

If you’re serious about your list building then you need to use internet marketing as effectively as you can. I presume you have some idea of list building, such as having an opt in page, having to create email campaigns, writing different types of emails, and building relationships with your subscribers.

That is, you’re a serious list builder as well as online business builder, and that you have built up a sizable and/or reasonably responsive list.

1 It’s absolutely necessary that you track your list building efforts for your sign ups and clicks of links in your emails. You can do this through your autoresponder service, or use other software or services.

The primary task is, first, to locate those emails not being opened and read as much as others. Therefore, change their subject headings.

Second, find those emails where people are not clicking the links so much as other links in other emails. Therefore, change the content or text in them. Make these changes and test them again. Make further changes as necessary to improve their results.

2 Test using a back end product offer immediately after they sign up. So, from your opt in page, on sign up direct them automatically to another page where you make an offer, preferably related to your opt in freebie. Again, test freebies, and backend offers, as well as in relation to your opt in page.

You can even relate this to where sign ups are coming from, testing and improving each step as well as the whole process.

3 Keep developing your backend products, and develop a sales funnel to sell them through. For example, you might have a number of freebies and opt in pages, from which you offer one of several $7-$20 products, then offer a $37- $67 product, and then a $97 product or service. The useful freebies attract sign ups, so you can offer the $7 product. Once they like that one, offer them a higher priced related product.Then, maybe have a membership site or internet marketing service.

How To Create Emails That Are Successful

When your marketing through emails, you’re sending offers and other marketing materials to people on your list. However, it’s not so easy to create successful emails. They have to attract and keep the reader’s attention, sustain their interest, and make the reader click the link in it. But the danger is an email can be too assertive – you don’t want the reader turned off by it or by the place you send them to, so that they stop reading your emails altogether.

So, it’s a balance. You want emails as explained above, but not so assertive in their marketing that subscribers unsubscribe from your list or stop reading your emails.

How to do this? The top criteria to remember is to create your email for one person only. You might have ten thousand on your list but each person receives and reads the email as an individual. It’s much more than simply putting their name at the start. The subscriber has to respond to it as if you wrote it just for them. Use the word “you”, for example, rather than “subscribers” or “everybody”.

Avoid using an email as a mini-sales page where your selling something directly through it. Instead, focus on suggesting readers click a link in it.

Again, if you have them click to a sales page but that page is not liked by the reader for some reason, they will have forgotten about your email and only relate you to the unliked sales page. And again, they might stop reading your emails because of lack of trust in you. Maintaining trust is absolutely vital.

It is better if they decide not to buy your offer, as long as they do not lose trust in you.

Now, this means that when you refer someone to another marketer’s sales page, maybe as an affiliate, you must check out that sales page for yourself. Make sure the language and content do not create an awkward or strong negative reaction in people on your list. It is more difficult to gain a subscriber than lose one.

Online Business – Actions To Grow It

Many people with an online business get to a certain point but are stuck as to how to grow it further. Even those just starting an online business, after a few sales, wonder how they can keep developing it. It seems everybody has this difficulty at one or more points in a business’s life.

The key action in this is to keep in communication with people who come to your site. Therefore, have them sign up to your email list so you can keep contacting them and develop a relationship with them over time. Too many marketers try to only get website visitors, usually using a lot of time and effort, and try to sell to them on that first visit. You need to test what is happening.

Statistically, you need to to send people to an offer at least 7 times prior to them buying from you. Some people buy straight away. But the numbers of those are below average. Your statistics will tell you that. You must keep in contact with visitors by having them opt in to your list.

How To Create A Successful Article

Writing a successful article can be easy but very hard if you’ve no idea where to begin. This post is about how to begin an article, create the content, and ensure you get clicks.

First, choose a subject which is relevant to one of your website’s subjects. You need this connection of meaning, at least to your opt in page, otherwise visitors will be confused. Your article is about one subject, the reader clicks through to your site and finds nothing related to that article’s subject. So they click away. In other words, you’ve wasted your time.

Second, make a list of a few topics the subject of your article can be written about. You might want to do the list as sentences or paragraphs.

Third, write your first paragraph introducing the article’s subject, and telling the reader you’ll be explaining that subject , or maybe answering a question about it.

Fourth, write the end paragraph, summing up what you’ve written, or forget about an end paragraph and go straight into the part with your link you want them to click.

Fifth, in the clickable link part at the end, do not mention any details about yourself, but have a clear call to action to accept a freebie of some sort. The link goes to your opt in page. This freebie at the end is a key to getting clicks from your articles.

Online Business At Home Fundamentals

An online business at home is something anyone can set up and work on if they have some available time to do it. They might be a mother staying at home to look after a child, or they might be without a job for while. There are plenty of ways to generate some income online, although not necessarily as their main income.

The most important thing is to take care never to spend beyond your budget. Have a plan and have a budget as part of it which clearly gives how much you’re able to use in your new business. Some marketers might claim everything can be done, or a least started, for nothing, but you can’t really make a serious attempt to get your business off the ground without spending some money. For example, you need to pay for hosting and a domain name for your site.

Do your research to find out if any offers or schemes are scams or not. Really, you want to be selling your very own product or an affiliate product from a genuine company. Or both. I would forget all about other schemes, such as building a downline. You’ll always be in a genuine situation if you sell products others want to buy, preferably as directly as possible from you.

People often jump into marketing affiliate products belonging to someone else. Even then, you need your own website. So make your first action to set up a website, such as a WordPress site through your hosting company. There’s no charge for you setting one up yourself. Do your research on hosts and choose one you think will fit what you need.

When you sell affiliate products belonging to someone else, you get a percentage of the sale price. Aim to get at least 50% of the price. Sell digital products this way and you literally can be making money while you’re asleep.

Private Label Rights Products – Convert Them To Your Own

Are you stuck creating your own product? You needn’t be because you can take a Private Label Rights product and make it your own product, especially if you have no restrictions at all to your rights.

1 Give it a new title and cover. Make a viral product out of it and sell it with resell rights, and include your own links in it to other products. The resell rights only allow the buyer to sell it as it is, and so have to leave your links as they are.

2 Repurpose the product as an audio or a video.

3 Divide it into parts and sell each part separately, maybe on their own site. Each one will be seen as different to the search engines, helping with your search engine search results.

4 Use parts of the products as freebies to attract people to opt in to your list. These could be short ebooks, audios or videos. Include affiliate links in them.

These are just suggestions as there are many things you can do with PLR products. The key thing is to use them to have your own product this way until you create your own product from your own knowledge.