Successful Marketing – Product Fundamentals

by Joe Fuller

Marketing your offers, business, and website involves more than putting some ads online. You must have a product that will produce revenue, a website to communicate with your market, and a strategy online to reach your target audience.

It’s much better if the product you offer belongs to you, even created by you, and it is original or unique in your niche market. You could, of course, offer products as an affiliate of someone else or buy a product with resell rights. However, it’s vital that it be as original as possible, or unique. That way you’re not in competition in the market selling the same or similar products. In effect, you want to aim for your own market that is unique to you.

You’re probably able to create your own PDF product about a subject in your niche. If not, then buy a Private Label Rights product where you can change and re-do the product, making it your own. That way, it doesn’t matter how many other people have bought the product, and even made changes, because they won’t have made the exact same changes as you. So, you don’t need to have created a unique product as such, but it needs to have your style and feel about it.

However, I emphasize that however you get this unique product that you must know there is a buying audience for it before you go about selling it. Too many beginner online businesses have an idea for a product first, create it, and then try to sell it. But they find that nobody is interested in it. Research your market before you start creating your product.

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