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Content Marketing – Link Your Content To Your Opt In Page

If you’re aiming to increase your subscriber rate on your opt in pages then a key way of doing it is to link your relevant content to an opt in page. Think of your opt in page as part of your content, so there’s continuity from one to the other. The purpose of content marketing is not simply to accumulate content online, though that is also important, but have the visitor take the action you require for your business. You want a click through to somewhere else, often an opt in page to build your list with qualified subscribers. When creating your content, think first of getting them to click your link.

Take the example of your content being on training puppies, and your opt in page has a detailed checklist of of actions to be taken in the training. In your content you might go from the general ideas of dog training, mentioning the main problems, to focus on puppy training.Then have a link, maybe like this: Do you want to train your puppy so he or she is well-behaved – and do it in 2 weeks? Download it here [where you have the link to your opt in page.

So, your content has dealt with some problems of dog training and then, at the last part, gone on to puppy training done fast. By the end the visitor wants to know how to do that puppy training.

But your opt in page has to fit with your content they’re coming from. Your opt in page needs to be about training puppies fast. It must fit your content topic.

If you’re creating content about different but related topics such different aspects of looking after a dog, including training puppies, if your content is about feeding puppies and your opt in page is about training problem puppies, then your conversion rates will not be as good as they could be. The same could be said about the difference between training problem puppies and training non-problem puppies.

You don’t need a separate opt in page for each piece of content but it’s best to create a variety of opt in pages instead of one or all basically the same. But the tighter the targeting between content and opt in page the higher the conversion rate.


Content Marketing – Content Marketing For Traffic

When you’re using content to drive traffic to your site or other place, you place that content on maybe a small number of sites. I say “maybe” because before you decide which sites to place your content on, you nee to test various places online to see which provide you with responses and click throughs.

So, you might only, so far, have found one place, worth spending your time creating content for. As time goes on, you might have found 10 or more. It just depends what point you’re at.

The important criteria is that you do get traffic from the place you provide your content – otherwise it’s a waste of time and money.

This can be instead of having to spend a longer time on getting your website to rank high in the search engines in order to get traffic. You get the traffic from the site or sites where you place the content.

A disadvantage is that your traffic is dependent on the traffic and/or subscribers to that site where you put your content. If something negative happened, such as a website closes down or search engines remove it for some reason, then you lose that traffic from it. Then, if you had gone the search engine way those concerns would not bother you. If you do both, then if your traffic site does disappear it’s not so bad as your total dependency on it.

Then the question always is, how much content should I be creating and uploading? A better question to ask yourself is: how much content can I create and spend time uploading? It’s clear that too many marketers have the idea of creating a few pieces of content and expect grand results. They’re always disappointed. Small amounts of content give you almost no indications of future progress and developments – whether you got a big or small response with the few numbers of content.

The point is that the more content you create each week or month you’re adding up a whole lot of content that can be seen by more and more people, and thus the chance for more click throughs. For example, by the end of one year you’ll get a bigger number of responses at the end of that year than when you started at the beginning of that year. The purpose is to have an accumulation of relevant niche content on-going, and therefore an accumulation of responses from it.

Forums – 7 Forum Tips

To be successful in forums, for example in generating traffic, decide on regular procedures to save you time and to be as effective as you can in your use of time there. This will make things easier for you and stop you wasting time on them, while providing value to other forum members.

1 Check out the rules of the particular forum. Go through them and see if there is anything that you’re not happy about. What policies will you have to follow? You can then make sure you’re comfortable when posting in the forum that you won’t get adverse responses, and perhaps even be banned.

2 Tell forum members who you are professionally. You want people to be on the lookout for your posts who have an interest in your niche topics that they want information and help with. Give a little personal background if you want to, plus some business information.

3 Look round the forum threads and posts to see where you can enter a thread or give an answer. Look at the language used and the tone of the posts, Also, see what the knowledge level of the members is and what subjects keep coming up.

4 Got a question yourself? Then do a search. It does not look good for someone who is claiming to give quality advice to ask something and then to be told there are threads, including answers, already on the forum So, research first and if there’s no information on your query, then ask your question.

5 Develop your reputation. Forums are excellent places for doing this if you’re consistent and persistent. You can build credibility and trust, eventually making offers, if you provide quality recognized posts.

6 However, you do definitely have to be consistent. Posting now and again won’t do. People will forget you. You want the opposite: members searching for you, and commenting favorably on your posts. Avoid long gaps of not posting. At first, maybe post every day.

7 Aim to support others by your answers, providing solutions to their problems. If a member asks you a specific question, then answer it.

Content Marketing – 3 Fundamental Tips

Content marketing is an expression for a basically simple process where you create content for other websites for free. Why give it for free? Because you can place your information and link to your website or other place in the content.

1 To get traffic to your website, focus on the target market you want to arrive there. So, know who you’re aiming your specific content at. You’ll know the kind of person you want to your site. Therefore, create content they specifically are interested in, then put your content where that market goes or hangs out online. If you’re using more than one place to publish pieces of content then use a unique piece of content in each case.

2 In addition,you’ll want to be creating content, or have created for you, constantly. This is because the best effect is when the content is new, or, at least, is new to your target market, and more likely to be linked to. Of course, the more this happens the better.

