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Affiliate Marketing – Generating Money From It

There are marketers who have only ever made money from affiliate marketing as their business. They have no product that they own. They get a percentage of the selling price of products that other people own.

1 As said, you don’t need to be creating your own product. Also, you have a vast range range of products to choose from. Part of the reason is that you don’t need to keep to one niche. You can be selling in many different niches or sub-niches. Although, at first, it’s best to focus on one in which to learn doing affiliate marketing, then move on to others.

2 Because you don’t have your own product, then you don’t have to be dealing with the whole sales operation. The product owner does that, including having a successful sales page you send people to. That’s your basic marketing: getting people to the sales page so the owner can convert them to buyers.

3 The owner’s sales page converts to a buyer and then also deals with payment procedures. They have your commission sent to you. If they work through Clickbank, for example, and the product is a recurring payment one, then you’re sent checks by that company like clockwork. And that could be from a range of products.

4 However, it is best to have a website you own. You include information, reviews, and ads on your site from where you send visitors to the requisite sales page. If your host lets you have lots of domains as part of your hosting account, you can have different domains fitting the different products you market.

5 There’s no need to try to sell the product yourself once people arrive at your website, as the product owner will do that with their sales page. Your job is to pre-sell it, especially if you have used it yourself and can give personal experience of its qualities. Actually buy and use the product yourself when you’re able to. This gives your pre-sell more credibility.

6 The main task you’re involved with is getting qualified traffic to your site and specific page. You might not be able to use a domain with the product name in it as it might be used by other marketers or the owner themselves. Having your own domain means you can send your visitors straight to the pre-sell page. If you use Adwords test 2 or 3 at a time, gradually dropping the less successful ones, and increasing the most effective ones, so you end up with the best ad for a particular product.


Affiliate marketing – Affiliate Marketing In Your Online Business

Once you have your own products making reasonable revenue, by letting other people sell your own products as your affiliates you increase that revenue. In other words, you have your own affiliate marketing program focused on your offers that you created. This, of course, takes managing on a regular basis which you should take into consideration.

The advantage is that getting visitors or subscribers through your affiliates means is easier for them to become buyers. Buyers who purchase directly through your affiliates have an easier route to becoming repeat buyers of your products.

Begin to build your list first if you haven’t got one. You could be an affiliate yourself for others’ products in order to do so. Once you start selling to subscribers on your list over time, you’ll probably see a gap in revenue from subscribers as against direct buyers.

Even if you have high commission rates for your own affiliates, you still get most profits from a combination of buyers and subscribers. You’re increasing your market size through your affiliate base. Moving from trying to make all the sales yourself to having an affiliate program added to your business can mean revenue and profits increase considerably.

In addition, you’re able to increase your program through your content marketing to have a more successful business.

5 Key Elements In Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be an effective way to profits online, especially when you’re just starting an online business. It’s usually easy to get access to selling products that are in demand so that you’re mostly focused on marketing and not product creation. The best affiliate products in terms of long term revenue are those where the customer pays a regular cost for a product or service.

Here are 5 key elements to getting started with affiliate marketing.

First, do some research in your niche and decide on the right affiliate company, again looking to gain long term results from selling repeat products. You want income from your marketing work not just during the few days or weeks the product is most popular but continuing into the future. So, take into consideration the long term sales potential of any product.

Second, focus on as few affiliate companies and products as you can while reaching your profit goal. If you have too many companies to deal with or too many products you might find it gets out of hand and you lose out anyway. This is especially true when you’re just starting. Start with one product and test out your marketing strategy, then build from there.

Third, aim to get the product yourself and actually use it as you’d expect your customers to use it. This way you test the genuineness of the product and when marketing you sound much more credible when describing how it worked for you.

Fourth, in addition to your choice of product as such, choose products with a 30% or higher commission rate, preferably as high as you can get. When you start you may have to accept lower rates. But once you have a track record of sales you can build up to top commission rates over time. Remember you’re building a business, not a one-off shot.

Fifth, never forget to build your own list at the same time you make sales or send prospects to a sales page. You can then offer other affiliate products in email campaigns, and even have your own funnels of affiliate products. Also, if you create your own product, perhaps suggested by something weak or missng in an affiliate product, you make 100% of the money in revenue. Plus you’re not so dependent on affiliate companies as when you only sell affiliate products. It really does begin to be your own business.

Affiliate Marketing – Organizing Your Campaign

Use an affiliate campaign to promote affiliate products you’ve signed up to advertise. Do it the same way as an email one.

