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Website Traffic – Attracting Traffic To Your Site

Whatever the numbers of visitors you’re getting to your website at present, you should aim to increase it even further. Avoid being complacent about it. Aim to get it higher so you have consistent flow through.

Pragmatically, you need to attract targeted traffic composed of people who are interested in your ideas and offers.

First, create a relevant website with relevant niche content that your target audience want to find out about. You can use your RSS feed to help with this.

Second, use keywords in your contents for search engine relevance.

Third, use content marketing in a relevant format and that you’re comfortable in creating. Provide content that has niche value, as original to you as possible.

Fourth, build your list. Market your website and offers to your subscribers on that list who have shown a specific niche interest. .


Website Traffic – 3 Key Requirements

When setting up and organizing your website, consider what’s best to send and attract traffic to it. You want targeted traffic who are interested in your site niche and products.

1 Work out as near as you can who your prospects are and so who will want to visit your site. It also depends on what products you sell which should fit those people’s needs and wants.

2 Do your marketing at places where mostly your target prospects go online. If you market in the wrong places you’ll be wasting precious time trying to attract people from there to your site as they’ll probably never buy your product.

3 Build your list with care, continually checking it in order to improve it over time as regards what offer. You need to keep their interest over time as things change online and in your niche.

Best 7 Online Traffic Sources

The amount of traffic you get to your site it’s not all that important. You could have tens of thousands of visitors a day or week and still not make a profit. What you need is targeted traffic who have a clear interest in your site, niche, or products with the purpose of buying what you offer. Otherwise, they can easily go somewhere else.

But you have to attract them.

First, focus on your customers, people who have already bought from you and have liked what you offer, so they will look to buy more from you.

Second, offer products your prospects want and are looking for. Maybe they have bought products like yours elsewhere and are searching for similar ones.

Third, the best traffic is made up of people who are referrals from your customers. Again, those who have already bought from you are an indirect source of revenue.

Fourth, previous visitors to your site and so know about it, and some of your products.

Fifth, people arriving at your site from a link, maybe in an email campaign.

Sixth, traffic sent to you through your affiliates.

Seventh, those who reach your site from a link in the search engines.

Aim to get people to your site who have an interest in what you have to sell. Other general traffic is mostly a waste of your time.

Your Traffic – Attracting More Website Traffic

Traffic is your business lifeblood. But do focus on targeted traffic so you get visitors who are actually interested in your niche, topics, and ideas.

1 Have a site that has creative content on it in terms of ideas and support for helping your visitors. It is content of all kinds that is most looked for online. Visitors will not be at your site unless they’re attracted there, even if you have in fact sent them there yourself from a link. It also helps with seacrh engine optimization and getting results on search engines.

2 Create content about your business, site, and niche, and post that content where your potential customers go online. You might publish videos on video sites, do podcasts or webinars, post articles and comments on niche high ranked blogs or sites. Wherever you post and whatever the format, have a link back to your site or relevant other content of yours.

3 Use niche forums to post helpful comments to develop credibility in your niche expertise. Use a link when allowed. Forums give you that extra element of communicating directly with potential clients for your business.

Website Promotion – 3 Basic Methods

I’m sorry to say that your website is of no use if nobody sees it. It may look fantastic but that’s not enough. If you’re looking to make some money through it, you’ll have to do some promotion of it.

Here are 3 basic ways.

First, aim to get some search engine traffic. Make sure your site is set up well enough for the engines, although this, including keywords, is not as important now as it used to be comapared to offsite optimization. Aim to get links back to your site from relevant and reliable (according to the search engines) websites. Create relevant and useful content on your site, based on what people in your niche search for and might even be desperate for. In this sense, you’ll probably use keywords quite naturally as you cover relevant topics.

Second, have an opt in page to collect emails for your list. In your campaigns you can refer subscribers to your website for related content, including to sales pages. Also, some people on your list will probably refer others to your site and content. In many ways this is the best traffic and promotion – by personal recommendation. If your list have found your ideas work for them, or are simply more accurately informative than they find elsewhere, they will probably know someone else who can benefit from your ideas, too. And so you aim for that to continue on through layers of referrals.

Third, create relevant content elsewhere online. Find out where your target audience go online and create content for them there, where they are. You add your site details in the content so there’s a link back to your site that the search engines can pick up. You can do this in various media: videos, text, webinars, audios, slides – whatever fits your niche to get your ideas across, and whatever fits your own best method of working.

Website Traffic – Your Website Stats

Your website stats are important and yet can be completely unnoticed by many online businesses. To improve your website and business your stats tell you your amount of traffic and the time spent on your site.

Also, you can see where your traffic came from, including geography, search, websites and content. You can find out where the traffic lands on your site and from where they exited. All of this is beneficial information.

