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3 Copywriting Tips For Easier Copywriting

A lot of beginner marketers avoid the thought of copywriting. They see it as high level and complicated. Even if you’re used to and quite capable at writing it can appear a daunting task.

Here are 3 basic tips to keep the process simple and easy.

First, don’t get stuck on complicated language. Keep your language simple: words, sentences, grammar. Keep your meaning simple and to the point. Ask yourself if it serves your purpose of explaining, convincing, and selling. Presume the visitor to your sales page is not knowledgeable about your product topic, unless you’re addressing your specific profession. You must know your target market: those interested in your product topic and willing to buy your product if they understand its advantages.

Second, my first point means you have to know your topic and your niche. At the minimum do some research on both. If you’re aiming to write 800 words on keeping cats but your experience is all about keeping dogs, you obviously have to gain some knowledge you don’t have at the moment.

Third, clarity is essential. If you’re aiming to write a long sales page, avoid just filling it up with fluff. Nobody will be interested. People expect a sales page to be selling to the visitor, so make it clear in the way you write and language you use when you are explaining something, or that you’re giving instructions how to buy the product. If you haven’t got enough information to use and you’re stuck, then use a sidebar with more detail on what you’ve written at that point, or have a FAQ section.


Sales Letter Writing And Profits

It’s not unusual to have a sales letter which does not produce any interest in the reader for the product. Your product might be excellent and yet not sell because your sales letter doesn’t convey what the product is. Profits have to flow from your sales letter and other communications as well as what you’re actually selling.

First, what will your product provide for the buyer? What is it exactly that it will do for them? Without that knowledge and understanding people will not want to buy it.

Second, know your market for the product. You can target your sales letter more effectively when you know who will want it and need it.

Third, create a compelling headline and sub-headline. You want the people you’re targeting to feel and understand that it’s worth reading on because this product is what they can use and get benefit from.

Fourth, if it fits what you’re selling then tell readers about the creator of the product and who you are as the seller (of course, both could be the same person). If the creator is someone else and visitors might know that person or have bought their products before, then it generates some trust and believability about what you’re telling them.

Fifth, give them something extra. This is especially if it’s not your own product. Package the main product with other valuable and useful products, and/or a rock-solid guarantee of some kind.

Sixth, have a direct call to action, telling visitors exactly how to purchase the product.

Sales Letter Writing – Sales Letter Basics

I guess you can’t, or don’t want to, spend thousands of dollars to pay somebody to write a decent sales letter for you. However, you obviously don’t want to have poor sales letters with poor conversion rates.

What to do?

You can buy products and training so you can learn to do it yourself. Or you can buy software to start you off, that takes you through the process and you end up with a relevant letter.

Or do neither of those and learn from sales letters you know have been successful, and use them as models for your own – but not copying and pasting them.

Here are some basic suggestions – and they are only suggestions since you have to decide what format and what type of content you want in the letter.

First, you must have a headline that compellingly attracts your target market.

Second, create or use a story that examples the problem your offer deals with – then how it deals with it successfully.

Third, bullet point list the benefits of your product – tell them how they will exactly benefit from having and using it.

Fourth, use a genuine and compelling guarantee.

Fifth, put your order button, and maybe a PS.

Needless to say, test out different versions to see which converts best.

Your Sales Letter – How To Write It

Your headline is key because it must make the visitor hesitate, and make them think about what you’ve stated. In addition to that it aims to have them feel a compulsion to find out more. In other words, it moves them to the start of the sales letter. However, keep the claim in the headline realistic, so that your offer will in fact follow through with what you state there. In any case, few people now believe outrageous claims of being able to make a fortune, for example, in the next month.

Once you get them past the headline, you have to provide them with the benefits they will gain from your offer. Put these in a bulleted list. For instance, if you’re offering improvement in playing tennis you might have bullets on: “Convert your weak serve into one of power and accuracy” or “Never again be defeated by your opponent’s serve but use a return of serve with precision and speed”. And so on.

Being a subject you know in detail, put another 6 or 7 bullet point benefits. They must be benefits for the reader and not just a list of features of your product. Feature: “Such and such [name of make or type] a raquet allows a comfortable grip”. Benefit: “This raquet will certainly add massive force to your returns”. The reader would prefer the second quality.

