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List Building – The Why And The How

Use an opt in page so people can join your list. This important as you want people who have given you permission to send them emails. They’ve done that because they’re interested in getting more from you.

Also, since they have done this you can then repeatedly send emails with useful information and with offers. In other words, the email communication can lead to sales. This is not the same as bombarding them with the latest offers all the time. This way you burn a list so that they get fed up with it, stop looking at your emails, and eventually unsubscribe. Nevertheless, having a list built by yourself provides you with your own market who are easily communicated with, and who want to hear from you.

One way to build your list is to ensure you always offer website visitors the chance to join it and so keep in communication with you. To do that you can put an opt in form on every page. At the time of writing, however, Google has recently expressed a dislike of squeeze-type page pop ups. But they think an exit pop-up, which can be the most effective in list building, is OK and will not penalize them. For WordPress sites you can get plugins that show an opt in pop-up when the visitors goes to leave the page.

Getting people to see the advantage of being on your list is important because it can take someone several times of seeing an offer before they decide to buy it. Thus the importance of repeatedly sending emails with your offer. Think of this as making the best you can of your profits.

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Ezine Ads – Using Them For Traffic

When you place an ad in someone’s ezine or newsletter you can be sure that it’s targeted to people who have signed up for information from that ezine. You can use a classified ad or a sponsor ad or a solo ad.

Classified ads cost less than the the other types but by their very nature are not as effective. Generally, they go at the end of the ezine and you are allowed to use only a few words, just like any classified.

Sponsor ads give the opportunity to use a greater number of words. This is because you pay more for them. Solo ads are the only content the subscriber sees, sent out as an individual ad. The idea is that the subscribers think of them as a positive recommendation by the ezine owner. They can be trusted to have an effect much more than the other ads.

Unlike ads in other places your competition is less with ezine ads. The key thing is you have a targeted group of people who trust the ezine owner.

Therefore, you should get a greater response to them, especially if their specifically interested in what you have to offer. There is less persuasion needed, in that case.

You need to get traffic to your site and ezine ads are one way of doing it. If you intend to use ads in general as your means of getting traffic then ezine ads are a useful place to start, and to test out your ads. Making your site visible online is also important and these types of ads can put you in front of a whole range of audiences.

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Email Marketing – Is It Worth The Effort?

You will know there are lots of ways to market online. So, which way should you use over all the others? Email marketing is a key way but should you bother?

Well, you only have to see what it is.

It’s sending out emails to those who have particularly asked you for further information about your niche or product. For instance, someone reads some content by you, on your site or somewhere else. They then complete an opt in form or a support/contact form, or maybe respond back directly through an email they’ve already received from you or someone else – I do not mean spam here – no one should use spam. Whichever way the contact starts, you have an autoresponder set up to respond to their contact, or you might respond personally to that person and then they opt in to your list. Either way it has to be a voluntary opt in. That is, they’re asking you to send them more information.

The person is a targeted prospect/subscriber for that precise information and your niche. So, is it worth you going through such processes. Not necessarily always in each case. With the opt in as your subscriber you are then able to market to them, and they are interested in receiving more from you. However, not all who opt in will necessarily result in profits for you.

But, it doesn’t matter which way you decide to market, it’s the people interested in what you have to offer that will more likely buy from you. Those who just want free information will either leave or take you more time to sell to.

But the two clear advantages of email marketing are that you can continue repeat marketing to subscribers because of their interest, and the more marketing you do the more you interest and get on your list.

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Email Marketing – Focus On Profits

Building your list is a great idea but there’s no point in it for your business unless you can generate profits from it.

1 Have more than one list, each for a different area of your business or products. Aim to have people join the list best for them, where they’re going to get the information and offers they’re looking for.

2 Relationship building is important in your email campaigns. Give them relevant content. Combine that with making your offers.

3 When people want to buy one of your products you’ve marketed through your emails, they need to feel certain they can trust your system. So make sure the payment gateway you’re using is smooth and can be trusted. It’s better to choose one people generally use already.

4 Choose an autoresponder that can be trusted to get your emails delivered as well as a relevant thank you system, or anything else you might need for your business in this area.

5 Follow up when someone has purchased from you to ask if everything went OK or to let you know if there were any difficulties. This is not only good relationship building but you want to aim for people to be repeat buyers. By communicating with them in this way it shows there’s a human behind your business front, and it will keep you in their mind when they come to buy other products.

In this way, your list can provide profits to you, rather than just being targeted prospects you’ve managed to get to sign up.

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Website – Aim To Include These Elements

It can be a worrying time the first attempt you make at having a website. However, people usually over-complicate what they put onto it, making it more difficult for themselves. The elements I go through are not always used but can be very important to visitors’ first access and awareness of your business.

First, use keywords on your posts and pages. In fact, put them in different places on your site so search engines can pick up on them and not just in your specific content.

Second, set up a contact form or other method that visitors and customers can rely on when they have questions.

Third, provide solid information. This could be part of your content, or your giveaway products or paid products. Aim to give value relative to the level of knowledge and understanding you’re communicating with. Both the amount of information for customers and visitors and it’s clarity, are important.

Fourth, have you ever gone to a website and want to search but can’t? It can be very frustrating and lead to people leaving who might have dug deeper into your site. Being able to search clearly makes your site more easily accessible.

