How To Write At least 5 Articles Each Day

by Joe Fuller

What’s the point of writing several articles a day like this one?

You can put a link into each one, and publish it online as it is or in some other form, such as a slide show. Of course, one or two articles here and there online will make no difference to your business. You have to be prepared to write as many as possible each day, and do it very day. The larger number of articles the better. You will get qualified traffic.

It is not easy to write every day, or to write a lots of articles, or pieces of content, every day. You have to keep fresh in order to do it. A simpler way could be to create long articles, such as 1 to 2 thousand words, and then split them into smaller pieces of content. You’re not shifting so much from one topic to the next, so there’s more continuity in your work.

Here are some suggestions to get it done.

1 However many articles you decide to write one day, make a list of that number of topics you can write on. This means that when you’ve written 5 or ten articles and you’re aiming for 15 articles, you’re not stuck thinking of new topics, for example, after you’ve reached the tenth. It also means it enables you to keep going as you haven’t yet finished the job you set out to do.

2 When you’ve got your list, create the articles as between 300 to 500 words. Just write as if you’re talking to someone, the words and sentences that would come to you.

3 You have to stick to it and be purposeful day after day, once you’ve decided on it and the number of articles you’ll create. If you wrote 5 articles every day each month, that’s 5×30 – 120 articles, pieces of content, every month. Some days you might create more than 5, or some days maybe something gets in the way of doing it. You still have a lots of content to build your list or send to more content to lead onto making offers.