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Month: June, 2018

Sales Funnel – An Explanation

In general, in marketing online it’s understood that a business needs a sales funnel. Of course, when you’re just starting your own business it may seem not that important at the time. So, this is an explanation of a sales funnel and why you need one.

A sales funnel is a method to get traffic. It helps you to work out which prospects you want in it and which people you don’t want in it. Once you set up a funnel, over time you can know what sort of person you want going through it, and who you want to avoid for your business. Your list you spend time building and developing indicates to you what products you should promote to which people.

Begin with them. Put them into your funnel as a first move. As you work on your list you’ll see the people who stay going through the funnel, as well as those who move into it, and those who move out of it. The funnel attracts and filters your traffic.

However, just because a person either goes into your funnel or out of it, doesn’t mean you then ignore them.You still need them in your ongoing developing business. Imagine you’re putting oil into your car using a funnel. The oil container is like the place you provide as a base for your audience.

The funnel you use to channel the oil ensures you don’t put it into or onto bits of the car where you don’t need it.

So, with your offers you don’t need to promote to those who have no need or want of your offer. You have a specific target market for that funnel and its offers. That way you’re not offering products to people who are not interested in them.


Redirect To A Sales Page

Here’s an interesting idea to try out.

If you have to redirect someone to another place online, and the person clicks on a link to be redirected, then use a sales page.

It gives you one more place to promote products as well as providing the person being redirected something to keep their attention while they wait. You can use those few seconds for your marketing website or business or products. It can produce more traffic.

The web is vast with marketing increasing every day at present, so you need to use what you can to gain attention. Instead of a frustrating almost blank screen people can be reading your sales page. You never know what people need at any moment, and often they don’t either, so it’s a way to stimulate their interest in what you have to offer.

Therefore, both you and the person on the redirect page can gain a benefit that would not have been available otherwise.

Online Home Business Basic Ideas

1 If you’re selling someone else’s product as their affiliate, you must have your own site. Hosting is still available cheaply, as at Hostgator. You could start at one of the recognized hosting companies and move all or some of your business to Amazon’s very cheap services, or learn how to use Amazon’s S3 service straight away.

It will probably cost you more for the extra services you need to run your business in addition to hosting. These include software for your site, an autoresponder system for your emails to customers and subscribers, and maybe a business service such as Google’s.

Once you know the niche you’ll be selling in, you can simply Google to search for products and companies that use affiliates. Whether you find products this way or through Clickbank or through a dedicated affiliate company, you should be provided with marketing materials such as emails, and banners. You generate traffic to the marketing material on your site or elsewhere. Have a system to collect their email for your own use first, and then send them to the product owner’s sales page.

2 You can buy products with resale rights that fit your niche. These might be ebooks, software, or packages of images or videos. The difference from being an affiliate is that you can sell the products yourself and keep all the revenue. So you have much more control. However, the seller might set limits to the selling prices. You need to read the license you get when you buy the product.

Even better, if you buy products with Private Label Rights, you can sell the product purely as your product, putting your name on it and changing what you want to in order to customize it for your customers. You need to do this in order to differentiate yourself from other marketers selling the same product.

List Building – Responding Emails

You might need to respond to someone as a thank you or you need to confirm something in response to someone’s email. Use best practice to write the best email you can in such circumstances. You can set automated ones up to respond to different types of need as required but you still need to be helpful and supportive related to the situation.

Give them a thank you. It’s a direct positive response. Then give any required information needed by the person. Don’t leave them in the dark. For example, they might want some standard information on a topic which is very obvious to you. But to them, it’s causing a problem of some kind. Back this up with clear contact information, and tell them how long it usually takes to respond .

When it’s for an order a customer has made, provide them with any order information, maybe including order codes and date of provision. However, keep it all brief – you want to give them confidence and clarity, not set up any unnecessary worries. Again, give any links and contact information. If there’s a problem then they know that they can contact you without problems.

The email contact information you provide might be different from the email address of the responding email.

Thank them at the end for their interest and remind them of your site for further information. Leave them, as all through, with a positive attitude and feeling.

Hopefully, they will recommend your business to others as a result.

Finally, people don’t mind the odd spelling or grammar mistake – everyone’s human. But check them over before you send the email.

How Do You Get More Emails Opened?

No matter how or when you’re sending your emails, the purpose remains to make sure they get opened and read. Here are some methods to get them opened.

When so many emails are sent which are similar your aim is to differentiate yourself so you’re more noticed and attractive to the subscriber. An easy way to catch their attention is to ask them a pertinent question in the subject line. Use personal words such as “you”, “us”, “we”, that make the subscriber feel more directly related to as if they’re the only person you’re speaking to.

Words giving actions or about actions keep people’s attention more. In addition, keep a short subject line. A subject line that’s too long will likely not be read through but skimmed over as people hurry to see what it says. Keep it to the point and as dynamic as you can without looking like hype. Some people are overborne with emails every day and are desperate for simple messages as they feel the pressure of time. So, keep it simple.

Ask yourself what your subscribers want to see in the subject lines and emails you write. Speak as straight to your subscriber as you can and as an individual person: person to person.

