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Why Your Own Website Is Important To Your Business Success

If you’re definitely intent on starting or growing your online business you must have your own website. You could just about get by without one and make some money but if your founding your own business then a website is needed.

I take affiliate marketing as an example because even here, where you’re marketing others’ products, you’re at an advantage if you control a website of your own. This is so even when you’re sending people to the seller’s site in order to make the sale. If you simply send traffic there, you lose the opportunity to sell more to each visitor.

However, having your own site means you send them to an opt in page on your site where you have them sign up to your list. You then send them regular emails with helpful information and further offers. They might be more affiliate offers but they can also be your own product offers. So you’re building your own business and not the affiliate seller’s. The key is to build your own list through which you build our own business, not the seller’s.

You will need a host for your site and a domain name. It only takes a few minutes now to set up a WordPress site through your host and you can start developing your site straight away. You’ll find lots of WordPress videos on what to do on my site at:

Why bother with a site? Even if you’re selling affiliate products, when someone responds to an ad or clicks a link, send them to your site first. That is, to your opt in page in order to build your own list first. Then send them to the seller’s sales page and they deal with making the sale and providing the product.

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Mindset And Your Online Success

I’m not referring to any hokey kind of ideas here. I mean having a psychology which intends to be successful online, and is willing to be determined and persistent to do so. There is no overnight success. It might take you a long time for ideas to gel, and for you to see what’s required for you yourself to succeed. This is the importance of persistence and the willingness to learn and be flexible.

You won’t make lots of money or even a worthwhile income by tomorrow at 3 o’clock, no matter what a sales page said. It’s a continuous learning curve, even when you’ve worked out what to do: you still have to test and tweak. Occasionally, someone creates, for example, an app or something, that goes viral. But just think of how many people have not and are nowhere near to doing that.

You will make a success online if your intention is strong, have a strategy, and you take on board all the good suggestions you can find, and work on them and with them. You’re at an advantage if you do because most people don’t take notice of suggestions and good ideas, and just stop in their tracks. Instead of that happening, create your own product for your niche, or get resell rights to one. Or sell one as an affiliate to begin with. Make your site. Put an opt in page on it and build your list. Try different ways of promoting, and stick with the ways that work for you in your business.

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Internet Marketing – Making Your Business

Having your own business in internet marketing is not the same as picking up a special offer product that promises to solve your problems, and it’s not the same as a scheme of some sort that promises to make you rich. They never work to create your business. You have to do that. You have to have a product you create or have bought with selling rights from someone else. Then have a system created to sell that product, including building your list of subscribers interested in your information and what you sell.

Of course, you could start off in affiliate marketing. But you need to get to your own products as fast as you can. You want a business which is yours, selling your products.

First, choose a niche you already know about, or are interested enough in to develop your knowledge in it.

Second, set up and develop a website. Good hosts make it easy now to set up a WordPress site. That does not stop you developing an HTML site if you prefer, as long as your willing to learn how to do that.

Third, build your list. Have a freebie, preferably related to a product you’ll be offering for sale. Make the freebie something people would pay money for if they had to. Create an opt in page whose only job is to get the visitor’s email. Send people to that opt in page.

So, why should anybody buy from you? This is what to do.

Internet Marketing – How To Succeed In It!

What does it mean to be successful in internet marketing? My view is this varies from person to person because basically, different people see success differently. But for me successful internet marketing is to do with freedom in work and life. However, maybe you think of an exact income or a means to a successful business.

The key factor is the clear intention of what you want from internet marketing. As you may have found out, the ideas are simple enough but harder to apply with effect. That’s why special offers with fast results are misleading, as you need time to o learn and put into practice what you learned.

That means your intention must be clear and persistent to reach that level of what you think of as success. You either do that, or drop out.

How to begin.

First, choose a specific niche, or sub-niche.

Second, create a website that you own and you are not dependent on someone else for. Avoid free offers for this or else you’ll be very restricted.

Third, have an opt in page on your site or a separate domain. This has the only job of collecting your subscriber list.

Fourth, decide on a traffic method that sends visitors to your opt in page.

Fifth, find out and learn how to set up email campaigns so they convert subscribers to customers.

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Website – You Need Your Own

Are you planning to have an online business? If so, you need to be a part of the online world. Just like the offline world, if you need land as a site on which to create a building, online you need a site. Having one main site means it can be your business headquarters.

6 reasons to have a website.

First, it gives a basis for and builds your brand name through the domain name. It’s unique to you and your business. Borrowing or paying for someone else’s website space puts you beneath their brand, probably hidden away.

Second, whatever you put on your site is your, and only your, decision. That includes how you organize it and display it for visitors. It’s unique to you.

Third, when you market your products you want that marketing to send people to your own site, and not, for example, just to an email address. Also, if you’re using some else’s web space for marketing, it benefits the owner of that space. In any case, too, to make money from others’ marketing, you need it to be on your site.

Fourth, it’s much easier to do search engine optimization on and in relation to a site you own. You choose you keywords and content structure.

Fifth, you choose your own hosting service. On top of which, you’re in charge of what autoresponder you use, and any tools to have on the site.

Sixth, you can do what you like for building your list. On another site, you might be hampered by their rules.

Basically, it’s your business you operate through the website. Otherwise, you’re helping another marketer’s business.

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Sales Funnel – You Need One

The shape of a funnel describes the way of going about selling your products. You get most people into the top of your funnel where it’s the widest, then as they go down the narrowing funnel their numbers get less and less as fewer and fewer people buy a product. Your sales pages and other sales methods disqualify those people unlikely to buy from you anyway at that stage in the funnel.

