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Product Creation To Generate Revenue

Have you ever come across a product that seems such an easy idea and you wonder why you couldn’t have thought of it? Creating your own product need not be so difficult as some people claim. In fact it can be easy enough but you do have to be persistent and organized.

First, think hard and in as many creative ways as you can about generating a unique, or at leas original, concept for a product. To do that you need to know your target market. Choose a market in your niche so you can concentrate on ideas to do with it rather than being spread across your whole niche. If you have a list, ask them what their biggest concern is. If you have no list, set up a survey online and send traffic there – though you’re better getting their email first. You can also look through niche forums as to what people are obviously not finding solutions to. Now, your idea might be a straight forward one but it must cover a dominating requirement people are looking for or several requirements. It’s best if it’s a solution for the long term, too.

Second, find out if other marketers are offering a solution to your target market’s problem. They may well be yet you’ve found out that plenty of people are not satisfied with it. Of course, if your idea is the same as theirs then you’d probably not pursue it yourself. In other words, your market is looking for something different, not just a copy of what is already available to them.

Third, if your idea is different enough, check it’s what people want. Suggest such a possible product to as many people as you can to gauge their response. Use your list, your website, your published content, and various areas of social media. Ask for a response by suggesting how their online life could be improved by it, and how it would help them individually. The aim is to make your idea more precise. You might get all sorts of answers so you need to be patient working through them in terms of working out how they affect what exactly your product will be like. This could be very quick if your product is an information one about a new angle on something. Whatever type it is, you need to make sure it’s a relevant and solid product.

Fourth, then do not hesitate to make that very product people want. You can do it yourself or outsource it. Then once created, market it emphasizing its uniqueness or originality, and how it solves their problem.


How To Create Your Ebook Fast

Most people take far too long in creating an ebook, and many never finish it. When planning your ebook fast as seen below, concentrate on quality of material for your target market, not quantity. Your reader will want relevant information that will help them- and they’ll want it clearly presented and a quick read so they can put it into practice.

1 Have a title that focuses on solving a problem you know exists in the niche or information you know people are looking for. Then your chapter titles related to the title will give more detail on aspects of the problem or information. So, initial research is important rather than shooting in the dark. Also, if you already know all the material you’re giving, it is easy for you to set it out. If you don’t, then research in that is required too.

2 Set down your title, then under it list the topics of however many chapters it will take to cover the subject matter. You might write one or two sentences for each chapter. Of course, some chapters will be longer and some shorter overall.

3 Under each chapter heading list the main ideas of each chapter.

4 Now all you have to do is expand your ideas into sentences and paragraphs. You’ll maybe use examples or quotes or bullet points which add more detail to your chapter ideas.

5 When finished, create a PDF, and your ebook is ready. Even if it’s short, the quality of your ideas might be enough to charge a high price for it. Or a 6 to 10 page PDF can be given away as a list building freebie, and because it’s short people are more likely to read it.

3 Tips On Product Creation

In spite of what some people say it can be hard to create a product with some chance of success in your market. Do some work before you start creating it in order to get nearer to a successful launch of your product.

1 Check out other similar products in as much detail as you can. Some products, for example, will have upsell developments of the basic product. Buy those if you can. Make a list of what they’re missing relative to your possible product, and what you will include which they don’t. Also, check how successful products have been. What are the reasons for success or failure? Doing some research means you’re not acting blindly in your business.

2 Ideally, target your product at a specific target market. Find out what that market wants and needs, and is willing to pay for it. Your product can then satisfy their needs and wants. Ask your visitors and subscribers and customers, and set up surveys to analyze what they’re looking for, what preferences they have, even what they’re willing to pay.

3 Manage your time at the granular level when creating your product, such as how much will you get done each time period, and when will you finish? In addition, you might be aiming to a particular time of year when your product will be in more demand. Plan how you’ll manage to do that, including how much time you need per day, week, or month. People often give up on product creation because they have no realistic idea of how long it will take.