3 Place your pieces of content on as wide a range of places as you can, or have it placed for you. For example, your target market might be on social sites, blogs, and forums. If you also repurpose your content so that you’re turning written content into audio and video, or some variation on this, then you can have a wider and related effect.

Content Marketing And Your Niche

With content marketing you can reach out to:

1 Those in a niche where the marketing costs are high.

2 Those in a niche who are potential customers but are difficult to reach.

3 Those in a niche who are clearly buyers and not simply web surfers.

Why is content marketing effective with these people?

The main reason is that they are hard to get to using the usual methods. But in content marketing all of your pieces of content are equal. This is in the sense that you have control over the power of the title, and over where you place the content.

Therefore, you cannot really put it on automatic. This is in spite of tools coming out regularly that claim to do so, such as writing software or video creation software. Such tools usually sell well – to people desperately wanting and hoping for a way to automate their content creation. Therefore, you’re more and more original, or even unique, as you create your own personalized content. Then place it where your target market is online.

You create content to target those in your niche looking for, wanting to buy, your products that help with or solve their problems as they are meeting those problems.

Ask yourself: what kind of content and information would interest and benefit those in your niche usually harder to reach, and those who are buyers in your niche, or both? Then it’s easier, provide the content that meets and benefits them in solving their niche problems. Then you simply provide the content, and they’ll want to know more.

Content Marketing And Targeted Leads

Content marketing is an effective way to generate targeted leads and will probably stay that way. People online are looking for content and information of some kind. But two reasons why some marketers are not willing to use content marketing is that it takes time to produce good quality content, and secondly it does not produce lots of leads. Most people want to have big numbers of visitors and leads.

You can buy leads or use hyped ads to attract leads in big numbers. However, they’re poor leads because they’re not targeted enough. With content, there’s an engagement with your style and ideas. These are your leads, targeted to what you provide products to help with their needs and problems in your niche. This means they respond to what you have to offer.

Content marketing works because your content acts as a filter before they even reach your opt in page, or wherever you send them.

Then, once they have some emails from you they have a link with you that you can build on.

Content Marketing And Generating Profits

Content marketing is important for the basics of driving traffic to your website and offers, and for converting that traffic to subscribers and customers.

Content marketing is a personal thing. Much more personal than, for example, Pay Per Clicks ads, or ads on sites. These last two are simply advertising. Your content marketing communicates with potential visitors and buyers. With consistent content marketing you should get more targeted traffic who also respond more.

Of course, it takes more time and effort than putting up an ad, which is why still not all that many people follow through in doing it. You might also have worries about the search engine rules about content. However, if you only create simplistic content with no value in your niche, then you might not be ranked anywhere on the search engines and/or get no response from people in your niche.

Create valuable content and place it on sites where your target market is online regularly. Place valuable content on your website making sure it’s unique to your site.

Using Content Websites To Make Money

This used to be called blogging but not so much now, except for personal blogs. Blogs then turned into online businesses based on using content.

How to use content websites to grow your business.

1 Content is what people are mostly looking for online. You can provide that specific niche content on your website. Apart from hosting and a domain name you can begin for free, and have it as the base or center of your business.

2 You need to keep posting on a regular basis so there’s always new information for visitors, and it keeps people returning regularly to find that information. In addition, of course, you promote and refer products to your visitors. In addition, if you’re willing to respond to comments about your content, you can build trust with your audience right on the website.

3 In your content, when you link to another piece of relevant content on another website, you’re able to ask that website’s owner to link back to some content relevant to them.

4 Your content will also encourage visitors to consider signing up to your emails to get more information from you. This gives you another way of promoting products and of sending traffic to your site.

5 When you continually post on your site you demonstrate your niche expertise, which builds credibility and trust with visitors, and subscribers to your list.

Content Marketing – Significant For Traffic

You must get traffic to your business to make it a success. It’s best to use a range of methods to generate traffic that you’ve found useful. Content marketing can best used as part of a wider traffic strategy. However, content marketing itself can be very effective in itself.

With content marketing you can spread your online presence across the internet in relevant places. You can have content placed on specific websites so members of your audience find you when they go to their usual places on the web. People will get information their searching for, plus they know where to get further information from you, and maybe relevant products and services.

Also, in this way more and more people will be able to access your information and knowledge about your niche. Your expertise demonstrated in your content then allows you to generate traffic to your website and sales pages.

Content Marketing – Marketing With Articles

Using articles, or in fact any content format, to market your site or other place is so easy an idea that people do not realize they are being marketed to.

However, the most important criteria for creating articles is not to do so as some sort of promotion. You’re not selling with them. Although long form can work in some circumstances, short articles can get a point across quickly and move someone to visit your site or wherever you want to send them. They may not even be aware they are being sent to a website.

For example, you could write an article about your gardening niche. Your keywords such as names of flowers, or vegetables like carrots, can attract the reader to click your link. Someone looking for specific information on growing carrots can be attracted to click and see what else you can tell them. In fact, too much detail to take in at this point where you go through lengthy explanations can become tedious and no further action is taken.

Anybody can create an article with niche and topic keywords in it as a stimulus to get the interested reader to click your link. The secret is to keep to a focused topic and just give enough relevant information to tease the click.