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List Building – Using Your Website

It doesn’t matter how you have your website organized at the moment, as you can still use it to build your list by making your main page, and any others that people arrive at when they find you, into an opt in page.

This way you get most value to your business in terms of traffic.

You might have an opt in page on or off your site but a lot of people do not sign up on it. However, they still want to see what you have to offer. They then put in your domain name to search and get into your site that way. With the opt in page on your main page and any others you get traffic to as an entry point to your site, visitors have to opt in to get access to your site’s niche information.

Make an opt in page.

This is simply a page which has only one intention: to have visitors subscribe to your list. You have no other links on the opt in page which would just take people away.

This gives you an obvious advantage. People visit other sites and can get plenty of information for free. But your site is the opposite. They must sign up to get your information. In addition, when you have whet their appetite for more information from you by previously providing valuable information before they arrive at the opt in page, they feel more compelled to opt in. They have no other choice.

As said, any other links on the opt in page divert people away so you lose that effect. Also, when you stop just anyone accessing your information it gives exclusivity to it: they have to “pay” for it with their name and email address.


List Building – Key Steps To Creating An Opt In Page

Creating your opt in page means you need some basic parts to get high conversion rates to your list.

It’s similar to creating a sales page.

This is because in some ways your opt in page is a kind of sales page. On a sales page you want someone to be led to buy your offer. On your opt in page you want someone to subscribe or make a non-financial exchange for your freebie by giving their name and email address.

However, there is also a financial value to the email address and name. For you, it’s a lifetime value. For the subscriber there’s a risk in giving some personal details to you. The price for your freebie is their email address, and your value gain is the lifetime value of the email address.

At first, you don’t know that value to you. But when your list grows and you sell to that list, you can work out the financial value of those sales to you, and therefore the monthly and lifetime value of each subscriber.

Here are the key steps.

Make or pay for a freebie.

Make a list of its benefits, not its features.

Create a headline.

Write copy for the opt in page.

Create bullet points for the opt in page.

Copy and paste your opt in code from your autoresponder.

List Building Opt In Page – Using Benefits Not Features

Before you create any other part of your opt in page make a list of the benefits of your freebie. When you do this you have at hand all the benefits for taking action to download your offer, so you use all or some of them in your opt in page.

The difference between a benefit and a feature.

A feature is about what your freebie is or what it does. A benefit is what it does for the owner.

For instance, your freebie might be an ebook on telling people how to create ebooks on a specific topic. One feature tells how to do that. Another feature is a list of helpful resources in the freebie. Another feature is information on selling your ebook.

But the benefits of getting the freebie are that you find out how to create your own ebook, that you can use the list of resources to help you, and they find out how to sell their new ebook.

Benefits give real life significance to the features, providing the essentials of what the person will get from your ebook. Features are the key ideas about the content of the ebook.

Focus on what the freebie will do for the person who uses it, not the the freebie itself as it is as a product.

List Building – Get An Action On Your Opt In Page

On your opt in page you tell your visitor about the benefits of the freebie. Once you’ve done that you have to encourage them to take the action of filling in your form with their name and email address. Your freebie might sound very attractive to them, but if they don’t take the action to get it then they won’t receive it. Therefore you need a call to action.

For example:

Download my free report on the best traffic getting methods by filling in your name and email address.

Download your free ebook: “7 Keys To Online Business Success” by filling out this form.

Do you want to possess this cutting-edge information? Fill in the form below and get your free copy now!

You must tell them what to do, what action to take. When you don’t do that they’ll often leave having done nothing.

Of course, in this case it’s to download your freebie. Then you can add them to your list.

Unfortunately, when you give them two or more choices of action, they’ll probably make their own choice of doing nothing. Have a call to action page with only one call to action.

On your opt in page, you want them to take the action of subscribing. On your sales page , you want them to take the action of buying your offer. Don’t mix them – keep them separate.

List Building – Organizing Your Website To Build Your List

You can make your whole website subscriber focused. Your front page and your other entry pages can be opt in pages. That is, the only way people can get into your site is via an opt in page.

Now, that means when you send or attract visitors to a sales page on your site, you’ll probably lose some sales. However, the advantage is that you get subscribers who you can convert into customers. Just think: if somebody refuses to give you their name and email address because they don’t trust you, it’s unlikely they’ll want to risk, as they see it, paying you money for a product.

The emphasis here is on generating profits, as against providing only information for free. That information is to create trust and relationship.

