Successful Marketing – Have A Plan

by Joe Fuller

The first thing you want is an original or unique niche product, preferably created by you. Then you want to devise a marketing plan, including the use of a website, aimed at selling it. This is key to your business success once you have a product. Organize your site to market and sell your product. Each page and part of it should be fitted to that aim: inform visitors about the product or send them to the sales letter.

The product is the solution to a problem or question in your niche. It gives them the required knowledge to get unstuck in the niche. Your visitor will probably not buy your product on first sight of the sales letter. If not, then you must persuade them to sign up to your list. Or you could have them sign up first, and then send them to the sales letter. You need on average to show your potential customer the offer seven or more times before they buy. Do this through the emails you send them.

Therefore have a system to get the emails of your visitors through an opt in page which is only there to collect email addresses in exchange for a valuable freebie related to your niche. Once they sign up you could then make your offer on the thank you page. If they don’t buy from there, you can now send them repeatedly to your sales letter through links in your emails. But without them signing up to your list you’ve probably lost them forever.

The next part of your plan is promotion. Whichever form of visitor generation you do, the main aim is to get email addresses. Use search engine optimization on your site together with quality content on it. Send visitors from your list too.

In addition, create content and publish it online regularly. Other methods are posting on forums, ads in ezines, and using social media for promotion.

Your marketing is not just using some ads online. Instead, use the above methods to proactively build your online business. That is, plan it first, and take action.