Fifth, if someone else is providing content on your site, make it clear who that person is in each case. It can be misleading to a visitor if you don’t do this.

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List Building – Growing A List In Your Business

Growing a list is crucial to your business success. With it you can have traffic to it and visibility of it on the web each day.

Here are some basic steps for your list building.

First, make sure you have an idea about your target market. You can begin in a very narrow range and then bit by bit widen out your market as you find out the types of people in it and the topics and issues related to that market. Use affiliates to widen your market.

Second, find out where the people in your market go and spend time online, such as important market sites and blogs, social sites, news or information centers, and forums.

Third, search for related or overlapping markets or topics. For instance, if your market is about women’s clothes, you can still see any overlap to take any advantage with, for example, the men’s market, or children, or young people, or the older age range. Look for sites that could place your ads or content for your related market.

Fourth, use content marketing, especially in any form that best fits your market. If there is activity involved, then videos as demonstrations will be better than text, such as in cooking or recipe demonstrations. On top of that, use any internet marketing tactics that push your marketing out to greater visibility.

Fifth, develop contacts with others in the market or related markets.

Each day do some work on building your list, as all the above are on-going actions to grow your business as well as your list.

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Building Your List Using Freebies

It is getting more difficult to get people’s attention online as well as to get them to repeat visits to your site. Try using freebies on your market and track the results.

Think of offers in ads to get a freebie for simply visiting a site or clicking a link. The freebie offer is in front of their eyes and captures their attention. Your freebie offer must be obvious. People like the idea of getting something for nothing, especially when it has some value for them and that they might even have considered paying for. There’s also the value of making them curious as to what exactly it is or is like. They have a need to find out.

Offering a freebie your market wants, needs, finds valuable, or they have been searching for, will get targeted traffic. Particularly if they like the freebie once they have it, it gets them thinking about how original or unique you are compared to competitors.

Psychologically in the background there’s the idea that you must be able to afford to give this valuable stuff away and thus there’s the development of trust. Although, of course, they might have given you their email address for it, so you can follow up on their interest.

Also, here are two qualifications about this method. One is that people are much less so easily willing to give their email address than they used to be. Second, as there are freebie offers of various kinds all over the web, your offer must be of value to those you’re aiming to get the attention of, and for them to take the action you want.

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Email Marketing – Increasing Your Clicks

There are some easy ways to get people to click your links in emails you send them.

Here are 3 of them.

First, keep your subject lines brief and specifically telling what the email is about. Also, of course, it needs to be a topic that really gets their attention. Have them wondering what could be in the email and thinking up questions about it. Once they begin to question themselves about it, they’ll click to see it and start going through it.

Second, also keep your emails brief and straightforward. The contents should keep them wondering and wanting to know more. Make it very simple to get through. Have a key idea that you repeat throughout the email in different ways. The repetition keeps them reading, developing their interest in the topic, so they feel compelled to find out what is so good about the topic.

Third, put links through the email. Make it absolutely clear so they can’t miss it, and frequently enough so they just have to click it. Make it obvious with words like “click this link”, as well as other words which are part of the email body and take them to where you want them to go. Now you have a much more natural way to get traffic to your site without it being hyper.

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Targeted Traffic Is Your Aim

No doubt you realize there are lots of different ways to market your site online to get traffic. However, your real need is for targeted traffic. Therefore, it’s necessary to use marketing methods that aim to attract the traffic you want.

What is targeted traffic?

It’s made up of those who are specifically interested in the specific subject of your site. For example, if your subject is dog training, you want to attract those who have an interest in, and maybe a desperate need for, dog training. You don’t want cat lovers visiting your site looking for cat information. But if your subject is looking after house pets, you probably would want people to visit who are interested in cats and dogs and other house pets. They’d all be targeted traffic in that case.

A most important method to attract targeted traffic is to create content about your subject. The visitors you get from content will be very targeted. Why? Because they will visit without any persuasion at all: going through your valuable content, just the sort of information they’re looking for, will attract them to click your link in the content to find out more. Create the content yourself or pay someone to do it for you.

Also, target the niche or sub-niche you’ll be in when planning your business, and then use targeted keywords for that niche. Targeted marketing means you will get more targeted visitors. That means, in turn, they are more likely to spend money with you, as they know exactly what they want.

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Website Traffic – A Simple Viral Tip

Do you know the targeted traffic you want? What your market is? If you do, it makes it much easier to get traffic to your site.

Here’s a tip.

Get or create a PDF or software or tool to help people in your niche. Make sure you’re allowed to give it away, and that you can put your links into it or rebrand it as your own. You can use links to your own site or to a sales page that you’re an affiliate for, so you get a percentage of the selling price when someone buys though your link. You could have a number of such links. Even though you’re giving this product away for no payment, make sure it’s valuable enough for people to want to have it and pass it on to others.

On top of that, have them sign up for your list first. Plus, give people the right to resell it themselves or also give it away as an opt in gift – as long as they don’t change anything in the product.

If it’s valuable enough, it can be passed on to hundreds of other people, maybe even thousands. You’re extending the reach of your marketing through your links and contents as well as getting any revenue from new buyers. Of course, you also have email addresses so you can make even further offers to your new subscribers.

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