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List Building – Its Importance To Your Business

Here are some reasons why you need to build a list.

1 Unless you have lots of money for ad campaigns online, it’s almost impossible to succeed in your business without a list. It keeps your business because it’s your direct market in your niche.

2 All a list is, is a list of email addresses you have, or will have, to gather together via opt in pages and other means. You’re not spamming anyone, because they have agreed to be on your list and get emails from you. Those people have made a choice to receive your emails.

3 Hopefully they will pleased with and found useful their freebie they got from you for signing up. This is important as it might be, or close to being, their first actual contact with your information and style of working.

4 Your first few emails in your email campaign then follow up on that in order to lead to a long term working relationship. If they don’t like your style (and not everybody will) they can remove themselves from your list. In fact, it’s better that they do as you only want people willing to become customers and users of your products for their benefit.


Email Marketing – 3 Basic Keys To Success

Your list is essentially your immediate niche market and so your email marketing is vital to the profitability of your online business. You must use your emails to persuade your subscriber market.

1 In terms of a specific campaign try creating as many examples as you can of emails and sequences of emails to do with what exactly it is you’re trying to communicate. Focus on what the target list of subscribers are looking for. What language and expressions can you use to move that specific audience to the actions you want them to make in terms of your promotion?

2 The subject line of an email is of priority. It’s the first thing they see. When it’s attractive enough to your targeted subscribers it will be enough to get them to go through the whole email. So, work on attractive subject lines to increase the chances of success of your campaign.

3 Of course, the body of the email has to have significance to the reader too. Your promotion of your product will either work or not work based on the email body. Put their name at the start. Make it as personal as you can and their name is important in having a positive effect. Don’t get the email bogged down in too much detail but focus the emphasis on the key ideas. That way you get through a lot of important information quite fast without losing their interest.

List Building – How To Use Forums

The importance of forums for your marketing is that they’re full of people looking for, and giving, ideas about your niche. You can usually place a link to your site, including to a sales or product information page, after a comment you’ve posted. This provides you with traffic that is interested in what you have to say and offer.

Here are 6 points to keep in mind.

1 Never bother getting into an argument or disagreement with another member. Instead, whatever response you’re dealing with, remain supportive and giving help. You’re there to promote your products in the end and not get involved in debating for debating’s sake. You want people to feel they can trust you, especially when they come to think of buying your products.

2 Post on a regular basis. Otherwise people will forget you’ve been there. Not everyone will see all your posts. In contrast, build up the demonstration of your knowledge so people will eventually be searching for what you have to say on a niche topic.

3 Before you post, pause to think about exactly you want to convey as your ideas at this point in a forum discussion. Remain, as said, aware of others’ possible responses. That way you’ll appear more credible in the niche.

4 However, it’s usually best to keep your posts short rather than long – it makes it easier for others to quote you and so get more notice on the forum.

5 Fill out your profile, with links to your sites or other key places of importance for you, such as social media.

6 When you post, instead of having to write a long post, link to relevant content of yours where people can go to see more developed ideas on the topic, if they want to.

Email Marketing – Targeting Your Emails

Whether your promoting a product or your website, here are 5 steps to use in your campaign.

First, decide on and know who you’re targeting for what. Obviously, you can set up an opt in page to target a specific type of person to sign up to your list. You can buy lists but they may not be focused, or focused enough, on the prospects you’re targeting.

Second, focus your emails on your specific target prospects. In other words, don’t use the same emails so that you end up not being relevant to your specific promotion. The same emails sent to different target prospects means a lot will be wasted, and even be a turn-off to a lot of people on your list. Create emails focused on a specific target list audience for a specific promotion.

Third, your subject line can be make or break as to whether an email is even opened. It must be of enough compelling interest to get them to click to open the email. Imagine your prospect faced with 100 other emails they can open. Why would they be attracted to your subject line?

Fourth, check your emails for basic mistakes. If you don’t, and, for example, there’s a simple mistake in meaning, they can just as easily close the email. Plus it may be seen as such a bad mistake that they never open another email of yours or they unsubscribe. Test to see where you get most opens and most clicks in the emails.

Fifth, one aim is to save you time and effort. For each type of targeted campaign, work out what works the best for you and your prospects. You save time on writing emails as you go on, and people on your targeted lists save time through understanding what your marketing aim is in each campaign as well as providing them with valuable information.

Email Marketing – How To Get Subscribers To Read Your Emails

You’ve created an attractive and compelling subject line, so they will at least read that if nothing else. Others will read and click to read more. This takes only seconds, as does a subscriber’s decision whether to read on through your email. Therefore, put your most important point at the very start of the email. For example, you might have: “John, thank you for subscribing to my list – today I’m telling you a way to make money in your business”.