All you do, from your content marketing, to list building, to making sales is aimed at generating profits in your business.

List Building And Opting In On Your Site

Are you not able to or finding it difficult to use a separate opt in page? In that case, put a sign up form on your website pages, though not your sales pages.

Make it clearly available when they land at your site – put it above the fold. Then at the end of your pages. If you have long content on a web page, then put the form one or more times through the page.

Make the freebie as great value as you can to attract them to give their email address.

Avoid putting any opt in on your sales pages. It will push down your sales conversion rates. One exception to this is if your sales page is your landing page for some types of traffic. You could put a form so that then you can communicate with those who don’t buy straight away.

Another option is to use an exit pop up asking fro their details when they close the page. This tells you that person decided not to buy as they shut down the page, so you at least gain their email address to contact them again.

However, a more profitable method is to ensure only your sign ups get to the sales page. So, send those not yet signed up, to your opt in page, and then send them to the sales page. Or if they don’t subscribe, you might want to then send them to your sales page.

List Building And Your Opt In Page

You need to test the copy on your opt in page. You might have a page that converts at a few percent and another that converts at over 50%. There can be a big variation according to where your traffic is coming from, as well as the opt in page too. It’s possible to make a little alteration to the copy and get a big change in the conversion rate.

Imagine this. It’s costing you 10 cents to get a visitor to your opt in page. You’re converting at 10%. So, it’s costing you $1 for each subscriber. If you can make the conversion rate 30%, then each subscriber is costing you only 33 cents.

You decide: would you rather pay for more subscribers with the same amount of money you have, or generate more profit from each subscriber, or both?

There’s no set rule, though. Because when you’re getting traffic from different places, you’ll get different conversion rates from each traffic source. Plus, opt in pages will vary in their conversion rates.

For instance, someone coming from a piece of your content probably will not need as much copy on the opt in page for them to sign up – they’re already partly convinced by your content when they arrive. If there’s too much copy for them it might lower the conversion rate.

But cold traffic might need that extra copy in order to generate trust in you.

Therefore, where your visitors come from affects your opt in page and especially the copy on it.

Email Marketing – Generating Profits With It

Isn’t email marketing almost the only way to make profits in your business? Of course, visitors buy your offers from your sales pages. However, they reach your sales pages from your emails.

Create content to send visitors to your opt in page, on or off your site, and the opt in page puts your subscribers in your email marketing process. Send traffic to your sales page from your emails. That is, email marketing generates you traffic. To be able to do that you have to build your own list.

So you generate profits with email marketing by:

First, sending visitors to your sales letters.

Second, sending visitors to your offers or you’re an affiliate for.

The key is the sending of visitors from your emails – the rest follows from that.

Email Marketing – Get An Autoresponder

Really, you can’t build a list and manage that list without an an autoresponder. You need one to run your business.

It will help you with the 2 key aspects of having a successful online business: getting traffic and converting prospects to customers. These are the actions that generate you profit. Without people knowing about your offers and then buying from you, there’s no revenue or profits.

Both traffic and converting to buyers work together for you.

In terms of traffic, people on your list will visit your site and offers more than someone not on your list. Therefore, you have an opt in page instead of aiming directly for the sale. Then you can send them to your offer multiple times, so they’re more likely to realize, given time, how valuable your offer is for them. Of course, it has to be genuinely valuable in your niche.

So to build a list you need the combination of an opt in page and an autoresponder so you can market through your emails.

Don’t try to do it yourself with autoresponder software but buy into a fully functioning autoresponder you can depend on.

Email Marketing – Generating More Revenue With It

Email marketing means relationship with your list of subscribers through the emails you send them. Your campaigns need to be focused on topics your list, or parts of your list, are looking for information and products on.

Build your own list, within which there will be people looking for ideas and products on different aspects of your niche. You can generate traffic from your list and have them convert to customers through your offers.

Marketers are always concerned about getting more traffic. Once you have a list, the simplest way is to increase click thrus from your emails, and convert them to buyers. Where you send people who click thru must be to an offer of a product which fits the email they’ve come from, and maybe why they joined your list in the first place. You can have different lists with different targets. Separate them in your autoresponder.

To get traffic to your opt in page in the first place use content marketing focused on what people in your niche are seeking to find. Since you’re already building a relationship through your content from the start, then it’s likely people will want more from you in your emails and then your products.