Nowadays, being different from other marketers and getting and keeping people’s attention is vital. There are already too many demands on our attention – mostly with no great interest for us. Make your offer or information attractive to the other person. You want them to feel they must open your email to see what you have to offer or say.

Forums – Using Them To Get Traffic

First, once you’ve found forums about your niche, you can usually put a “signature” at the end of your post that has your link in it. Via that link you could send people to your site or opt in page or some related content of yours. In some forums you have to create a certain number of posts before you can include the “signature”. You may not be able to send them to a sales page either, so people clicking the link know they’re more likely to get relevant information from you rather than an attempt to sell to them.

Second, don’t forget that the members of the forum all have the same interests focused round your niche. Therefore, you’ll probably get more interest in your link if it shows relevance to the niche. So, for example, if your site and the forum are about video creation, then a link like “” will be seen as relevant to your readers.

Third, continuing the video example, you might join a thread where people are telling how they’re having problems with a certain video player. Give them the help they need there and then in your forum post, commenting after doing that, that they might find other helpful information on your site. That is, don’t send them to your site for the answer to their problem specifically. Instead, give them their answer on the forum, and merely indicating if they have other problems they might find useful information on your site.

Fourth, it is almost by the way that you’ll get a link back to your site from your signature link. This is useful for search engine search lists.

Fifth, if you find this traffic method works for you, you need to find out as much as you can how to make it as advantageous as possible for you. At the same time as you find out more, or after you get as much help as you can to increase you success at this, you can join as many related forums as possible and have a system of making posts on a regular basis. In this way your name becomes known as a credible person in your niche. People will then starting asking for your site address or email address as a means to find answers to their problems.

Essential List Building For Profits

Creating the exact email you want to fit your purpose in an email campaign can be awkward. Your subject line is the most vital part, because if your subscriber finds no interest in it, they go no further. You’re left with a weak email from the start. However, when a subscriber does click on it what do you do to maintain and increase their interest enough to click on a link in the email?

Have links in your email that not only take them to your website but also focus them on a specific page or pages of it. For example, if your site is about building a website, and you have information on WordPress and HTML site building, and your email is about WordPress, it’s a waste of time sending people to HTML information. That’s not what they’ve clicked for and not what they’re expecting.

They want to be kept on track and that’s what you should also want. The aim of the email should fit the target. That way you can lead to more profits.

You can try having “click here” links through an email. Place them close to information the email is centered on in order to send the reader to more information on the same topic. This is more likely to lead to more profits as you follow up in a targeted way.

Email Marketing – Organizing An Email Campaign

Here are some easy steps to organize an email campaign.

First, decide who your potential customers are and how you can most effectively reach and get their attention. You then won’t be time wasting creating the campaign for the wrong people.

Second, your subject line must get their attention as of interest to them. Keep it short and to the point but without using hype. Remember that this might be your only opportunity to attract them.

Third, once they open your email, keep it shorter rather than longer but as informative as you can in the space you have allowed. You have a specific place you you want to send them and they must feel compelled to at least just have a look at what you’re referring to. You want them to feel questions in their mind that they then feel they want answered, and so click through.

Fourth, keep the attitude of the email friendly – you want them to arrive at the destination in a positive mind. Don’t overdo the information in the email but give just enough to feel the need to click your link.

These steps will help you to find and filter the visitors you want.

Email Marketing – Basic Steps To Targeting

By targeting your emails you can market your site or product. It can enable increased revenue and get more traffic to your site. Also, it need not be hard to do. Here are some steps.

1 You must identify your target. If you buy lists to send emails to, they can still be relatively untargeted and widespread. If you use an opt in page you can filter those who join your list by the copy on it, and specifically the freebie people opt in for.

2 Make your email message targeted. This should be directly relevant to your target subscribers. The more focused your target, the easier it is to create emails with that focus. Blur things with several targets for the same emails, and some will completely ignore it, or even unsubscribe.

3 Your email subject line needs to be compelling for your target audience. In fact, it might be the single reason for the email’s success. Keep the subject line to the point, probably short, and using words the target subscriber will recognize as important and respond to. It must grab their hurried attention and make them feel they need to see the email.

4 Get the timing right. For example, specific types of email such as offering a product need to be spaced to keep their attention if they don’t respond at first, but not so far apart they can easily forget about your offer. You need to test for this with your specific list.

Content Marketing – Marketing With Articles

Using articles, or in fact any content format, to market your site or other place is so easy an idea that people do not realize they are being marketed to.

However, the most important criteria for creating articles is not to do so as some sort of promotion. You’re not selling with them. Although long form can work in some circumstances, short articles can get a point across quickly and move someone to visit your site or wherever you want to send them. They may not even be aware they are being sent to a website.

For example, you could write an article about your gardening niche. Your keywords such as names of flowers, or vegetables like carrots, can attract the reader to click your link. Someone looking for specific information on growing carrots can be attracted to click and see what else you can tell them. In fact, too much detail to take in at this point where you go through lengthy explanations can become tedious and no further action is taken.

Anybody can create an article with niche and topic keywords in it as a stimulus to get the interested reader to click your link. The secret is to keep to a focused topic and just give enough relevant information to tease the click.