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Content Marketing For Your Website Traffic

If you only focus on creating your content and forget about the person accessing it, you can leave a lot to be desired for a piece of informative or motivating content. In videos, a slow-stop delivery will have watchers clicking away, especially if you have long pauses leaving the viewer wondering what’s going on. But almost all content will have some place for text, a perfect place to leave awkward spellings or misuse of word meanings. Sometimes the content is so good, people aren’t too bothered about it. But if you’re not giving them brilliantly unique content, people will notice and pick up on such mistakes. So, you or someone else need to check spelling, punctuation and grammar. Remember that just about everybody makes mistakes anyway.

You’re content can’t be perfect but people expect someone claiming to know their subject will be less prone to them – unless you’re so far ahead as to be unique, and then you’ll probably be forgiven almost anything. Aim to not lose traffic through simple errors.

To ensure people consume your content, have an attractive and compelling title. However, it must also clearly be about the actual content. Put your keyword in the title. You can also put it in your link to be clicked but vary links too, even without the keyword.

Of course, you have to create lots of content to get traffic from it. One or two pieces will probably have no effect.

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Marketing With Articles – Creating An Article

First, choose the topic you’ll write about, and then create a title to fit that topic. Whatever keywords you’ve decided on using, use the main one in your title. The title is important as it’s the first thing someone sees usually, and tells them what the article is about. Keep it accurate as to what is in the article. Also, keep the title short if you can so it gives the focus of your content.

Second, create your article. Make it as long as fits the topic you’re writing about. Put your keyword near the beginning. Ignore percentage usage of keywords. Instead, write naturally about your topic. Having a keyword too many times in the article will be penalized by the search engines. However, where needed use words and phrases related to your keyword but not the exact keyword.

Third, place your links in your article. You can put links into the body of the article but this can be distracting. You want people to read through all of it to the end. Instead of having a conclusion paragraph, take the reader straight to where they can click to go to your site, or wherever you want them to be sent. Either provide the whole URL to click, or an anchor text related to where it links to.

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Traffic And Ranking With Links

When you get a link back to your site you want it to be a link from at least an equally valued site, and preferably from an authority or high ranked site in your niche. Also, it’s much better if the link to your site is one way. That is, you are not linking to that site. If the search engines think you’re up to some rank back patting with other sites, you could lose out completely.

However, you do want clear internal links between posts and pages in your own site. WordPress themes will link back and forward between posts, though usually in a limited way. Nevertheless you don’t want too much internal linking going on. The search engine crawlers find it confusing if there is too much. Ensure there’s a link back to your home page from each page. If you use a silo organization then only have links between pages within a silo (where pages are on the same topic or category). This makes it much easier for search engines to crawl your site when there is a clear organization.

For building links yourself, content marketing means you can add links into the content and at the end. You get a unique backlink to your site. The more content you create and publish, the more links you get.

The ideal is having a site link to you without being asked for. The more of these you have, the more the search engines will see your site as an authority one in your niche. They will see this as being helpful to customers.and visitors.

Work out a link method and build on it as time goes on.

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Targeted Traffic Is Your Aim

No doubt you realize there are lots of different ways to market your site online to get traffic. However, your real need is for targeted traffic. Therefore, it’s necessary to use marketing methods that aim to attract the traffic you want.

What is targeted traffic?

It’s made up of those who are specifically interested in the specific subject of your site. For example, if your subject is dog training, you want to attract those who have an interest in, and maybe a desperate need for, dog training. You don’t want cat lovers visiting your site looking for cat information. But if your subject is looking after house pets, you probably would want people to visit who are interested in cats and dogs and other house pets. They’d all be targeted traffic in that case.

A most important method to attract targeted traffic is to create content about your subject. The visitors you get from content will be very targeted. Why? Because they will visit without any persuasion at all: going through your valuable content, just the sort of information they’re looking for, will attract them to click your link in the content to find out more. Create the content yourself or pay someone to do it for you.

Also, target the niche or sub-niche you’ll be in when planning your business, and then use targeted keywords for that niche. Targeted marketing means you will get more targeted visitors. That means, in turn, they are more likely to spend money with you, as they know exactly what they want.

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Website Traffic – A Simple Viral Tip

Do you know the targeted traffic you want? What your market is? If you do, it makes it much easier to get traffic to your site.

Here’s a tip.

Get or create a PDF or software or tool to help people in your niche. Make sure you’re allowed to give it away, and that you can put your links into it or rebrand it as your own. You can use links to your own site or to a sales page that you’re an affiliate for, so you get a percentage of the selling price when someone buys though your link. You could have a number of such links. Even though you’re giving this product away for no payment, make sure it’s valuable enough for people to want to have it and pass it on to others.

On top of that, have them sign up for your list first. Plus, give people the right to resell it themselves or also give it away as an opt in gift – as long as they don’t change anything in the product.

If it’s valuable enough, it can be passed on to hundreds of other people, maybe even thousands. You’re extending the reach of your marketing through your links and contents as well as getting any revenue from new buyers. Of course, you also have email addresses so you can make even further offers to your new subscribers.

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Website Traffic – More Of It

Some people think they probably don’t have to market their site because their product is so good and visitors will buy it anyway. Imagine you believe that too. You’re idea is superb and you’ve got your website. You’re waiting for all those visitors to arrive at your site and then to buy your product. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing. Even days later you’re still waiting for a visitor.

