List Building – What does That Mean?

by Joe Fuller

List building is about having a list of subscribers in your autoresponder with an interest in your niche and the topics on your website.

That means you can email them whenever you like, and repeatedly, with offers to sell to them. This is the great advantage over only having one chance to that if the visit your site or sales page.

But you can also send them useful and relevant information over time, or send them to your site. The key is that the more they see your information or sales page, it’s increasingly likely they will buy from you.

Therefore, you have a list of names and their emails so you can send them offers and valuable information about your niche.

Your ultimate goal is to generate an income from the list. To do that you develop relationships with them through emails and other content. Now, when they’re looking to make a purchase in your niche they think of you instead of your competitors.

You’re building a list of your target market. Who exactly is a part of that depends on what niche you’re in because of who the niche members are.