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Why Building Your List Is Important In Your Business

The building of your list is not just important to your business, it’s key to its success.

If all you do is set up a sales page for your product and send traffic to that page, you might or might not, get a steady number of buyers over time.

It might only be a small percentage of the people who land on your site. The point is that your income is dependent on you continuously working at sending traffic to the sales page. A lot who arrive, and even buy from you, might never come back to your site.

With list building, you’re building your business into the future. This people who buy from you don’t just disappear. They are on your list so you can make offers and sell to them repeatedly. You get traffic from that list to your site, as well as buyers.

It’s a virtuous circle for everyone involved. People join your list because they like how you work and the information you provide. They want more information from you, so you create products they want. The more they benefit from those products, and your emails, the more they’re willing to buy from you.

Whenever you have new ideas, packages or products you simply send them to your subscribers, or send them an offer. They trust you, so when you give them a link to a new sales page, you get traffic straight away.

As long as your list exists you have your own source of visitors to your site.

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Why An Opt In Page Is Totally Essential In Your Business

Why is an opt in page totally essential in your business? You need one to build your list. But those sites that have a sign up form placed even in the best position, might be getting less than ten per cent sign ups. You need to aim for around 5 times that.

So it’s best to use a whole page, an opt in page, instead of depending on a form placed on one of your site’s normal pages. An opt in page specifically designed to get the sign up will get much higher rates of subscribers than a form on your site’s page.

Have you ever been in a shop where you have a a whole range of similar products to choose from? Did you find it easy to choose what was best for you? Most people find it difficult. They end up not buying anything in that situation. But if you’re faced with one or two options of a product you want, you’re more likely to take what’s there.

People usually prefer not to have to make a decision – which is one problem some people have in starting or building a business. So, when a visitor comes to your web page with a sign up form on, they’ll be distracted by the other goodies on there, such as videos, links to other pages, or a product your highlighting.

Faced with an opt in page which has only one job, to get their email, it’s much easier for the visitor to decide to sign up for your interesting freebie. Or they might have come across other information from you, like this article, and they want more from you. The only way is to sign up on your opt in page.

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Why You Need To Do List Building

List building is still one of the best ways to build your revenue and income. But this is not necessarily the key reason to do it.

The thing about list building is it means you can grow a relationship with individuals in your market. Someone might visit your site once from, for example, the search engines, and then you never see them again. But if they’re on your list you communicate with them regularly and helpfully, and can send them to your site over and over again.

At first, then, having a list meant it was an easier way for marketers to get visitors to their sites. They could make lots of offers after the freebie is downloaded, or the visitor buys an entry product. Products can be put in front of a subscriber repeatedly.

Of course, some people still try to use spam email. Just check your spam email box. But this makes it easier for serious online businesses, as they use open and honest ways to build their business. This enables open rates to increase, especially as spam has been greatly reduced and kept out of actual inboxes. The best advice is still to start building your list today, and not to wait.

Build Your List – Opt In List Building

When you use an opt in page to build your list, make sure your visitors know that they will be sent emails by you. Most people understand this now. But you don’t want anyone complaining of being spammed – some people do forget that they signed up. This is probably because they only see the freebie you offer. Tell them to look out for your next emails to them after they have the freebie.

To get traffic to your opt in page, use search engines to list your site for keywords in your niche that you’ve used in posts and other content. Also use any or all forms of content to have people click your links because they found the content useful to them. That way they want to find more from you. It also gives you backlinks to your site.

For traffic, you can use joint ventures too. This is where you market someone else’s related product and they market yours. You both send the offers to your lists. In the emails include a link to a sales page and where you also have an opt in page. That way you each get subscribers from the other’s list.

Alternatively, you can set up your own affiliate program through which other marketers agree to market your product in exchange for a percentage of the sale price. Any sales you get this way are a bonus, as you would not have had the sale without that affiliate doing the work for you. Just make sure that you get the buyer’s email address added to your list.

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Build A List – What And Why

You need a list for your online business. Without one you make it more difficult for yourself to develop your business.

Don’t know what a list is? Usually, it’s a collection of email addresses, but it could be a community online or some other way of communicating with people about your business. You can keep in touch with them regularly with products for sale and with information to educate about your niche, provide useful ideas, and to sell your products.

To collect email addresses have an opt in page with a form on it for visitors to fill in with their name and email. Usually, they receive a freebie in return, such as access to a free course or membership, or to download software or a PDF.

Ok, but what’s the point of doing this? A key element is to get people to visit your site, that is website traffic. One of the hardest things to do is get traffic, and especially targeted traffic, to your site. If you don’t have traffic you you will not make sales , and so won’t have a business.

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Email Marketing – Getting Emails Opened

You need to know how to create an email series, whether you’re marketing through it or simply maintaining communication with your list. That is, your emails have to be looked at and read, not immediately closed after the first sentence.

Not every spam email ends up in spam folders. Spammers obviously want to avoid that happening. Even if it’s not directly spam, many emails that people receive are of no real use to them. So, unless it looks of some value to them, people will never read it through. Therefore your subject line must be so attractive to your subscriber that they feel they must at least open the email.