Then have a Call To Action. “Time’s running out – I’ll be taking down this offer soon. So do yourself a favor and click the button below”.

For those still uncertain but are on the edge, your guarantee can be the deciding point. Offer a money back guarantee, no questions asked. You might set a time limit such as 30 or 60 days.

Sales Page – How To Write One

Many people worry about writing their own sales page after they’ve spent time and effort on creating their product. They might be tempted to pay someone several hundreds or thousands of dollars to write one for them. They may be excellent copywriters. But the problem is they don’t know your product the way you do, and your style of talking about it.

First, create a headline to catch the visitor’s eye. Then underneath that put the principal headline in bold and in H1 tag. Make it a color that makes it project from the page . Then, underneath that, put a line explaining more before the reader gets to the main part of the sales page.

For instance:

Do you want a Tool that Attracts Targeted Visitors to your Website?


Night or Day Watch Your Targeted Traffic Increase as You’ve Never Seen It

After that, put yourself in the reader’s position. Use “you” consistently, never “me”. Keep talking about yourself in a sales letter and people can get suspicious. They’re interested in the advantage to themselves, not how great it is for you. Give examples of affecting their personal life: in this case, gaining more free time with their family, or never to have to think about traffic driving again. Make ideas relative to their lives, not yours. Tell them how easy the product is to use.

Put in a buy button as some might buy immediately. Most people don’t like being continually sold to.

Make it clear who you are, and give proof of what you’ve done if you can.

Sales Page Writing Fundamentals

A key skill in your online business is writing a sales page. This is not easy to begin with.

A prime reason for this is that you are always reading the best of the best well written sales pages. A top copywriter can make tens of thousands of dollars for one sales page. Obviously, these are extremely well done. In terms of your sales page, these are your competition.

A common and useful recommendation to develop your skills in this: to hand write a sales page each day, copying it from successful sales pages. Copy only the best you can find and write them out by hand. Through habit you imbibe the key ways of creating top sales pages.

Here are four fundamentals to doing your own.

1 The headline has to be so attractive the reader just has to find out more. It’s the most important part of the page. They have to read it in order to move onto the body of the page. If they’re not attracted enough by it, you lose them, and they never buy the product.

2 List your product’s benefits in bullet points. These are not features of the product but what they buyer gets out of or from the product. The benefits tell the reader how it will help them in detailed and precise ways. So, don’t just give a description of your product through its features. Readers want to know how it will help them.

3 The body of the letter in sentences and paragraphs or sections has to lead on the reader. It must be of interest to them. You can tell a story of some kind, give information about the product, and make it plain what the product does that they need and can use to help them.

4 Having got them this far, you don’t want them bailing out at this point. Give them a strong call to action. Provide a strong guarantee, and tell them exactly what to do next to buy the product. If people are confused, they’ll leave.

Sales Letter – Converting Visitors To Customers

The point of a sales letter is to convert any visitors to it into customers. Basically, the more conversions from sales letters you have, the more customers you have. It’s literally where your business is done and your profits are made.

There are 3 key things you have to work on. One is your list if you’re sending visitors from there or your audience if you’re sending from an ad or content. Second is what your product offer is. Third, is how you present that offer. In just about any sales letter you have to work on these three elements.

To make all that work, you have to ensure you’re sending targeted visitors otherwise you’ll mostly have people not specifically interested in your offer. You want people looking for your solution to their problem. From your list, segment those who have shown an interest in this type of offer, and with your ads and/or content have them focus on how your product solves a specific problem.

The offer itself is probably the prime key factor, as it depends how you frame it. If you can give money off the normal price, that’s more attractive than trying to sell at the higher price. Or a one year guarantee ism ore tempting than one for one month . Or 2 for the price of 1 significant products will likely get more sales than a straight one product offer. The offer is like the springboard to action for the customer.

At the time of writing, there are claims that video on sales letters lifts sale rates. There are also claims for different types of images, and use of different colors. You need to test what works best for you. Check out what your competition is doing consistently over time.

In fact, test all the 3 elements to see which gives you the best results. Do so until you come to the most effective combination of elements for your market.

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Want To Create Articles Like Me?

What do you think of the title?

It doesn’t matter as long as you’re here reading it, and get some benefit from it you can use.

Who creates the best content? It’s a relative term. There is no “best”. It depends on the purpose and audience for the content. For instance, you might to only get some key information over to them. Or your pure aim is to get as many as possible to click the link.