Creating Your Ebook Is Easy

I’m saying it’s easy to emphasize that you can create an ebook quickly, and because so many people get stuck – sometimes before they’ve even started writing.

Also, be ebook I don’t necessarily mean a 100 page ebook. It could be a short report of 10 pages or less, on a specific topic. Or anywhere in between.

It’s the same process for whatever length, or whatever you call it.

1 Choose the subject you’ll be writing about and giving information on. Still stuck? Then think about your niche or sub-niche or search online about it or you might have books about it. Make a list of, say, 3 or up to 12 things you know about, or have found out about, your niche. You might remember something you know about it that nobody you’ve ever come across knows about, or it’s some idea or technique you’ve come up with yourself. If not, then simply arrange your list from top to bottom, starting with the niche subject you know more about, or have most information on.

2 Choose that subject. Then list another 3 to 12 ideas about that specific niche subject, in the same way. However, keep your readers in mind as to what they’re probably most interested in, what will hold their attention and give them most value.

This is the organization of your ebook, in it’s sections or chapters, or even just paragraphs if it’s really short. Remember that a one page ebook could sell for for $97 or more if the information in it is valuable to your readers and they really want that information.

3 Just start writing. It doesn’t matter where you start. If there are 10 sections, you might start with section 10 or section 4. It doesn’t matter. Whatever you know about best, write about that first. Then second best, and so on. There’s no point starting at section one, then getting stuck at section two because you think you have to go through in order from 1 to 10. You could even do it back to front. Write it in any order and get it finished.

Make sure you end up with the final arrangement as you had in your plan of your sections, no matter in what order you actually wrote them.

If you suddenly find yourself stuck while writing, all you have to do is leave that section or chapter, and go to another one. Come back to the section you stopped on, at a later time.

Product Creation – Make A New Product Each Month

It’s important to have new products regularly, especially if you’re setting yourself up as an expert in your niche. They can be any format, such as a video or ebook. If you’re not doing this, and developing your business, then people will forget you as they get promoted to by other marketers. You want customers to think of you first when looking for products in your niche.

Even within formats you can arrange it in different ways. So, you sell a video as a digital download, or an offline product, or streamed on your site.

If you’re using text then ebooks or reports or short courses are quickly created once you’ve planned them out. They are also usable in different ways, such as only accessible on your site, sent as a physical product, or digitally downloaded. Most now opt for digital downloads but it depends what your model is, as you could charge more for a physical version, probably with some extras, as long as your customer gets the results they want from the information.

Ebooks, and similar, are two a penny now but what your customer will pay more for is the results they get through it, and not just more information only. In addition, when they are part of a larger organized package, then the price can rise, still with the emphasis on getting results.

In contrast, have shorter products that can be delivered online fast, and can be created fast, with specifically focused information. Your unique and useful perspective on the product topic is also an attraction.

Your Product Creation

Having your own product of some kind is vital in your online business. Of course, you can sell affiliate products belonging to other people. But it’s much better to have your affiliates selling your own products. I think you’d much rather have that business relationship than the other way round.

1 Make a decision as to what type of product you can create. You need not be some genius coder who is going to transform an area of online business. Plenty of small online business owners develop products that people need and want.

2 Obviously, digitally downloadable products are top of the list for ease of customer access, and ease of delivery for you. The quicker and easier your customers can get your product the better. This is a great advantage to you as well as them, because you simply have to market it after you’ve made it. Once set up, the rest is automated: the customer’s payment, the delivery of the product, and the follow up email and the receipt.

3 Which products can be sold and delivered this way? Mostly these are anything text-based, such as an ebook or course, or access to memberships, software, or some Software As A Service (SaaS) product. Of course, there are plenty of variations of these and other product types, all deliverable or with provided access online.

Private Label Rights Products – Convert Them To Your Own

Are you stuck creating your own product? You needn’t be because you can take a Private Label Rights product and make it your own product, especially if you have no restrictions at all to your rights.

