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How To Use Content Marketing For Links And Leads

Are you using content marketing in your business? It’s perhaps the most popular marketing method online now. Having quality and relevant content well placed can provide you with links to your site, and leads for your opt ins.

There are all sorts of places available online where you can publish your content. However, you don’t just want to publish it anywhere and everywhere. Find out where your market is online and put your content in front of them. You don’t want to waste your time placing content where there are no or very few people interested in what you have to offer and can help them with. Track your results and you’ll find some places send you many more visitors than even maybe others put together.

However, having found one or two places, don’t stop there. Have an ongoing process for finding more and more places, and keep tracking your results. You might end up with only one place being dominant as the only one on which to put your content – they easily outrank the others in sending you visitors. But, depending on your niche, you might find your target market in a whole group of various sites. Only if you don’t search, try them out, and test, then you won’t know for certain.

Of course, the other aspect of this is you must keep creating valuable content that your market wants and is looking for. So, have a system for creating regular content and aiming to expand or deepen your market.

You’re probably thinking: This is going to take a lot of work. Yes, it is, but it’s to your advantage because very few people are willing to go to that bother of creating content, publishing, and searching to expand their reach. Think of it the other way round. What would it feel like to know that wherever your target market goes online, you know and use those places for your content, and they find you there – linking to even more content?

Ok, here are the steps:

First, create content people in your niche are searching for when they use your keywords, that is words or phrases.

Second, use an anchor text in your content that links to your opt in page in order to build your list, and maybe also a link to more content.

Third, only publish on sites where your niche market goes and sends a big enough volume of visitors to your site.


List Building If You’re Not In The Internet Marketing Niche

Quite a lot of marketers see this as a problem because some advice and information is internet marketing focused, whereas there are masses of niches outside internet marketing. Marketers can often forget this. In fact, I believe most online businesses are not in the internet marketing niche as such.

However, having said that, they are still using internet marketing in their business to sell in their specific niche. Therefore, the basic methods are the same, even through their target customers are different. You still have to make an opt in page, and have people join your list when you send visitors there.

The largest difference is the actual niche. Therefore, when you set up an ad or create content, you do it related to your specific niche.

Creating content to get visitors to your niche site is just as relevant for you in that exact niche as when someone sends visitors to an internet marketing site. The way in which you create content is just the same: you still have to create lots of it, persistently over time, use relevant keywords, and so on.

I really think content creation is evergreen. It’s basically what the internet is made up off: information people are searching for. That’s why the most successful content is made by individual marketers for the specific purpose of using it to market their business and get visitors. You can try tools to spin or create content but these are easily seen by the search engines, whereas unique, individualized content remains just that – unique and individualized. This is the reason that by creating your own content you’re at an advantage, as most people just find it too much work to spend time and effort generating content and of good enough quality.

How To Get Responsive Visitors From Content

I see the biggest mistake when people want to get responsive visitors from their content marketing, is that they think just one or a few pieces of content will do.

This is completely wrong.

It isn’t just one piece of content you should look to leverage but the combined impact of lots of pieces. It’s using your niche knowledge in various ways and in various places, and connecting them, that produces the result you want. Each piece of content builds on others, and thus builds your credibility as well as the ability to reach more potential customers who need your products and information.

Think of it as an increasingly growing pre-selling campaign. Any one person might miss certain content but others will see them. This allows you to have regular traffic to your site or opt in page. This is the response you want.

Just taking one piece of content and converting it any as many different formats as you can, and publishing some of the different formats on as many sites as you can, will make a big difference. Do that with hundreds or even thousands of pieces of the content and the impact is exponential compared to only using one piece of content.

However, each content piece must be created as if it is the only one. So its title, the body of information in whatever format, and the linking need to be taken care of. With all this you will over time get the response level you aim for.

This is all to say that your marketer’s psychology is to think in very big terms together with consistency over time, in order to get the results you want.

Getting Responses With Content Marketing

I think the most important purpose in creating content for marketing is to get a response from consumers of that content. To do that it is vital you convince those people that you and your content have the ideas and information they’re searching for. But don’t mislead people: having promised that information you must provide it to them, otherwise they will immediately click away.

Decide on the type of response you want from them. You might want them to give you their email address, or buy an offer, or look at more content. How you get the response you want all depends on what you’re after. For example, someone is more likely to click on an ad than give you their email address, and more likely to give you their email address than buy an offer, but not necessarily always.

Any type of response will only happen if they click the link in your content. That takes them to your site’s page aimed to produce the response you want. For instance, it might be an opt in page to get their email address, or a sales letter page to buy a product. You don’t merely want people to make a visit to your site. There must be a purpose to it. That purpose provides the response you need in your business.

So in review, have your content produce a good response by attracting people with a compelling title. Then, follow through by maintaining their interest throughout the content and give a link to more information on your site. Sending them directly to an opt in page means they get more information in your email campaigns. However, you could test sending them to a page with more content on it plus an opt in form with valuable freebies.

Content Marketing To Get A Response

You create content because you want to get more visitors, and, in addition, to attract responsive consumers of that content. For people to respond you have to provide some compelling reason to do so.

If you leave placing your link to your site until the end of the content, having reached it they’ve gone through your content already. That ‘s the most difficult part: to get people to go right through your content. So, you must have an attractive enough title to get them into looking at it.