Check how many people are coming to your site daily, weekly, or monthly. Then use that as your starting point to improve into the future. You need it to see where any improvements have been, if at all. It’s a method of measuring improvement.

If you know keywords being used to find your site, use that to make relevant pages and posts more sticky for traffic. You get more traffic generally and also to specific pages on your site.

When you know which pages people arrive at on entering your site, put an opt in form on them, and use those pages to include the most popular topics your traffic is interested in. You’ll be able to make your list bigger as well as promote products on those pages.

Find out how long people stay on particular pages, and from where they leave your site. If they’re only staying seconds there’s no real time to convert them to customers. You may have thousands of visitors but if they only stay a few seconds then that number of people isn’t much use to you.

Redirect To A Sales Page

Here’s an interesting idea to try out.

If you have to redirect someone to another place online, and the person clicks on a link to be redirected, then use a sales page.

It gives you one more place to promote products as well as providing the person being redirected something to keep their attention while they wait. You can use those few seconds for your marketing website or business or products. It can produce more traffic.

The web is vast with marketing increasing every day at present, so you need to use what you can to gain attention. Instead of a frustrating almost blank screen people can be reading your sales page. You never know what people need at any moment, and often they don’t either, so it’s a way to stimulate their interest in what you have to offer.

Therefore, both you and the person on the redirect page can gain a benefit that would not have been available otherwise.

Forums – Using Them To Get Traffic

First, once you’ve found forums about your niche, you can usually put a “signature” at the end of your post that has your link in it. Via that link you could send people to your site or opt in page or some related content of yours. In some forums you have to create a certain number of posts before you can include the “signature”. You may not be able to send them to a sales page either, so people clicking the link know they’re more likely to get relevant information from you rather than an attempt to sell to them.

Second, don’t forget that the members of the forum all have the same interests focused round your niche. Therefore, you’ll probably get more interest in your link if it shows relevance to the niche. So, for example, if your site and the forum are about video creation, then a link like “” will be seen as relevant to your readers.

Third, continuing the video example, you might join a thread where people are telling how they’re having problems with a certain video player. Give them the help they need there and then in your forum post, commenting after doing that, that they might find other helpful information on your site. That is, don’t send them to your site for the answer to their problem specifically. Instead, give them their answer on the forum, and merely indicating if they have other problems they might find useful information on your site.

Fourth, it is almost by the way that you’ll get a link back to your site from your signature link. This is useful for search engine search lists.

Fifth, if you find this traffic method works for you, you need to find out as much as you can how to make it as advantageous as possible for you. At the same time as you find out more, or after you get as much help as you can to increase you success at this, you can join as many related forums as possible and have a system of making posts on a regular basis. In this way your name becomes known as a credible person in your niche. People will then starting asking for your site address or email address as a means to find answers to their problems.

Qualified Traffic Generation To Your Website

If you have an online business, you need your own website. You use it to give visitors niche information and offers . But you want qualified traffic to it.

You’re in business to generate revenue and make a profit, so you must avoid surfers and searchers who are just looking casually for information or to pass the time. Even if they are focused on a product of yours, you still want to avoid people only looking for information about it. You want qualified traffic who are more likely to buy your product. That way both you and your visitors reap the benefits.

Use these 3 ways to help generate qualified visitors.

First, decide on your target visitor, the type of person you want at your site. Research where they go online. Market to them at that place, not generally or somewhere else they’re not.

Second, market in places online that have a linked interest with your target visitor’s interest. For example, if your target audience is interested in fitness, market in some way in the health and fitness parts of the web. You can go off from that basis to each fitness topic or niche specifically.

Third, build your list of these qualified, targeted visitors. Keep evaluating that list as to its value to you and your subscribers.

Your Visitors To Your Website – Getting More Of Them

Without visitors to your website, opt in pages and sales pages, you can’t sell anything. So you need to work on doing this each day. The aim is to get more and more visitors. You need to do this yourself. If you buy traffic that’s said to be guaranteed, then it will not work. People who come to your site that way, have not been looking for what you offer and never expected to be at your website in the first place.

Here are some suggested ways to get more visitors.

1 You can buy an ad or ads in someone’s ezine they send out regularly to their subscribers. You can buy anything from a classified ad to a solo ad where yours will be the only one in the ezine or even in a particular email. However, you have to choose your ezine carefully as you might pay for your ad and find that marketer’s list hardly responds at all. You have to test different ezines. Also, before you buy, see if you can find out if that list responds very well usually.

2 Content marketing is when you create content with links back to your site. You publish the content on relevant sites. This method provides you with qualified traffic, providing everything else is in place such as the usefulness and relevance to your niche of the content you create.

3 Work with other marketers to market their products in exchange for them marketing your products. This can also apply to links to opt in pages. Again, test your results to aim for consistent ones that enable you to get more and more traffic over time.

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