When you’re email marketing, when no-one reads your emails you don’t make any money.

Use the subject line to include the subscriber’s name. Simply because their name is there, many people will feel the need to have a look at the email.

We all like to see our name so that the email is addressing us personally.

When someone opts in to your list they add their name in the sign up form on the opt in page. Your autoresponder adds that name into you list. You send an email out to that list and the autoresponder checks the first names, and has some kind of short code such as “first name” which it replaces with the subscriber’s name.

You can do this for the subject line or in the text of the email, adding the person’s name where it’s most effective for your message.

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List Building – The Why And The How

Use an opt in page so people can join your list. This important as you want people who have given you permission to send them emails. They’ve done that because they’re interested in getting more from you.

Also, since they have done this you can then repeatedly send emails with useful information and with offers. In other words, the email communication can lead to sales. This is not the same as bombarding them with the latest offers all the time. This way you burn a list so that they get fed up with it, stop looking at your emails, and eventually unsubscribe. Nevertheless, having a list built by yourself provides you with your own market who are easily communicated with, and who want to hear from you.

One way to build your list is to ensure you always offer website visitors the chance to join it and so keep in communication with you. To do that you can put an opt in form on every page. At the time of writing, however, Google has recently expressed a dislike of squeeze-type page pop ups. But they think an exit pop-up, which can be the most effective in list building, is OK and will not penalize them. For WordPress sites you can get plugins that show an opt in pop-up when the visitors goes to leave the page.

Getting people to see the advantage of being on your list is important because it can take someone several times of seeing an offer before they decide to buy it. Thus the importance of repeatedly sending emails with your offer. Think of this as making the best you can of your profits.

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Email Marketing – Is It Worth The Effort?

You will know there are lots of ways to market online. So, which way should you use over all the others? Email marketing is a key way but should you bother?

Well, you only have to see what it is.

It’s sending out emails to those who have particularly asked you for further information about your niche or product. For instance, someone reads some content by you, on your site or somewhere else. They then complete an opt in form or a support/contact form, or maybe respond back directly through an email they’ve already received from you or someone else – I do not mean spam here – no one should use spam. Whichever way the contact starts, you have an autoresponder set up to respond to their contact, or you might respond personally to that person and then they opt in to your list. Either way it has to be a voluntary opt in. That is, they’re asking you to send them more information.

The person is a targeted prospect/subscriber for that precise information and your niche. So, is it worth you going through such processes. Not necessarily always in each case. With the opt in as your subscriber you are then able to market to them, and they are interested in receiving more from you. However, not all who opt in will necessarily result in profits for you.

But, it doesn’t matter which way you decide to market, it’s the people interested in what you have to offer that will more likely buy from you. Those who just want free information will either leave or take you more time to sell to.

But the two clear advantages of email marketing are that you can continue repeat marketing to subscribers because of their interest, and the more marketing you do the more you interest and get on your list.

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Email Marketing – Focus On Profits

Building your list is a great idea but there’s no point in it for your business unless you can generate profits from it.

1 Have more than one list, each for a different area of your business or products. Aim to have people join the list best for them, where they’re going to get the information and offers they’re looking for.

2 Relationship building is important in your email campaigns. Give them relevant content. Combine that with making your offers.

3 When people want to buy one of your products you’ve marketed through your emails, they need to feel certain they can trust your system. So make sure the payment gateway you’re using is smooth and can be trusted. It’s better to choose one people generally use already.

4 Choose an autoresponder that can be trusted to get your emails delivered as well as a relevant thank you system, or anything else you might need for your business in this area.

5 Follow up when someone has purchased from you to ask if everything went OK or to let you know if there were any difficulties. This is not only good relationship building but you want to aim for people to be repeat buyers. By communicating with them in this way it shows there’s a human behind your business front, and it will keep you in their mind when they come to buy other products.

In this way, your list can provide profits to you, rather than just being targeted prospects you’ve managed to get to sign up.

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List Building – Growing A List In Your Business

Growing a list is crucial to your business success. With it you can have traffic to it and visibility of it on the web each day.

Here are some basic steps for your list building.

First, make sure you have an idea about your target market. You can begin in a very narrow range and then bit by bit widen out your market as you find out the types of people in it and the topics and issues related to that market. Use affiliates to widen your market.

Second, find out where the people in your market go and spend time online, such as important market sites and blogs, social sites, news or information centers, and forums.

Third, search for related or overlapping markets or topics. For instance, if your market is about women’s clothes, you can still see any overlap to take any advantage with, for example, the men’s market, or children, or young people, or the older age range. Look for sites that could place your ads or content for your related market.

Fourth, use content marketing, especially in any form that best fits your market. If there is activity involved, then videos as demonstrations will be better than text, such as in cooking or recipe demonstrations. On top of that, use any internet marketing tactics that push your marketing out to greater visibility.

Fifth, develop contacts with others in the market or related markets.

Each day do some work on building your list, as all the above are on-going actions to grow your business as well as your list.

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