The subject line of any of your emails will probably be the very first and maybe one single contact people will have with you. Therefore, create and test subject lines that compellingly draw in the receiver’s attention. Once they open an email, make it clear what product you’re associated with. I don’t mean you need to tell them outright you’re an affiliate for it, but give genuine information they need to help make a decision. You might get this information from the affiliate product company.

Give them clear contact information. Just be brief and to the point in the emails. Give information that draws the person’s curiosity to know more. Have one or more links pointing to the affiliate product website. Put the links, with words such as “Find Out More Now”, spread through the email.

Be professional in the way you finish.

Before you create your emails, find out from the affiliate product business, the way they think it’s best to organize you whole campaign overall. They’ll often have whole sales funnels set up at places like JVZoo. Providing they are well enough organized themselves, this should help you to use best practice for that specific affiliate product.

Online Home Business Basic Ideas

1 If you’re selling someone else’s product as their affiliate, you must have your own site. Hosting is still available cheaply, as at Hostgator. You could start at one of the recognized hosting companies and move all or some of your business to Amazon’s very cheap services, or learn how to use Amazon’s S3 service straight away.

It will probably cost you more for the extra services you need to run your business in addition to hosting. These include software for your site, an autoresponder system for your emails to customers and subscribers, and maybe a business service such as Google’s.

Once you know the niche you’ll be selling in, you can simply Google to search for products and companies that use affiliates. Whether you find products this way or through Clickbank or through a dedicated affiliate company, you should be provided with marketing materials such as emails, and banners. You generate traffic to the marketing material on your site or elsewhere. Have a system to collect their email for your own use first, and then send them to the product owner’s sales page.

2 You can buy products with resale rights that fit your niche. These might be ebooks, software, or packages of images or videos. The difference from being an affiliate is that you can sell the products yourself and keep all the revenue. So you have much more control. However, the seller might set limits to the selling prices. You need to read the license you get when you buy the product.

Even better, if you buy products with Private Label Rights, you can sell the product purely as your product, putting your name on it and changing what you want to in order to customize it for your customers. You need to do this in order to differentiate yourself from other marketers selling the same product.

How To Organize Your Business With Affiliates – Part 2

If you decide to have affiliates selling your products, then you need to give them support. By that I mean giving them ads with links in them such as banners, and text or video materials with links in them. All those links must have the affiliate’s specific identity code in it. Then you can keep a record of who is selling what product.

It’s much simpler if you have an affiliate page or pages on your site, or even a separate minisite, where these types of materials and other information can be accessible for all your affiliates. You must make it as easy as possible to be able to use your materials if they want to.

You might be thinking all this so far seems a lot of work, when you were trying to make life easier for yourself and free up time to deal with other aspects of your business. In that case, you could use a service like Clickbank. It deals with tracking and links for your affiliates. Products are presented as possible ones to be sold by affiliate marketers. So it’s a good handover of work if you want to go that way.

Whatever way you go, you must make the amount of money an affiliate will make from a product absolutely clear. This is their commission. Half the selling price is a good figure to go for considering they’re doing all the selling for you. You can be lower than this and then give them bigger commissions as they show their ability to sell more product. Make this clear to marketers before they join up with you.

A way of getting even more sales is to have a tiered system of affiliates. This is when the affiliates who join you can then recruit other affiliates below them. That would be 2 tier. You can even extend that to another third tier who are recruited by the second tier. These lower tiers get less commission.

So the second tier might get 30% commission and the top level affiliate gets 20%, and third tier affiliates get 20% commission with say another 10% to the second tier above them.

See Part 1 previous to this!

How To Organize Your Business With Affiliates – Part 1

Have you got one or more products of your own and are thinking of using affiliates to help you sell it?

There are good reasons to have others as your affiliates.

One is that you can sell more of your product than doing it all by yourself. Even taking into account that you’re not getting the full price of the product into your account, you can still make more profit this way because without the affiliates you probably wouldn’t have had the customers that they bring in.

Second, once you have your affiliate organization set up, it releases more time for you to work on creating more products, and others aspects of your business. It relieves the daily time pressure on you. In fact, if you left all the sales generation to affiliates, it allows you more time and energy to develop your present or next business.

To get started:

1 You need to find the tools or service to make your affiliate organization run smoothly.

2 You give each affiliate an identity number or code that enables you to give them the updated analytics on sales and traffic.

3 Also, you must keep records of what products an affiliate is selling, what you’re paying out to them.

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