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List Building – What does That Mean?

List building is about having a list of subscribers in your autoresponder with an interest in your niche and the topics on your website.

That means you can email them whenever you like, and repeatedly, with offers to sell to them. This is the great advantage over only having one chance to that if the visit your site or sales page.

But you can also send them useful and relevant information over time, or send them to your site. The key is that the more they see your information or sales page, it’s increasingly likely they will buy from you.

Therefore, you have a list of names and their emails so you can send them offers and valuable information about your niche.

Your ultimate goal is to generate an income from the list. To do that you develop relationships with them through emails and other content. Now, when they’re looking to make a purchase in your niche they think of you instead of your competitors.

You’re building a list of your target market. Who exactly is a part of that depends on what niche you’re in because of who the niche members are.


List Building – The Most Important Action To Succeed At It

The straight answer to this problem is to create an opt in page on your site. It’s only job is to get visitors to join your list. Send everyone to that page.

Think about this. Will someone buy from you through their card, whether it’s with Paypal or not, if they won’t give you their email address for a valuable freebie that you could probably sell anyway? This is a straightforward assessment of how to build your list directly so you get as responsive a list as possible, and a list of people who can genuinely benefit from what you provide and sell.

As I see it, it’s better and more profitable to have a smaller list of qualified subscribers, than a bigger list with unqualified people in it. Ensure this by qualifying them at each step. So they have to give you their email address to get to your content or onto your site. If they won’t or can’t pay then they don’t get the first product. So it goes on. And if somebody unsubscribes, it doesn’t matter because the odds are they wouldn’t have bought anything in the first place.

It’s OK to provide free information to show your expertise, and build credibility and interest. But without providing you their email they’ll never get beyond first base.

List Building – What Should My Freebie Be?

The freebie you have for people to join your list will probably vary according to the product you’re aiming to sell through your emails. This means looking at the ultimate backend product of your sales funnel. You create that product first, and others leading up to it in the funnel, are derived from it or related to it. Even your freebie is leading to that final backend product at the end of your funnel.

Some marketers do it the other way round. They find a freebie and then look for a fairly inexpensive entry product into the funnel. Then, they look for more costly products beyond that.

It seems to me that’s the wrong way round. Let’s say you have a $2000 product at the end of your funnel. That funnel’s only purpose is to get people through it who will buy that $2000 product in the end.

Ideally, the freebie must be about an issue or problem in your niche, not expensive to create, but be seen as valuable by your subscribers.

To do that, create a 5-10 page PDF, or a short 5-10 minute video or audio. It must deal with problems and questions people in the niche keep having problems with or get stuck on. The only visitors you want to download it are those people that go on to purchase the $2000 product at the end of the funnel.

List building – Why Your Site’s Landing Page Should Be An Opt In Page

I’m sure you’ve probably seen advice on building your list from your website to place a sign up form on every page, maybe in the middle or the top of a post, or in the left or right margin. You need a list so that you can communicate regularly with your subscribers with support and offers. It’s agreed that your list is your market, available at the sending of an email.

You have to actively build your list with an opt in page with a form where visitors can sign up. Now, it’s more than likely that most people coming to your website will come the the front page of it, your index page. Therefore, it’s the ideal place to put your opt in page.

If they arrive at another page they might stay a few seconds and then disappear. But with your front page opt in page you can attract them immediately with a valuable freebie, and point out key benefits they get from downloading it. Your home page is most visited , probably when people leave your site too. If they leave from there, you’ll probably never see them again.

You must prevent this from happening. Before they go, make them an offer so beneficial and attractive to them they feel they have to see what it is.

How To Use An Opt In Page

What is an opt in page? It’s a page on your site, or separately, that has only one purpose and only one purpose, to get visitors to it to opt in to your list. You can have this page as the index page of your website, usually the most visited on a site, where most people land first.

If you want a big list, put your opt in page at the front of your site. When you don’t have an opt in page there but the visitor finds multiple choices as to what they could do, they’ll probably be confused or just browse aimlessly or make no choice at all. But with only one choice in front of them, and especially if the freebie is attractive to them, they’ll mostly make the choice to sign up to your list.