You want as many people as possible to get to the end of the funnel having bought as many products as possible, including high ticket ones. You want as consistent a profit as possible as people reach the end of it. Therefore, you want to have them go through as fast as possible at a speed that will provide you with that level of profit. The funnel also has to have enough products so that can happen, and that you can keep them going from one product to the next. You don’t necessarily need a long funnel with masses of products. There could, for example, be just 3 of them but priced so you make your final profit, and people can move through as quickly as possible while doing that.

Here’s what you need.

First, a stable number of people entering the funnel and so coming from stable sources of traffic.

Second, a means of converting them into customers, and moving them through the series of points in the funnel.

Third, for those who stop at one point, you need to be able to move them to another funnel for those who take longer to buy, where you take longer to convert them to customers.

Fourth, a way to track the speed of conversion to customers in each case, and to track them through the funnel.

To heighten sales, you need all of these elements. If you haven’t enough traffic, nothing or very little happens. If people go slowly through the funnel your conversion methods may be weak, and it’s costing you money while nobody buys. However, if you get rid of non-buyers too quickly you’re probably losing out on them as customers later on. This also increases your cost. Then, if you don’t track what’s happening you cannot improve your sales methods, and you’re likely to have a few shocks come out of the blue.

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Ezine Ads – Using Them For Traffic

When you place an ad in someone’s ezine or newsletter you can be sure that it’s targeted to people who have signed up for information from that ezine. You can use a classified ad or a sponsor ad or a solo ad.

Classified ads cost less than the the other types but by their very nature are not as effective. Generally, they go at the end of the ezine and you are allowed to use only a few words, just like any classified.

Sponsor ads give the opportunity to use a greater number of words. This is because you pay more for them. Solo ads are the only content the subscriber sees, sent out as an individual ad. The idea is that the subscribers think of them as a positive recommendation by the ezine owner. They can be trusted to have an effect much more than the other ads.

Unlike ads in other places your competition is less with ezine ads. The key thing is you have a targeted group of people who trust the ezine owner.

Therefore, you should get a greater response to them, especially if their specifically interested in what you have to offer. There is less persuasion needed, in that case.

You need to get traffic to your site and ezine ads are one way of doing it. If you intend to use ads in general as your means of getting traffic then ezine ads are a useful place to start, and to test out your ads. Making your site visible online is also important and these types of ads can put you in front of a whole range of audiences.

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Website – Aim To Include These Elements

It can be a worrying time the first attempt you make at having a website. However, people usually over-complicate what they put onto it, making it more difficult for themselves. The elements I go through are not always used but can be very important to visitors’ first access and awareness of your business.

First, use keywords on your posts and pages. In fact, put them in different places on your site so search engines can pick up on them and not just in your specific content.

Second, set up a contact form or other method that visitors and customers can rely on when they have questions.

Third, provide solid information. This could be part of your content, or your giveaway products or paid products. Aim to give value relative to the level of knowledge and understanding you’re communicating with. Both the amount of information for customers and visitors and it’s clarity, are important.

Fourth, have you ever gone to a website and want to search but can’t? It can be very frustrating and lead to people leaving who might have dug deeper into your site. Being able to search clearly makes your site more easily accessible.

Fifth, if someone else is providing content on your site, make it clear who that person is in each case. It can be misleading to a visitor if you don’t do this.

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Starting A Home Business – The Basis

The internet is the obvious way to go if you’re starting a business from your home. It’s more than a local business since anyone with an internet connection has access to you.

However, you have to make sure the products you sell are ones people in your niche actually look for and need. Then you have to market your website and product to make sure people can find you, so you can promote your products to them. So your website must fit with what people you want to attract will find usable in finding what they want. You may need to have plenty of products available for them to check out.

It’s easy enough to have a website, especially if you use WordPress on your hosting. But your business and the products you sell must have something that’s unique about them in some way, otherwise why would people choose to buy from you rather than someone else?

Many home businesses sell physical products or sell online products as an affiliate for other companies. Being an affiliate is a qucik way to get started until you’re up to creating your own products. Your uniqueness my lie in the quality of bonuses you give with your products, or short email courses that run alongside your products. In fact, whatever you can see in your niche that would set you apart.

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Internet Marketing – 2 Important Points

Internet marketing and having an online business is not a walkover. It takes work like anything else worth achieving. Unfortunately, people selling get rich quick ideas don’t usually bother mentioning that.

First, ensure your website has the quality you want for your business. This means more than how it looks if you want it to convert to sales. You have to be able to operate professionally, so have a process by which people can pay you and maybe a shopping cart setup if you want people to be able to buy more than one product at a time. Also, you can offer the use of credit cards and other other methods so there is more than one way of paying you. That is, make your website and business an easy one to buy from. That way more people will be willing to do business with you.

Second, use keywords on your site. Research which keywords people in your niche use in that niche, especially if there is any technical language. Use the keywords in your content. One important reason for doing this is that you want targeted traffic who are looking specifically for such language. That way, when you attract interested traffic they are more likely to buy from you. That is, your revenue will be higher than simply getting all sorts of traffic, including casual surfers, to your site.

For example, imagine you set up an offline business with a shop in your local area. If it was selling lots of products for dog owners, you’d want to use words such as leads, collars, dog food, dog treats, dog walking service, dog beds, and so on in your ads. They attract the attention of people looking to find dog related products. It’s the same online, if you include the example keywords, and others, on your site together with your local area name, people searching for dog products in that local area are much more likely to find your site on the search results. You then get traffic looking for the kinds of products you’re selling.

They are not just general surfers. They are targeted traffic.

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