List Building – The Most Important Action To Succeed At It

by Joe Fuller

The straight answer to this problem is to create an opt in page on your site. It’s only job is to get visitors to join your list. Send everyone to that page.

Think about this. Will someone buy from you through their card, whether it’s with Paypal or not, if they won’t give you their email address for a valuable freebie that you could probably sell anyway? This is a straightforward assessment of how to build your list directly so you get as responsive a list as possible, and a list of people who can genuinely benefit from what you provide and sell.

As I see it, it’s better and more profitable to have a smaller list of qualified subscribers, than a bigger list with unqualified people in it. Ensure this by qualifying them at each step. So they have to give you their email address to get to your content or onto your site. If they won’t or can’t pay then they don’t get the first product. So it goes on. And if somebody unsubscribes, it doesn’t matter because the odds are they wouldn’t have bought anything in the first place.

It’s OK to provide free information to show your expertise, and build credibility and interest. But without providing you their email they’ll never get beyond first base.