1 Give it a new title and cover. Make a viral product out of it and sell it with resell rights, and include your own links in it to other products. The resell rights only allow the buyer to sell it as it is, and so have to leave your links as they are.

2 Repurpose the product as an audio or a video.

3 Divide it into parts and sell each part separately, maybe on their own site. Each one will be seen as different to the search engines, helping with your search engine search results.

4 Use parts of the products as freebies to attract people to opt in to your list. These could be short ebooks, audios or videos. Include affiliate links in them.

These are just suggestions as there are many things you can do with PLR products. The key thing is to use them to have your own product this way until you create your own product from your own knowledge.

Private Label Rights Products – Using Them

As long as you can do anything you like with your Private Label Rights product, in effect it’s all yours with no restrictions from the creator of it. You can publish it as your very own product, and sign it with your name. They are a useful method of having your own product until you are ready to actually create your own product from scratch. But remember that each individual product might have different rights even though they all say they’re Private Label Rights. These types of rights can vary between products, so make sure you check the actual rights of each PLR product you buy.

1 If you can, name it as yours, and simply sell it as it is. However, this is often counter-productive as many marketers do exactly the same. So, you can have lots of competition from the exact same product.

2 Make changes to it and make it individual to you. Go through it making changes as you go, or re-do the whole thing. For example, if there’s a video, and if you can, re-make it with the same ideas in your style. This way you’re nearer to having a unique product. Replace any links for affiliate products with your own links.

3 Change it to add extra value so you’re making a new product. You can then offer people to sell it as an affiliate too.

Ebook Writing – How To Do It

People often think they have to spend a long time in arduous ebook creation. But it need not be that way. Having a method means you can create them one after another as needed.

1 Choose a subject you will write about and focus on in that ebook. You might think you don’t know what to write about in your niche because you don’t know enough. Or you’re definitely clear about your subject and you know enough about it. Either way it’s the same process.

2 You might know plenty about your subject but is it one people really want to find out about in your niche? Underwater basket weaving is, of course, infamous for this problem.

Three reasons people want to read about a subject.

The first is that they want to get some enjoyment from it. Some people like stories and others more factual stuff.

The second is that some people want information about the subject. In effect, to educate themselves about it. For example, some aspect of cooking.

The third is that some people will read because they believe there is some advantage for them in doing so. Most in online business are one of these people.

Therefore write for beginners if you’re not an expert in the subject.

3 Do research on finding keywords related to the subject that you can use in the ebook. Put your keyword in the title. You might want to have a copyright statement.

4 Do a plan by listing the bigger or key areas of your subject. Then, under each of those put the ideas you want to write about for that area. The key areas can be your chapters. Start writing the chapter you know most about. As you go through doing this chapter by chapter, when there is something you don’t know about, stop and research that information, then finish the chapter.

This ensures you get through all the chapters as fast as possible. Then redraft what you need to, create a PDF or put it into Kindle, and publish.

Ebook – Don’t Be Put Off Writing One

Lots of people still want to write ebooks, whether as PDFs or Kindles, for example. But some people who start doing it can spend months writing it, and some never finishing. Even though ebook organization is easy enough, it’s the persistence needed for the actual writing that causes problems.

You do not have to be some kind of language or writing expert to create one. The important thing is what the ebook contents is – that’s why people will read it because that’s what they want from it. You need not even write it yourself but pay a ghostwriter to do that for you, while you provide the ideas. Make sure your contract with the ghost writer means you own the content of the ebook.

How do you sell?

Amazon’s Kindle is an obvious choice. But also aim for a multi-strategy. Before you write it, research which place online would be best to place it. Market your ebook through related content, including snippets from it too. Or give affiliates a part of the selling price for them to market for you. However, your ebook must be valuable and useful to your niche, and preferably including ideas not to be found, or easily found, elsewhere. If people are interested in its topic but can get the exact same information easily somewhere else, why would they buy yours?

So, be unique or original in some way and stand out from similar products.

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