How To Use Content Marketing For Links And Leads

by Joe Fuller

Are you using content marketing in your business? It’s perhaps the most popular marketing method online now. Having quality and relevant content well placed can provide you with links to your site, and leads for your opt ins.

There are all sorts of places available online where you can publish your content. However, you don’t just want to publish it anywhere and everywhere. Find out where your market is online and put your content in front of them. You don’t want to waste your time placing content where there are no or very few people interested in what you have to offer and can help them with. Track your results and you’ll find some places send you many more visitors than even maybe others put together.

However, having found one or two places, don’t stop there. Have an ongoing process for finding more and more places, and keep tracking your results. You might end up with only one place being dominant as the only one on which to put your content – they easily outrank the others in sending you visitors. But, depending on your niche, you might find your target market in a whole group of various sites. Only if you don’t search, try them out, and test, then you won’t know for certain.

Of course, the other aspect of this is you must keep creating valuable content that your market wants and is looking for. So, have a system for creating regular content and aiming to expand or deepen your market.

You’re probably thinking: This is going to take a lot of work. Yes, it is, but it’s to your advantage because very few people are willing to go to that bother of creating content, publishing, and searching to expand their reach. Think of it the other way round. What would it feel like to know that wherever your target market goes online, you know and use those places for your content, and they find you there – linking to even more content?

Ok, here are the steps:

First, create content people in your niche are searching for when they use your keywords, that is words or phrases.

Second, use an anchor text in your content that links to your opt in page in order to build your list, and maybe also a link to more content.

Third, only publish on sites where your niche market goes and sends a big enough volume of visitors to your site.