I just made this up now. I’ve not used it. But it makes the point of maintaining John’s interest. from the start. From there you can write the rest of the email. So emphasize early on what benefits they will get from reading. Keep interest going by keeping paragraphs short – even a couple of lines. Also, any lists you use, format them in bullet points. If you’re using plain text, number your list.

Finish with your name, and include your website URL. If you’re encouraging them to reply to you, then you can add another email address if you want to organize things that way.

If your subscriber wants to reply to you, maybe to ask a question, and cannot do so, then you might lose them.

List Building – Give A Freebie At The Front

Your aim is to convince prospects in your niche to sign up to your list and buy your products. For example, those in the internet marketing niche who are trying to start and build their own online businesses, now generally think there should be freebies or bonuses as part of a transaction.

Most products on offer now use freebies of some kind. Some don’t. You have high ticket products or very high value newsletter type lists. Customers buy into these because they feel they actually need them to succeed. But below that level, usually there are freebies involved to tempt buyers in.

Of course, a free offer can involve all kinds of extra products, and they can be offered at different points in the selling process. Often it can be a money-off offer. You offer a $150 products at $100.

You can also offer the same main product for $150 but instead of money off, you give them a range of related software and information reports. Which sells best?

People will pay the $150 with the bonuses rather than $100 for the exact same product.

List Building And Your Follow Up

Let’s take the example of building a list of subscribers looking to improve their tennis play. On your opt in page you tell them what could be wrong in their technique and that you can help them with it. You make it clear you’ll do it for free.

One tactic to use to get them thinking about your product is to tell them on the opt in page that when they’ve signed up for your freebie (course or PDF or videos, etc) you’ll make them a special offer for your product.

Once they sign up, instead of sending the freebie, such as the first part of a course, immediately, have the message telling them they’ll receive it in the next email, maybe the next day. In this way you’re not drawing their attention away from your website. In addition, that first email has a link to your sales page for the special offer of the product. They get to see that offer straight away while it’s still in their minds.

In following emails (a freebie course is best for this) have the same link included so they’re repeatedly reminded of the special deal. People need to usually be reminded several times before they decide to take action.

List Building – Why Use An Opt In Page

To begin with, without an opt in page, this is probably what could happen.

Let’s say you have a website about improving someone’s tennis play. Someone lands there because they’ve probably come from some content about volleying action and they want more information on it. So, they land on your page with that information on it. There might be a demonstration video and some text. Also, you have a link to one of your related products.

They view your video and some text on that page. They might click the link to your product sales page. Much could depend on the copy in the content that got them to this page. This page must have relevant information relative to where they came from in the first place. If it isn’t, they’ll leave. You may have your opt in sign up form at the top, bottom or side.

Their eyes might go over it before they leave your site. An opt in page has no distractions. The whole page is focused on getting visitors to sign up to your list to gain the advantages you offer. There’s no more content, or offers to keep them busy.

You’re more likely to get a new subscriber, and later to sell your product through that focus.

List Building – Make Sure You Build Your Own List

Having a list of subscribers and emailing them regularly is still a key way of promoting your products. Online and offline businesses depend a great deal on using email campaigns. Of course, such campaigns are really only useful and effective if they’re addressed to your own market.

Building a list may not be the hardest of your online business tasks but you have to keep a focus on it. That focus involves having an on-going list of people who are interested in what you’re selling. You send emails with information and those promoting your product.

It is possible to buy a list of email addresses and almost instantly have a list. This does save time. But, as said, you want subscribers looking for and wanting to buy what you have to offer. With an off-the-peg list, many of them may not be after your specific type of product. Some of them might think you’re sending them spam emails.

The best way of building your own list to do collect the emails of subscribers yourself. You might have a smaller list but it will be much more focused for your promotions. For instance, if you’ve an ecommerce store, when people join your list you can send them updates to your store products. This does take more time but in the long term the results are much better because of that focus.

Email Marketing – 3 Keys To Creating Effective Emails

Email marketing can still be your most important method of promoting your business and products. However, it’s pointless writing out email campaigns to have people go through your sales funnel if individual emails themselves are not getting across and affecting your readers’ actions.

1 Keep your words and sentences simple and use language generally that your subscribers can easily understand. Avoid over-technical terms they may not have met before. If your emails simply confuse your readers instead of clarifying things for them, then you won’t get your message across.

2 Emails can be long and effective, but it’s better to aim for being straightforward and to the point as concisely as you can be. When people write long emails it’s easy to end up as a confused ramble. It becomes meaningless. Decide what meaning exactly you want to convey and stick to it. Five lines of clarity are better than 100 of confusion.

3 Your email subject line is absolutely key to getting it opened, and probably read too. Think of the number of emails you get – probably a lot. Many people on your list will get much bigger numbers. People check down the subject lines to see what seems relevant to them at the moment. So, keep your subject line directly related as to what the email is about.