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List Building And Funnel Model

Whatever type of products you sell, list building is still perhaps the most powerful way of generating profits. Build your list as the first entry point into your business.

Then create a sales funnel with your all your products.

Have one of those, or a new one created by you, as the freebie for your opt in page, as a move into your business. Then use a low cost product as the gateway into your sales funnel. You might have a group of low cost products. In which case, you rotate them in this position. So then when a subscriber purchases one of the low cost products, you move them to a higher cost products list.

Don’t have a higher cost product? Create one, because when a subscriber has bought a low cost product you increase their value to you as someone ready to pay for higher cost products rather than more low cost ones.


Domain Name – Why It’s Important To Your Business

Why is your domain name important? If you don’t take some care over it you might be stuck with something you don’t want. You can get another one. However, you want to use it to help brand your business.

Most of all, decide what your business is – what’s its purpose? Generate profits or increase knowledge through the information you share?

As a business aimed at making profits you must you must get targeted traffic, and convert that traffic to buyers and create your list.

You need traffic so conversions can take place. An excellent opt in page or sales page without traffic is useless.

Therefore, how will the domain name you’ve decided on affect traffic and converting people? Will people remember it? Will people feel encouraged to become your customer or to join your list because of it? Will they tell others about it?

What impression will it give in your niche? When you add the URL to some of your content, what effect will it have – in content marketing or on your opt in pages or as part of your emails?

Internet Marketing – It’s No Longer So Easy

Internet marketing is no longer so easy, and is getting more competitive almost by the month. You have to have a plan for your business to gain success in your niche. Your website is only one of many big businesses and new arrivals in the same niche and with similar offers. Therefore, the traffic you focus on in your business is important.

Also, your marketing methods result from the kind of business you’re in. For example, are you selling to other businesses or to individual customers as users of your products? But if you’re selling a service, then it’s basically the same to businesses and individuals.

Because the competition is so numerous and varied, you have to aim to be unique in some way, or as original as you can be. Preferably making it as least likely as possible that anyone can or will be bothered to copy you. This is where your individual email marketing campaigns give you a unique edge as they come only from you and not a generic marketing system, and it’s that interest in your your ideas, business and products, and not someone else’s, that helps you be different. In addition to which it’s relatively cheap and is effective in targeting and persuasion.

Online Home Business – Some Basics

It’s easy to set up an online business working from home, as long as you cover the basics to get started. And you have worked out your goals for the business.

1 Work out the number of hours you’ll work, what your costs are to start up and to keep it running. Also, what revenues and profits might you be able to generate? Sorting out these basic calculations allows you to decide if your business from home is a viable one.

2 Your costs will include setting up and running your website. After that, there are the costs of time and money in marketing, especially if you go the paid ads route. Related to this is the methods of marketing you might use. The costs for Pay Per Click ads will be totally different to using some type of content marketing, as well as probably attracting different types of prospects.

3 You need to decide what kinds of products or services you provide. If you’re selling non-digital products, you might need a stock of them or work through wholesalers. Maybe you need some type of licensing to begin trading.

Your Internet Marketing – Some Basics

Internet marketing is attractive to many businesses but some people find it difficult to see the bigger picture for the details. They get lost hopping from one tactic to another.

Here are four basic points to help clarify what actions to take.

First, plan and test out your marketing methods. Find your target prospects and aim your marketing at them. Whatever marketing methods you use, they need to be rooted in what your target prospects want and need. Then, your products exist to fill those wants and needs. In any marketing, you want to build credibility that what you have is what they need, attract them to your products to fulfill their needs and wants.

Second, have lists of targeted subscribers. You want to be emailing only people who are interested in your products, and will buy from you. Use your autoresponder statistics to see who is opening and reading, and responding to your emails in some way.

Third, make any marketing you use attractive to your target market. For example, content can be short but useful and helpful in satisfying their needs. Part of this is also to attract them, therefore, to buy your product as best value for them.

Fourth, try out various marketing methods. What works for one person or business or product might not work for others. The more channels you find to bring positive results for your business and products marketing, the more you attract targeted people. You can’t find those positive channels unless you test them, and ignore any negative ones.

Creating Your Site For Your Online Business

Setting up a website for your online business is easy with WordPress. But usually what happens is someone sets it up, then leaves it to operate by itself. The result is that nothing happens. They literally pay money and time just to say they have a website, thinking maybe it will work by itself.

Once set up, you have to work on and in it. Your aim is to get leads, subscribers, and a business that grows.

If you have a site, evaluate it as to whether you need all the fancy graphics and maybe flashing signs. If they help build your business, that’s great. But it’s likely you don’t need them. The key function you want is for the site to load fast so people can access your site fast. It should load in as few seconds as possible. If visitors find they have to sit and wait, not knowing if your site will be loading, they will give up on it and probably never try again.

