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Private Label Rights Products – Convert Them To Your Own

Are you stuck creating your own product? You needn’t be because you can take a Private Label Rights product and make it your own product, especially if you have no restrictions at all to your rights.

1 Give it a new title and cover. Make a viral product out of it and sell it with resell rights, and include your own links in it to other products. The resell rights only allow the buyer to sell it as it is, and so have to leave your links as they are.

2 Repurpose the product as an audio or a video.

3 Divide it into parts and sell each part separately, maybe on their own site. Each one will be seen as different to the search engines, helping with your search engine search results.

4 Use parts of the products as freebies to attract people to opt in to your list. These could be short ebooks, audios or videos. Include affiliate links in them.

These are just suggestions as there are many things you can do with PLR products. The key thing is to use them to have your own product this way until you create your own product from your own knowledge.


Private Label Rights Products – Using Them

As long as you can do anything you like with your Private Label Rights product, in effect it’s all yours with no restrictions from the creator of it. You can publish it as your very own product, and sign it with your name. They are a useful method of having your own product until you are ready to actually create your own product from scratch. But remember that each individual product might have different rights even though they all say they’re Private Label Rights. These types of rights can vary between products, so make sure you check the actual rights of each PLR product you buy.

1 If you can, name it as yours, and simply sell it as it is. However, this is often counter-productive as many marketers do exactly the same. So, you can have lots of competition from the exact same product.

2 Make changes to it and make it individual to you. Go through it making changes as you go, or re-do the whole thing. For example, if there’s a video, and if you can, re-make it with the same ideas in your style. This way you’re nearer to having a unique product. Replace any links for affiliate products with your own links.

3 Change it to add extra value so you’re making a new product. You can then offer people to sell it as an affiliate too.

Ebook Writing – How To Do It

People often think they have to spend a long time in arduous ebook creation. But it need not be that way. Having a method means you can create them one after another as needed.

1 Choose a subject you will write about and focus on in that ebook. You might think you don’t know what to write about in your niche because you don’t know enough. Or you’re definitely clear about your subject and you know enough about it. Either way it’s the same process.

2 You might know plenty about your subject but is it one people really want to find out about in your niche? Underwater basket weaving is, of course, infamous for this problem.

Three reasons people want to read about a subject.

The first is that they want to get some enjoyment from it. Some people like stories and others more factual stuff.

The second is that some people want information about the subject. In effect, to educate themselves about it. For example, some aspect of cooking.

The third is that some people will read because they believe there is some advantage for them in doing so. Most in online business are one of these people.

Therefore write for beginners if you’re not an expert in the subject.

3 Do research on finding keywords related to the subject that you can use in the ebook. Put your keyword in the title. You might want to have a copyright statement.

4 Do a plan by listing the bigger or key areas of your subject. Then, under each of those put the ideas you want to write about for that area. The key areas can be your chapters. Start writing the chapter you know most about. As you go through doing this chapter by chapter, when there is something you don’t know about, stop and research that information, then finish the chapter.

This ensures you get through all the chapters as fast as possible. Then redraft what you need to, create a PDF or put it into Kindle, and publish.

Ebook – Don’t Be Put Off Writing One

Lots of people still want to write ebooks, whether as PDFs or Kindles, for example. But some people who start doing it can spend months writing it, and some never finishing. Even though ebook organization is easy enough, it’s the persistence needed for the actual writing that causes problems.

You do not have to be some kind of language or writing expert to create one. The important thing is what the ebook contents is – that’s why people will read it because that’s what they want from it. You need not even write it yourself but pay a ghostwriter to do that for you, while you provide the ideas. Make sure your contract with the ghost writer means you own the content of the ebook.

How do you sell?

Amazon’s Kindle is an obvious choice. But also aim for a multi-strategy. Before you write it, research which place online would be best to place it. Market your ebook through related content, including snippets from it too. Or give affiliates a part of the selling price for them to market for you. However, your ebook must be valuable and useful to your niche, and preferably including ideas not to be found, or easily found, elsewhere. If people are interested in its topic but can get the exact same information easily somewhere else, why would they buy yours?

So, be unique or original in some way and stand out from similar products.

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Successful Marketing – Product Fundamentals

Marketing your offers, business, and website involves more than putting some ads online. You must have a product that will produce revenue, a website to communicate with your market, and a strategy online to reach your target audience.

It’s much better if the product you offer belongs to you, even created by you, and it is original or unique in your niche market. You could, of course, offer products as an affiliate of someone else or buy a product with resell rights. However, it’s vital that it be as original as possible, or unique. That way you’re not in competition in the market selling the same or similar products. In effect, you want to aim for your own market that is unique to you.

You’re probably able to create your own PDF product about a subject in your niche. If not, then buy a Private Label Rights product where you can change and re-do the product, making it your own. That way, it doesn’t matter how many other people have bought the product, and even made changes, because they won’t have made the exact same changes as you. So, you don’t need to have created a unique product as such, but it needs to have your style and feel about it.

However, I emphasize that however you get this unique product that you must know there is a buying audience for it before you go about selling it. Too many beginner online businesses have an idea for a product first, create it, and then try to sell it. But they find that nobody is interested in it. Research your market before you start creating your product.