Is it possible to cover a set of different aims in a single article?

First, you must have a title the reader can’t resist clicking through.

Second, continue that irresistible response in the first sentences. You need to get them past the beginning and into the body of the article.

Third, keep their interest during the rest of the piece. You might tell stories or give very useful knowledge they can use straight away or give them examples of the article’s topic.

Fourth, I know there’s an apparent preference now for much longer articles. But as long as it fits the above criteria, keeping it to the point is actually more useful to reader’s in a hurry or who want a quick answer to a question they have.

Fifth, the detail most people want is about how exactly to do something. So being concise is useful. Include all the important information you can. That way you build more trust and are more likely for them to click your link.

Sixth, you might want to suggest that they click the link at the end. Avoid links during the article.

Seventh, it is important to have a genuine interest in what you’re writing about. It makes your writing better.

Eighth, keep your language simple enough for just about anybody to be able to read right through, which is your precise aim, isn’t it?

Writing Articles Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Want To Know How To Write A Really Bad Sales Letter?

There are so many bad sales letters around, I thought I may as well help you write another one.

This won’t take long.

First, think of the most tedious headline you can. Make it very, very long so it might send your reader to sleep. Don’t bother with any interesting words that might suggest actions to take. Instead, suggest total lack of interest by you and the reader.

Second, you have a genius, world shaking product, never seen before, so tell them how great it is for you, your business and your life. Ignore the reader. Suggest the reader will never make it to your level, as you list all your great qualities as an online business person.

Third, make sure you write extremely long and boring sections of your letter. Tell them, at great length, all about how totally uninteresting your offer is. Really, you have to let them know that the offer is virtually useless for most people.

Fourth, forget about offering a guarantee. Make it clear your offer is so bad, it really shouldn’t have a guarantee.

Fifth, never include a picture or image of yourself, your business or any products. This only encourages people to maybe be interested in what you have to offer.

Sixth, never give a way to contact you.

Seventh, just in case someone is interested in buying your offer, make it as difficult as you can for them to do so. For example, have a 20 step (which sometimes doesn’t work) checkout system or they could send you a check and get the offer in about 2 to 3 months if all goes well.

This is how to do it – enjoy yourself writing the worst sales letter on the internet.

Copywriting For Success

Use The Secrets Of Successful Sales Letters

What to you is a successful sales letter? Does it convert to the maximum? Does it take the reader right through to the end? Or maybe to you, it’s one that is precise, with to the point information and so never boring or putting off the reader?

Ok, what if your sales letters did all of that?

So, you’d write letters that keep the reader right to the end. Plus keeps their intense interest and then moves them to take the action you want them to take. And it’s all very precise.

This article is about how to do that.

You should know the organization of a working sales letter. It has a powerfully attractive headline, insistent and attention holding story or information solving a problem. It also includes benefit bullet points, a strong finish, and a strong guarantee.

So, how to add to all these?

Be mindful of the following points.

First, things have changed since those very long sales letter. And things have got faster online. People want to get straight to the point, quickly. No fluff. To achieve this in your writing, when you’ve finished your draft get rid of anything that is repetition or is not needed. If you’ve been tempted to write long sentences, remove them and replace them with strong short comparisons. If there is anything at all in the letter that does not serve its purpose, remove it.

Second, your reader will not want a mechanized, copy and paste sounding letter. They’ll switch off their attention and leave. Instead, write as you speak, even if it means some things that would be seen as mistakes in your language in a more formal piece of writing. You don’t necessarily speak in sentences do you? You probably speak in phrases. Imagine you’re talking to your reader. But always check it over for spelling errors, grammar that makes it sound stiff, artificial, or nonsense.

Third, the reader wants to know what’s in it for them if the buy it. They don’t want to read about how great the product is. Make your bullet points focus on how the reader will benefit from the product.

Fourth, asking questions keeps the reader engaged. Also, if you have questions where the reader has to mak a choice through your questions, before they move on, they’re kept more involved, and probably doing some learning at the same time.

Fifth, your guarantee, you can imply, is not even needed because the offer is so good. However, you value the reader as a customer and so are offering one. Make it clear you’re sure the offer will help the reader. Keep the focus on how the reader will not be able to refuse the offer because of its value to them.

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