How To Use An Opt In Page

by Joe Fuller

What is an opt in page? It’s a page on your site, or separately, that has only one purpose and only one purpose, to get visitors to it to opt in to your list. You can have this page as the index page of your website, usually the most visited on a site, where most people land first.

If you want a big list, put your opt in page at the front of your site. When you don’t have an opt in page there but the visitor finds multiple choices as to what they could do, they’ll probably be confused or just browse aimlessly or make no choice at all. But with only one choice in front of them, and especially if the freebie is attractive to them, they’ll mostly make the choice to sign up to your list.

To make that work, to begin with you have to have qualified visitors going there. To do that create valuable content for your niche and place it where niche members go online. Get it in front of your audience.

Have your content and its link work together. You want the qualified visitors to click the link from your content and then be taken to a related opt in page.

There they are faced with one choice. Encourage that choice by having a valuable freebie they can get immediately.