Ebook – Don’t Be Put Off Writing One

by Joe Fuller

Lots of people still want to write ebooks, whether as PDFs or Kindles, for example. But some people who start doing it can spend months writing it, and some never finishing. Even though ebook organization is easy enough, it’s the persistence needed for the actual writing that causes problems.

You do not have to be some kind of language or writing expert to create one. The important thing is what the ebook contents is – that’s why people will read it because that’s what they want from it. You need not even write it yourself but pay a ghostwriter to do that for you, while you provide the ideas. Make sure your contract with the ghost writer means you own the content of the ebook.

How do you sell?

Amazon’s Kindle is an obvious choice. But also aim for a multi-strategy. Before you write it, research which place online would be best to place it. Market your ebook through related content, including snippets from it too. Or give affiliates a part of the selling price for them to market for you. However, your ebook must be valuable and useful to your niche, and preferably including ideas not to be found, or easily found, elsewhere. If people are interested in its topic but can get the exact same information easily somewhere else, why would they buy yours?

So, be unique or original in some way and stand out from similar products.

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