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Ebook – Spread Your Links In Your Ebook

Even in these days of videos and webinars, it’s still a useful tool to have an ebook of your own. As well as selling it, you can also use it to market your products and website. Ebooks can be packed with valuable information and you have no problem downloading them. They can be spread around as many people as you like, and can be sent easily by email.

You want to give the reader as good information as you can but you can also have other reasons for creating one. Have that reason clear in your mind. Maybe you literally only want to give out the information. But you might also want to generate some revenue because people read through, and not just from selling it. In fact, you could give away the ebook and still make money from the contents.

Your ebook might be about, for example, traffic generation. Hopefully, it will contain advice people can actually put into action. However, you can also recommend products that will be useful to them in generating traffic. You include links to those products at the appropriate places, including back to your site.

If you’re recommending affiliate products then your affiliate link is in the links. You get a percentage of the ale price if someone buys a product. Give the book to your list and allow them to use it as a free gift to others.

You aim for your ebook to be passed around as many people as possible, all with your links in them. However, if you sell the ebook it’s information might be different and your recommendations could vary.

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Ebook – Here’s Why To Write One

The most common product people think of creating at first is still an ebook. Video and audio and doing webinars, for example, all seem to too technical without some specialized knowledge. Plus not everybody likes the idea of being seen in front of their prospects. However, if you have enough niche knowledge you can write your own ebook.

This is particularly so if you can bring a unique angle or knowledge to it. If you have information that will help others in your niche then you should write the ebook.

Still, why should you bother?

There is masses of information around already. But often it’s by people not fully aware of their subject in the niche or do not realize any more what it’s like to be an absolute beginner in the niche. Their prospects often don’t know what to do first or how to get organized with time and materials. If your information is too complicated for them, they just get frustrated.

This is different from yourself who has had time to continuously learn about your niche.

Don’t wait until you think you’ll have complete niche knowledge, because you never will. Best to write it now while you’re knowledge is useful at the time you write it.

People want information that’s useful now, and that helps them to use it for their benefit.

Creating Your Ebook Fast

Are you considering creating an ebook but the the thought of it just seems too daunting a task? When you look at what you need to do, you’re thinking it’ll takes weeks or months? On the other hand, have you already created one or more ebooks and you’re thinking back to how much time it took you?

Either way, here’s a process to get your ebook done quickly and to the standard you want.

First, what’s your subject going to be? Maybe you already know, so you can move on to the next stage. If you don’t know, make a list. Put everything down you know about the subject that you could inform someone else about. Also, you must be willing to find out more about the subject if you need to. Go to Google’s Keyword Planner, or other keyword tool. Put in your keywords to see which are the most popular for searches.

Choose 2 or 3 of the best searched terms. Then, find forums that have posts and discussions about the subject and those related to it. See what are the most popular issues about your subject. Choose one as your main subject.

Second, make a list of 20 ideas about your chosen subject. You can use them as your sections or chapters.

Third, under each of your 20 ideas list 10 related sub-ideas.

Fourth, get writing. Write at least one paragraph about each sub-idea. Of course, you can write more paragraphs. In some cases, it might take five of them to cover what you want to say. But don’t go overboard. You can’t tell the reader everything in one ebook.

Fifth, when you’ve done this, check it over to make sure the sections and paragraphs fit together smoothly.

Sixth, do the introduction section or chapter, telling about  some or all of the 20 key ideas.

Seventh, do the concluding part, reminding them what you have told them, and what they can do with the information.

Eighth, check it all for spelling and grammar. Just so long as it’s readable and clear to the reader. You don’t want to start changing parts of the ebook.

Ninth, convert it to a PDF. You can even do this with OpenOffice, which is free.

Want To Create A Product With Your Information?

Your Information Products Can Make You Money

It’s easy to get into selling information products. But for that reason, it can also be very competitive. It’s often seen as cheap and easy with people selling stuff that is repeated over and over. On top of that, information can now be distributed in all sorts of media and formats.

The conclusion is that to make money from such products, you have to create higher quality products than anyone else. Instead of adding to the pile of information that’s used over and over, make yours stand out through originality and even uniqueness.

Having said all that, they are a very good way to get started online.

Here’s how.

First, decide what you really know about, either through quite long experience, or you’ve gone out deliberately to learn enough to be an expert in your niche. Choose something you’re willing to pursue and keep on learning about over time. Otherwise, you’ll get bored with it and fall behind.

Second, you already might know quite a bit about the subject you’ve chosen. However, keep learning and find out as much as you can. If you consider that you’re an expert in it anyway, then ensure you’re aware of all the latest developments. In other words, don’t stand still.

Third, what’s the niche like you’re going into? What is it people in that niche want or need to know about but they can’t find it easily on the internet? You might find there’s a whole list of things that are not being covered at all or not in any detail.

Fourth, how are you going to get your information out to people who need it? Is it best presented as a PDF ebook? Or as an audio?Or maybe people need to see you showing how to do something on video?

Fifth, when you’ve finished it, create a website. WordPress is easily set up through your hosting service. You can now send visitors to your site and tell them about your product, and where they can also buy it.

Sixth, a key way to get visitors to your site and for people to buy your product, is if you are positioned in your niche as an expert. but you need to stay ahead in your knowledge for that to continue. Plus, you might have to change your product as things change online or in internet marketing.

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