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4 Tips For Succeeding At Affiliate Marketing

Many people start selling online as an affiliate marketer. One attraction is that you don’t need much capital to get started, as well as not having to create your own products.

You get a payment of a percentage of the product selling price, once you’ve promoted it and someone buys it from the company that owns the product.

In fact, you don’t need your own separate business to do this. You simply have to market the product.

1 Create a website that has useful and relevant information about the product or type of product, and its niche. Keep it refreshed to attract the search engines.

2 Know what your target market is. Who are you aiming to market to – can you define this as exactly as possible? This will define the information you put on your website to attract them.

3 Use marketing tactics to keep people returning. For example, relevant niche freebies to gain subscribers who you can then email market to. Or courses on how to use the product to visitors’ advantage. The more you know about the product, especially if you’ve used it yourself, the more topics you can create content about, and the more they’ll see your site as the place to get informed ideas about such products and your niche.

4 Know who your competitors are. Who is consistently succeeding as an affiliate and what sorts of products are they affiliates for? You could do this research when deciding on your niche, or when you have decided, then go deeper into it as to what sells well over time. Also, research how competitors are doing their marketing, even buying a product through their link to see what processes they use after someone buys through them.


Affiliate Marketing – A Strategy To Make More Sales

Affiliate marketing is you selling someone else’s product and getting a cut of the selling price. This can be anything up to 90% or more. However, many marketers starting out simply choose almost any product that looks interesting. A better way is to do some research as to what type of product, or specific product, is selling well at the moment in your niche.

Having chosen a product you need to market it.

1 Create a website. You don’t necessarily need anything fancy or complicated. For each product, you simply need a page that pre-sells it, where you can have a product review or some kind of description and explanation of it, and maybe with your experience of using it. On this page you have a link to the owner’s sales page. Remember that you’re not actually selling the product as it’s up to the owner to do that. You’re pre-selling, so you give an account of the product in as an attractive way you can to tempt or compel the visitor to want to buy it or at least find out more. The owner’s sales page should then do the rest.

2 Get targeted visitors. You’re pre-selling will then be a lot easier. PPC ads or Google Adwords are targeted ad formats. These need learning about over time to make them work efficiently for you, and you must beware with PPC to not quickly lose money rather than making it. Test out various traffic means to attract targeted visitors for you business. One method does not necessarily work for all marketers. Using content marketing you can already pre-sell in that content, as a needed resource to reaching a specific aim in your niche. Only mention this fact, then have a link to your website pre-sell page for that product.

3 An addition to this, is to have a page on your site which is a post about the issue in your niche, and mention the product as a solution during your post. Also, when you use niche forums, posting and responding to other posters, you mention the product in a response where it’s relevant, or as a regular contributor you may be asked a question where your answer mentions a possible solution and you link to your website pre-sell page.

4 Do as super affiliates do. The major difference between you and them is how much testing you do. Test everything you do in your pre-selling: any ads, your pre-selling page, and the conversion rate to sales. Test one item at a time, such as your title, and each element of your pre-sell page. Drop whatever is not as effective and test your most effective at the moment against another one. And so on. Over time your sales should increase.

5 Aim to generate revenue from all your affiliate products. By testing as above you’ll see which products to keep marketing and which to drop. It’s an on-going process.

Affiliate Marketing – Starting It

When you’re an affiliate for a product owner you get a percentage of the selling price. The more clicks on your link and sales from it, the more money you earn. In addition, you’re getting more traffic to your site, and you get the buyer’s email address.

Here are some basic tips if you’re just starting affiliate marketing.

First, don’t just pick any product or company at random. Thoroughly research both. Go through their buying process if you can in order to check it out, and also to get the product so you can use it yourself. If you can explain the good and weak aspects of the product from personal experience, it gives you credibility and builds trust with the prospect.

Make sure you’re getting a decent percentage commission too. Of course, you could go for a lower commission if you think you”ll be able to generate more buyers.

Second, If you have a website with the affiliate offer on it, or a link to a free standing site of yours dedicated to the product, then make sure your site has quality and related content on it. You want to lead the potential customer to buying, not simply show them an ad. Also, if the content is good enough, then it’s more likely people will return to it repeatedly.

3 Choose a product to be an affiliate for which is related to your business niche in some way. If you have some products of your own, choose a product that extends or complements what you have to offer. In this way it’s possible to build out your site to offer all a customer needs in your niche.

Affiliate Marketing – Doing It To Start Your Business

I think that affiliate marketing should not be your main activity to make money. Really, it’s a place to start your business, so you can then move on to your own products. That is, your own online business. Yes, you can generate revenue with it, and you might even become full-time through it. But it’s still only a way to your own products that you control and develop.

Try affiliate marketing to start off, then having some experience and knowledge gained, including learning from other online sources, then create your own product, and a sales letter.

Let your list know about your own offer. If you’ve been developing trust and credibility with your list, no matter how small, your product will probably sell more than you selling an affiliate product.

You receive more value from your product. After all, you only receive a percentage of an affiliate product price. Even though an affiliate sales page may be much more optimized to sell than your own, you’ll likely make more from sending your list to your own because they know you and have learned to trust you. That is, they’re not buying from because of the sales letter, but because they’re buying from you.

