Content Marketing To Get A Response

by Joe Fuller

You create content because you want to get more visitors, and, in addition, to attract responsive consumers of that content. For people to respond you have to provide some compelling reason to do so.

If you leave placing your link to your site until the end of the content, having reached it they’ve gone through your content already. That ‘s the most difficult part: to get people to go right through your content. So, you must have an attractive enough title to get them into looking at it.

Whether the content is on your site or another site with a link to your site, the most valuable part of it initially is the title. When the title is not interesting or related to your niche and its problems and questions, people will ignore it. Imagine them searching in the search engines for your content topic or keyword, and they see your title and 9 others. Which will they go for? Your title must make clear what advantage they will get by choosing your content.

Having decided on that title, only then start work on your content creation. Now, the main part of your content, the information you’re providing them to help them, must be about the title. This must be obvious straight away: if not, they will click away. The main part of the content must give more detail on the subject in the title, the very subject or keyword they’ve searched for. However, do not give complete details as you want them to click your link to get more full information on your site or elsewhere.

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