It’s also important to give visitors clarity. Each post or whatever you’ve uploaded must be clearly sign posted as to what it’s about, and therefore what your business and you are about too. Keep titles straightforward and to the point, with simple language. Bring in your visitors so they want to find out more from you.

Give clear contact information in as many ways as you can. They might want to be in contact with you. Again, help them to be so, not frustrate them.

Actions To Start Your Online Business

If you’re just starting your online business, or thinking about, here are 5 actions to focus on.

1 Nobody will know who you are and the internet is a vast place. Therefore you have to generate some awareness of you and your business. The key to this is building trust in people who show an interest in you and what you have to offer.

2 The best traffic source is referrals from those who already know your business. When you offer money-off deals and special offers, both of which providing value to your customer, this encourages buyers to let other people know about it. You might want to formalize the referral idea by setting up an affiliate system so you pay your affiliates for referring buyers. It’s much better if your affiliates are already customers satisfied with your products and service.

3 When you start your online business then begin collecting subscribers to your email list. Make it your own list that you have developed and not traffic you’ve bought in just hoping they will subscribe. They probably won’t, and if they do they probably won’t stay long.

4 Using content in some way is the usual way people make money online. There is almost no limit to this. For example, even if you’re selling offline products, you need to have some content element to promote and generate interest.

5 The design of your site is still an important part of the success of your business. It needs to be clearly organized so visitors can get around it easily and find what they want. You also want them to stay as long as possible, so using what holds your niche members’ attention is important. The slightest frustration or lack of interest and they can quickly click away.

Internet Marketing – Selling Your Products Or Affiliate Products?

Whether you’ve started your online business or thinking about it, at some point this question will bother you somewhat. In fact, the answer to it for you could be the difference between a reasonably successful business and a very successful one. However, when thinking about it, don’t let your feelings come into it. It’s part of your business proposition, and you need to make a profit from it.

With your own product you have various costs. Work them out and add them up, for each product. Include costs of product creation and its promotion. There might be costs for servicing too if it’s, for example, an SaaS product. Never forget your own working time and use of your knowledge on the whole product process. Let’s imagine you result in a $5 profit for each product you sell.

When you’re selling someone else’s product as an affiliate you go through the same process. Of course, there are no product creation costs (though you do have to research for what affiliate products to sell). Any service costs would be met by the product creator. Your marketing costs will probably be about the same. But the money you get paid as an affiliate would be much less than if it was your own product. Let’s imagine you get $2 profit for each affiliate product that’s sold through your link.

You can make a profit from affiliate products but it’s a different model. For example, is it really your own business if you don’t own the product? You can start off selling affiliate products, gaining experience in internet marketing. But after a while you’ll probably realize you’re much better off in all ways by having your own product.

Choosing A Domain Name As Your Brand

Think carefully about your domain name. It’s too easy to start looking for one and just pick one you like ending in .com. One way of seeing it is as the root of your business identity from which stems your business strategy. It needs to be more than an interesting name.

It’s your brand name. Decide what value you’re providing your customers, and present it in your domain name. As long as it it’s easy to understand, it’s quicker and cheaper than trying to use ads to convey your value.

I would not waste time worrying about whether it must be a short or long name. It’s more important that people can remember it easily, that it’s memorable. In any case, many short or catch-phrase type names will have been taken. There’s no problem if it’s long either, when it’s memorable. Don’t use abbreviations or bits of words. As long as people will easily get the name easily each time they think of it, it doesn’t matter how long it is within reason.

Something else it’s usually best to avoid is using “a” or “an” or “the”. Use a straightforward run-on domain name without any dashes in between the words.

Be persistent in seeking the type of name you want as long as it’s memorable and clear.

Launching Your Products Basics

1 Decide if you’re working on this yourself or you’re going into partnership with other marketers. Whichever you choose, your launch must produce the results you’re planning for. Work out those results you want or need from the launch, including projected sales at different levels, and your final financial revenues, and any other gains, after you have removed all your costs.

2 Keep to the date you decide for the launch. If there are alterations you need to make to it, then do those as early on as possible. You have to be able to get all the necessary work done so you can meet that date cleanly. Let all who need to know, such as customers, affiliates, and prospects, of the launch date and of your product.

You’ll need to contact them a few times, building up to the launch. You might have introductory videos or other products to let them know about and help with the product. Introduce the product features over time, and keep their interest.

3 Create your sales page well ahead of time, possibly with a countdown to the launch, and for people to sign up for a list you can give more information to, and let know when you actually launch. These are all potential customers long term.

At the day and time you launch, have the sales page show pay buttons. Test different aspects of the sales page. At the time you launch, your site and everything else has to work as smoothly as possible, so make sure you’ve tested and smoothed out any problems. Don’t leave things until it’s too late.