The message here is to build your list and develop relationships with it, sell affiliate products to begin with, then when you’re ready with your list and a have a product, start selling your own products, and maybe drop the affiliate products.

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If You Want A Business As An Affiliate…

…you have to accept you’re a sales person for the product owner. Maybe you already have a product, or a line of them. For example, in dog training. You have training videos and other training materials, plus some other products. You can make more money as an affiliate for somebody else as well.

You probably already know the kinds of products your visitors would be interested in. Maybe they’d be looking to buy training equipment too.

Do some investigation into such products and who offers an affiliate program. You can also check affiliate directories. When you find a business to be an affiliate for that’s suitable, check through their terms and conditions. Now, in your search you might find other items that you could sell you hadn’t thought of. For instance, you could be an Amazon affiliate selling books on dog training.

You add the links on your site to the items you’ve decided to sell. When you’re selling your own products you can recommend the affiliate related ones to be added to customers’ carts. When a customer buys one, you get a percentage of the sale price.

So, do some searching in your niche, choose relevant affiliates, join up, and put links on your site related to your own products.

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Drive Traffic To Your Affiliate Website With Content

If you are selling affiliate products you want to gain as much income as you can from your affiliate sales.

Are you sending visitors through your links and getting regular and big checks each month?

Most affiliates aren’t.

Instead, send them to your squeeze page. That way, when they sign up to your list, you’re able to link them to many affiliate products.

It’s much harder to generate higher conversion rates by just sending people one time to one particular sales page.

To achieve that you need to build a relationship with people on your list. That way, you develop trust and build on it over time.

They’re much more likely then to purchase a product when you recommend an affiliate product.

Make this work by sending people from an article or other piece of content you’ve created, to your squeeze page. Just like reading this article, if you’re interested in what I have to say, and if I send you to a squeeze page from a link, you’ll most likely join my list. If you’re not interested in it, you’ll click away.

When someone joins your list, give them a freebie, and then later more freebies and useful information. Also send them to your website, and to affiliate sales pages. Having built some trust, people will download some. This is different from just coming across a sales page by coincidence and not knowing anything about you.

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Make The Most Of Any Affiliate Business

When you have a list reading each of your emails, it means they trust you. You can make money by promoting affiliate products.

Making the most of affiliate sales.

First, you must have that trust. Grow that trust and keep it by always offering them the best products you can. Even a free product needs to meet this criteria. Just because you can offer it to them for free doesn’t mean it should be less than the best for them. In other words, they must accept that anything you recommend is the best, providing them with excellent value.

Second, therefore choose affiliate product owners that provide offers with value for your list. The products need to be relatively cheap in cost but have excellent value. For example, a product that could sell for $197 but costs your list only $47. Not the other way round. Ask yourself: does this product provide the best value I can find, to my list.

Third, the affiliate sales letter has to convert visitors to buyers. Make sure it’s converting at one percent or better.

Fourth, send your list a mixture of higher and lower cost products. Why? Because your list is made up of individuals. For instance, some will never spend more than $10 on a product, others will never spend less than $100. Your aim is to satisfy all your subscribers.

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Affiliate Profits In Easy Steps

Have you read lots of information on making money online? Just about everybody does when they get on the internet. But I bet it doesn’t feel right to you – that it’s not describing to you any plans you think you can carry through to make money. Usually, it’s really quite general, such as search for a product to sell, or create your own product, promote it, and send traffic to it. But to begin with, not being long online, what sort of product can you create or find?

Even if you do manage to make a product, and even send some reasonable quality traffic to its sales page, and also test what’s happening, you probably won’t make much money. One reason people give up is that it just takes too long to make decent profits this way. It’s nothing like regular money coming in.

However, affiliate marketing gives you an advantage at the start. The product is provided for you and you get paid a percentage of the selling price. There are negatives, though. You have to make sure you will in fact be paid when you make a sale. On top of that, if the seller’s sales letter is not doing a very good job, you still have to write your own and if you get a click, use software to send them straight to the order page. That is, you by-pass the seller’s sales letter.

But the positive is, if their sales letter is an effective one, you’ve no hassle having to write your own, plus you’re more likely to make a sale. If that works well, you’re relieved of having to organize customer service or payment through Paypal either.

So, you need to test a few affiliate programs, send traffic to them, and keep track of the programs that convert into sales the most. And also actually pay you the percentage of the sale. This way, you make money with affiliate programs.

Here’s how to do it.

First have a website where you’re offering a freebie, such as an ebook, report, white paper, or whatever is best for you. Put in lots of affiliate links. At the same time, offer a free email course. So, on your site you’ll put a form from your autoresponder service, to collect their name and email address. The autoresponder you set up, then starts sending the daily email course.

Second, set up that course telling people about the topic of the affiliate product or your niche. Make it easy to understand, and easy steps to follow where appropriate.

Third, in the emails, make your product recommendations that will help them in your niche.

Fourth, you get the percentage of the sales price when someone buys the product through your affiliate link in the freebie or course.

Fifth, create articles like this one, related to your niche, and put them on sites where you think your prospects will go online.

It is basically this simple. You can start trying it out straight away.