Whether the content is on your site or another site with a link to your site, the most valuable part of it initially is the title. When the title is not interesting or related to your niche and its problems and questions, people will ignore it. Imagine them searching in the search engines for your content topic or keyword, and they see your title and 9 others. Which will they go for? Your title must make clear what advantage they will get by choosing your content.

Having decided on that title, only then start work on your content creation. Now, the main part of your content, the information you’re providing them to help them, must be about the title. This must be obvious straight away: if not, they will click away. The main part of the content must give more detail on the subject in the title, the very subject or keyword they’ve searched for. However, do not give complete details as you want them to click your link to get more full information on your site or elsewhere.

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Two Content Strategies To Increase Your Traffic

Experienced internet marketers can control their traffic using methods they’ve found works best for them over time. However, when you’re just starting you don’t have the understanding of how different methods might be of help to you until you’ve tested them out. People get caught hesitating as to what to do.

Traffic through the search engines is variable, mainly because you have to be on page one of their search results to see decent traffic. You have to have enough traffic to maintain and develop your business.

What has become increasingly used is content marketing. This is because you can provide expert information people want in your niche, and have a link in the content back to your site in order for them to get more information from you.

Also, this is a backlink to your site from wherever you published the content. This helps with search engine ranking in search results. On top of that, another marketer can link back to your site as a reference they use in their content on their own site.

The second method to get traffic to your site is using your content on forums related to your niche. You’re usually able to put a link after you have made a certain number of posts on the forum. However, you must read the TOS for each forum. Respond to a certain number of posts which ask questions or the writer is stuck on a problem. If you can give useful help in this way, people may click through to your site to find more information.

Using Your Content To Generate Money

How you use content to generate money means knowing how much money you expect or aim to get from it. The more you expect from your content, or one piece of content, then it will have to be to some extent like sales copy, leading up to a link to your site. The content has to be compelling so to some extent it stands in for an opt in page. That is, it makes the visitor feel they want more from you. Of course, the content still has to be informative.

You can, instead, have the link in the content go to a specific page on your site to help give it a boost in the search rankings. In addition, this is helped if your content is published on a high ranking site itself.

Having given you these two ideas, however, the key action for you to take is to make the visitor want to click through to your site or wherever you’re sending them, such as an affiliate offer. Therefore, you have to think through how you can influence them to make that decision. This means time and effort finding out who your target customers are, and what they need or want.

Your Content Marketing For Income Generation

Content marketing can be income generating for you by sending visitors to your opt in page, and then marketing to your list over time to produce profits. You start by creating content in some form with links in it to your opt in page. You publish that content on relevant websites to attract people interested in your niche and niche topics. That content makes them interested enough to want more information from you.

What’s important in doing content marketing successfully?

First, find a niche where you can generate revenue and profits. Choose a smaller sub-niche that you can aim to dominate. You can make more revenue and profit from each person on your list from a small niche or sub-niche. If you’re in a big niche such as health, then split it into smaller sub-niches and have a separate list for each sub-niche.

Second, create content that attracts people in that niche who are looking to satisfy their wants and needs in it. Give them useful information free to them. Put a link to your opt in page with a relevant and useful freebie.

Third, in search engine optimization terms, create unique pieces of content and place them on relevant websites, using the same keyword. Better yet, create the content in different formats such as video, text, and audio. This way you get an increasingly good spread of your content and keywords across the web.

Fourth, you must create a lot of content and regularly. Many more people would be doing this if it were very easy. It’s questionable how many marketers are making actual high returns per subscriber or visitor via their content marketing.

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Your Content Marketing – The Significance Of The Big Scale

Content marketing is simply creating content and placing a link in that content back to your site. You publish the content on high rated sites across the web.

Unfortunately, many people think you can a create a few pieces of content, publish them, and there’s an effect on revenue. If it were so, many more marketers would be making their own content and publishing it.

Content will increase your income but it isn’t easy and you must take the right actions. And take big scale actions. It is easy to be fooled into thinking a few pieces will do, without consistency, in order to increase results in your business.

However, it is nowhere near an overnight success method. It takes time and persistent effort. You need to create several pieces of content each day, whether that’s 5, 10, 20, or more every day. Once you have a regular output, you can work out how many dollars in revenue each content on average generates for you.

The absolute basic requirement, though, is to work on as big a scale you can creating content daily. Think many, not just one or two. It is not easy and it’s long term, but it is your own business, controlled by you and your effort.

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Your Content Marketing: Reasons To Take Action

Content marketing is when you create content, in whatever format, that provides an answer or solves a problem in your niche. You might publish your content on one or two dominant sites for your niche members, or have a whole variety of types of site where they go online.

Content marketing is popular because it generates qualified visitors. This is because after someone has read, listened to, or watched your content, they feel the need to get more content from you. If you link them to your site, the visitor actually chooses to be there and wants to be there. Of course, the topic of your website page or opt in page is on the same topic as the content they’ve just been through. Otherwise, people click away as quickly as they clicked to get there.

This interest in your content is because you answer questions and solve problems in your niche, and means you get people with a mindset to buy from you, and who want to follow through and expand from the original content.

First, create the content that is useful to your niche. Like this content you’re reading.

Second, have a link in your content to a valuable free offer where they can join your list.

Third, publish the content uniquely to a site where your niche members go online. Choose sites from where you get the biggest volume and most qualified subscribers and buyers.

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