To make that work, to begin with you have to have qualified visitors going there. To do that create valuable content for your niche and place it where niche members go online. Get it in front of your audience.

Have your content and its link work together. You want the qualified visitors to click the link from your content and then be taken to a related opt in page.

There they are faced with one choice. Encourage that choice by having a valuable freebie they can get immediately.

List Building For Steady Income

How can list building generate steady income? It’s because you get buyers from a regular input of qualified visitors. This means people can be sent to your webpage, including sales pages, whenever you want.

To generate income you need to send people again and again to your site or a specific sales page. With other methods you can’t do this: you can just attract people to click through the once, for example via an ad, and probably never see them again. You have to keep generating a lot of new traffic all the time.

With a list you have people who are staying with you because you’ve grown a relationship with them, and they are interested enough to want more information from you. In this situation, you can create a new product and sales letter, send an automated email to your list about it, and you quickly have a certain number of people click the link in the email to find out about the product. How many do, will partly depend on the copy in your email.

The traffic to your site is almost immediate. Maintain that list, grow it, and keep their interest and trust, and you have a solid marketing base to provide a steady income over time, including monthly paid services such memberships or Software as a Service.

List Building From Nothing

Here are steps to take in building your list from nothing.

1 Decide on your marketing niche or sub-niche. If you’re going into a niche in order to build a business to sell products, you need to make sure people in that do indeed buy such products, and that there are enough niche members for you to generate an income.

2 Make a decision about your target market: people you want to join your list and sell to. For instance, if you’re in the gardening niche, are you selling to beginner gardeners or very experienced gardeners? Are you selling tools and equipment for gardening or plants of some kind or both? If you’re selling plants is it for people interested in flowers or vegetables or both?

3 Having decided on your target market, create a short piece of content telling or showing how to solve one problem people keep having in that niche. If I was in the niche I might write a short ebook about how to protect flowers from some pests. Or create a 5 or 10 minute video showing how to plant a particular sort of potato.

4 Then I’d create an opt in page on my site and tell them they can download the product if they opt in to my list by giving their name and email address. The only purpose of the opt in page is to have them do that. For example, you’re not selling anything on it.

5 Get an autoresponder service, so email campaigns you send out are automated.

You will continue to develop from this point. This is starting from nothing.

How To List Build With Content Marketing

Have you already built a list, at least to some extent? Or maybe you’re realizing its importance and considering how to go about it. Having your own list is still one of the best ways to generate revenue and income.

What’s the purpose of using content marketing in building your list? The key element is that those who sign up to your list coming from having gone through some of your content are generally the most qualified. They’re interested in what you have to say and want more information from you. They’re no longer totally cold leads.

How do you use content marketing to create your list?

Your prime activity is to create content on subjects that are of interest to individuals in your niche, and so might buy what you’re offering. But, as you’ll see in my content, you’re not aiming to make your content as sales pages or aim to even suggest a promotion to people. It’s much more straightforward: provide people with content relevant and useful to their needs and wants in the niche. Provide answers and solutions to difficulties people usually have in the niche.

Then, put a link to your website opt in page, or a separate opt in page, where they can get a freebie valuable for their needs. This is vital so that you give them the opportunity to follow through.

When they arrive at your website and opt in page, they can subscribe to your list and get the freebie. Some people will not be serious enough in what they’re doing to opt in. People who opt in are serious at some level about what they’re doing related to your niche.

List Building – Your List Is Unique

List building is a way of developing a subscriber list of people interested in your niche and its topics and who will probably be buyers of niche products that you sell. Lists are unique, so there are few standardized rules: people on one list will not be exactly the same people on another list, responses will be different to different types of emails – and that’s if the lists are in the same niche. How people respond reflects the opt in page they signed up on, and their psychological state or attitude while on your list.

So, there are no 1,2,3 step rules except in a basic sense. However, you can measure and affect list member responses and track behavior such as click through rates.

The key point is that you cannot simply copy the same as another marketer is doing, and get the precisely same results. For example, it’s not possible to buy into a special offer product, copy what it says in what you do with your emails, and be successful in the same way. You have to have an understanding of list building and email marketing. And also track and test what’s happening and what you’re doing. You need to be analytical and creative at the same time.