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Online Business – Actions To Grow It

Many people with an online business get to a certain point but are stuck as to how to grow it further. Even those just starting an online business, after a few sales, wonder how they can keep developing it. It seems everybody has this difficulty at one or more points in a business’s life.

The key action in this is to keep in communication with people who come to your site. Therefore, have them sign up to your email list so you can keep contacting them and develop a relationship with them over time. Too many marketers try to only get website visitors, usually using a lot of time and effort, and try to sell to them on that first visit. You need to test what is happening.

Statistically, you need to to send people to an offer at least 7 times prior to them buying from you. Some people buy straight away. But the numbers of those are below average. Your statistics will tell you that. You must keep in contact with visitors by having them opt in to your list.


Online Business At Home Fundamentals

An online business at home is something anyone can set up and work on if they have some available time to do it. They might be a mother staying at home to look after a child, or they might be without a job for while. There are plenty of ways to generate some income online, although not necessarily as their main income.

The most important thing is to take care never to spend beyond your budget. Have a plan and have a budget as part of it which clearly gives how much you’re able to use in your new business. Some marketers might claim everything can be done, or a least started, for nothing, but you can’t really make a serious attempt to get your business off the ground without spending some money. For example, you need to pay for hosting and a domain name for your site.

Do your research to find out if any offers or schemes are scams or not. Really, you want to be selling your very own product or an affiliate product from a genuine company. Or both. I would forget all about other schemes, such as building a downline. You’ll always be in a genuine situation if you sell products others want to buy, preferably as directly as possible from you.

People often jump into marketing affiliate products belonging to someone else. Even then, you need your own website. So make your first action to set up a website, such as a WordPress site through your hosting company. There’s no charge for you setting one up yourself. Do your research on hosts and choose one you think will fit what you need.

When you sell affiliate products belonging to someone else, you get a percentage of the sale price. Aim to get at least 50% of the price. Sell digital products this way and you literally can be making money while you’re asleep.

Product Launch – What’s An Upsell?

You’re given an offer to buy a product for $10. It’s a useful and informative product, and it’s so cheap it’s very tempting. You pay for it, and before you get to the download, you’re shown another page with an offer to buy the better version of that product. This upgraded version is $20. You pay for that as well. You’ve just been sold an upsell. This suggests that you’re original purchase was an inferior product and that’s why you had to buy the superior product. Extra pressure is put on the buyer because they’re told the product will soon be sold for $147.

The seller has chosen not to sell the full product at $30 as it might put people off. Instead, he has made the offer in 2 parts: $10 and $20. Now, someone having already paid the $10, they are set up in their minds to buy an upgrade to the product for $20, that is, to get the full or superior version of the product. The extra pressure of it soon being a much higher price adding to the urgency of buying now, this minute. Then, on top of that, there are some freebies, which could be sold by the seller for high prices if he wanted to. Instead, you get them free.

The buyer could, of course, ask for their original $10 back now he sees the total situation. But many people don’t like to do that or are too committed, so they go with the upsell version.

These are common practices now in product launches. Use them in your own business, test them out, and see how they work for you.

Product Launch Success – What Some Marketers Do To Achieve It

A new soap is launched claiming it cleanses your skin more healthily and beautifully than any other soap. You’ve seen and heard it so many times, so when the time comes to buy a new soap, that one is at the top of your mind. It’s the same if you’ve been marketed to several times about a new software that retargets your traffic faster and more effectively than anything else. It will save you a lot of time. All you have to do is click the link to go to it.

But the launch is not just that one product. There are backend products to offer you as upsells and downsells. You get the original product at a tempting low cost. You pay and go to get it. Before you get to that page, another one shows up about a one-time offer (OTO). You’re told to read the page. If you don’t buy, you won’t see the offer again.

Guess what, there’s an improved version of the retargeting software that you just bought. It’s selling for $20, when soon it will sell for $147. So, if you buy it you add this $20 to the $17 you paid originally, making a total cost of only $37 – you save $110. What if you turn it down? Then you’ll never see the offer again.

Product Launch Success – What You Need To Know

Are you launching a product? Here are the steps most people take. You put the product on your server, together with a sales page for it. Now you can market the product. However, there are other things you can also do to increase the chances of success.

You must recognize, and take into consideration in your launch plans, that people need to see an offer seven or more times on average, before they make the purchase. One email telling your subscribers of your launch and product? They might read your email and they might go to look at your sales page, but nobody’s really listening. It’s different however if you tell them another six times – then they take notice. But you need to send different emails each time. not repeatedly send the same one.

Send them information emails, being informative about the topic of your product and including the name of it as you do so. Have these in your autoresponder, to go out at times you’ve decided on. Send to your complete list, at least at first, and to new subscribers who join during the launch.

It’s similar to being influenced by ads on television or an online channel that you see over and over again. Therefore, when it comes to seeing the actual product, if it’s a physical one, at an appropriate moment you have a feeling you want to buy it. In other words, many decisions we make are unconscious ones, including having been influenced to make that decision.

Sell Your Own Or An Affiliate Product?

When you first start working online you probably come across this problem. Should you jump in and create your own product or sell someone else’s they’ve already created?