You re-think and find an expert in search engine optimization. They tell you they’ll get your site into the top 3 of the search engine results. You pay them for this service. Yet you’re still waiting for some action. You realize that not every one of their customers could be in the top 3. Plus you don’t know how many people actually visited your site but did not buy. That is, you’re at a loss about marketing online.

You do need to market your site. These are some tips about what to do. To begin with it should be clear that there is no easy and quick solution or trick. If there were then everybody would be doing it. Also, you can’t buy your way into the top of the search engine results – it makes no difference how much you pay somebody to do that. It isn’t money you need to use but having a plan.

Plan out your site in order to attract the search engines finding their way around it. Have links leading visitors from page to page in a natural way.

If there are pages you don’t want search engines to index, then keep them out of those pages as strongly as you can. But do give them a route through your site. Each page needs a title relating to that page’s content. Then create real content that is needed in your niche. This is the basis of SEO.

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Write Your Articles – Online Articles

Writing articles is basic to creating all your content online, even though you may not actually publish any as such but use other formats. Its importance needs to be recognized.

Use these tips.

Use an introduction at the beginning of your content, one paragraph in the case of an article. You should give the main sense of what your content is about. In this way people get a sense of what your content is about and what they’ll find in the body of it.

Also, use a first sentence of each paragraph or section giving the essential point of that paragraph. It helps to give a sense of the direction of your content so people don’t feel confused or lost.

Always remember to proofread, or check back over, your content. Spelling, grammar and punctuation need to be right for 2 reasons. First, some people can be really irritated by basic misstakes, sorry, mistakes. Second, problems in these areas can cause ambiguity so a person is not too sure exactly what you meant. There’s nothing worse than a confused message to turn somebody off.

Remember that one of the reasons you create content is to develop credibility – basic mistakes constantly made lose you credibility instead. People begin to mistrust that you have anything of value for them, including your products.

Lastly, make sure your articles will stay around to be referred to long into the future. Publish them on sites you regularly add to. You want it to be on a separate page and that the site is liked by the search engines having been optimized for them.

However, while these points are important, in the end it’s the value of your content that matters. It has to relate to what people in your niche want, and may be searching for, otherwise few of them will return to it.

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Keywords – Why Still Use Them

In any type of marketing when you choose the right language in your promotion it can affect the results you get that you did not imagine would happen. Using the search engines is the easiest way to find things out and to be found online.

Keywords are still significant in getting your site and materials seen. Keywords move your searchers and your visitors to what they’re looking for. They are almost ads in themselves.

A person does a search in a search engine by typing in some words associated with what they are looking for. You keywords are the link from the search results to the associated material on your site. Use those which home in as exactly as you can on what the searcher wants.

Now, Google is using intent marketing more than direct keyword linkage. They have the record of the searcher’s previous searches and so what they’re usually searching for. For example, they might search mostly for fixes to their mobile devices rather than looking to buy those devices themselves. Therefore, you might use such keywords as “problem with your cell phone?” or “tablets that have most problem” or “how to fix tablet problems”. You’re looking for keywords that will attract a searcher, not just using, for instance, the name of a tablet you’re promoting.

Avoid putting keywords all over the place on your site. This can be seen as a form of keywords stuffing which is a negative for the search engines. However, do create informative quality content, and content of a decent length as then you are probably covering keywords for your topic anyway.

Also, create unique content. That way you’ll be giving relevant and useful content but without using duplicate content or keyword stuffing.

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Marketing Content – Why Bother?

I’m making the presumption you create content. The question is: why bother with content that is a marketing channel?

Well, searchers online are tying to find that kind of content. It’s because they’re aiming to find out how to carry out marketing whether it’s through a specific type of content or ads or whatever.

As with other content, when you publish on an appropriate site, with a high ranking, you get noticed by the search engines and so you get traffic to your site.

Most people when they search, and see the search results, will opt to check out the first page only. It helps too to use keywords for your niche.

Through the search engines, then, you have the world as your market, with people from all over coming to your site. You have can have subscribers and customers from many different countries.

So, create marketing content, publish it on high ranked sites. Of course, you have to create a lot of content – a couple of pieces will have no effect, unfortunately.

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Search Engine Optimization – 2 Tips To Help The Crawlers

To help you when you do a search, search engines use crawlers or robots in the background. These check your website to see if it’s worth recognizing as being relevant at the time the crawler goes through it. From this information, the search engine decides whereabouts in search results for a particular search your site should be, relative to others.

Crawlers visit your site on a regular basis checking for your changes and put them into the information they’re collecting about it. The more you add new information the more often your site is crawled. Therefore, you get changes in the search results based on the new site changes.

Here are 2 tips to help the crawlers do their job to your advantage.

First, don’t let the information on your site get out of date. Once you leave your site as it is over a long period of time it will be seen as not relevant any more. Your place in the search results will go down.

Second, avoid using redirects to a different page that people click in the search results. You might have to do this sometimes, such as when you’re making significant changes. Even then, keep the time short that you’re doing this. Crawlers do not like to find redirects which look permanent.

A bonus tip: build backlinks to our site from other websites. So you have other sites pointing a link back to yours. This is one way of showing your credibility and that others think you’re relevant enough for people to visit.

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