Your Own Product

To create this, decide what exactly it is you want to make. Think about what tools and other things you might need to do it. How much in time and money will it cost you? Have you got enough of both to cover the costs? Is it unique or are there others which are similar? Most important of all: will it generate enough money for you to make a profit, if that’s what your aim is? If you decide to go ahead, can you go it alone, or do you need expertise to be brought in to help or even to actually make it for you?

Selling An Affiliate Product

Now, this means there is no involvement in the product itself. The seller has already done the work. What they need from you and others is to market it and refer people to the sales page. There’s none of your money put at risk in the product, unless you pay for ads.

Only you can make the choice of what type of product to sell. This depends on what model of business you’re developing. You can make money either way. But they are different business models.

Successful Marketing – Have A Plan

The first thing you want is an original or unique niche product, preferably created by you. Then you want to devise a marketing plan, including the use of a website, aimed at selling it. This is key to your business success once you have a product. Organize your site to market and sell your product. Each page and part of it should be fitted to that aim: inform visitors about the product or send them to the sales letter.

The product is the solution to a problem or question in your niche. It gives them the required knowledge to get unstuck in the niche. Your visitor will probably not buy your product on first sight of the sales letter. If not, then you must persuade them to sign up to your list. Or you could have them sign up first, and then send them to the sales letter. You need on average to show your potential customer the offer seven or more times before they buy. Do this through the emails you send them.

Therefore have a system to get the emails of your visitors through an opt in page which is only there to collect email addresses in exchange for a valuable freebie related to your niche. Once they sign up you could then make your offer on the thank you page. If they don’t buy from there, you can now send them repeatedly to your sales letter through links in your emails. But without them signing up to your list you’ve probably lost them forever.

The next part of your plan is promotion. Whichever form of visitor generation you do, the main aim is to get email addresses. Use search engine optimization on your site together with quality content on it. Send visitors from your list too.

In addition, create content and publish it online regularly. Other methods are posting on forums, ads in ezines, and using social media for promotion.

Your marketing is not just using some ads online. Instead, use the above methods to proactively build your online business. That is, plan it first, and take action.

Using A Sales Funnel In Your Online Business

One of the keys in using a sales funnel is that you can have an overview of your total structure for sales and see where customers are dropping out.

A sales funnel has a wide open beginning into which you attract potential customers. As people go through it, some drop out, usually more and more as they go further into it. The funnel is made narrower as it goes on. When people come out the other end, they are customers of your products.

Now, you don’t want to allow just anyone to enter the funnel. You aim to qualify people as likely customers, including those who might buy all your products in the funnel. On the other hand, you don’t want to block people entering who might become customers. Therefore it’s important to decide and action what qualifying you’ll use.

You don’t want any blockages or hold ups in the funnel, so have your processes moving people on as efficiently as you can. If slowness creeps in to your process, you may need to look at your products in it again and move some out. As usual, testing to get the most effective series of products is important.

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Why Your Own Website Is Important To Your Business Success

If you’re definitely intent on starting or growing your online business you must have your own website. You could just about get by without one and make some money but if your founding your own business then a website is needed.

I take affiliate marketing as an example because even here, where you’re marketing others’ products, you’re at an advantage if you control a website of your own. This is so even when you’re sending people to the seller’s site in order to make the sale. If you simply send traffic there, you lose the opportunity to sell more to each visitor.

However, having your own site means you send them to an opt in page on your site where you have them sign up to your list. You then send them regular emails with helpful information and further offers. They might be more affiliate offers but they can also be your own product offers. So you’re building your own business and not the affiliate seller’s. The key is to build your own list through which you build our own business, not the seller’s.

You will need a host for your site and a domain name. It only takes a few minutes now to set up a WordPress site through your host and you can start developing your site straight away. You’ll find lots of WordPress videos on what to do on my site at:

Why bother with a site? Even if you’re selling affiliate products, when someone responds to an ad or clicks a link, send them to your site first. That is, to your opt in page in order to build your own list first. Then send them to the seller’s sales page and they deal with making the sale and providing the product.

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Mindset And Your Online Success

I’m not referring to any hokey kind of ideas here. I mean having a psychology which intends to be successful online, and is willing to be determined and persistent to do so. There is no overnight success. It might take you a long time for ideas to gel, and for you to see what’s required for you yourself to succeed. This is the importance of persistence and the willingness to learn and be flexible.

You won’t make lots of money or even a worthwhile income by tomorrow at 3 o’clock, no matter what a sales page said. It’s a continuous learning curve, even when you’ve worked out what to do: you still have to test and tweak. Occasionally, someone creates, for example, an app or something, that goes viral. But just think of how many people have not and are nowhere near to doing that.

You will make a success online if your intention is strong, have a strategy, and you take on board all the good suggestions you can find, and work on them and with them. You’re at an advantage if you do because most people don’t take notice of suggestions and good ideas, and just stop in their tracks. Instead of that happening, create your own product for your niche, or get resell rights to one. Or sell one as an affiliate to begin with. Make your site. Put an opt in page on it and build your list. Try different ways of promoting, and stick with the ways that work for you in your business.

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