Two Content Strategies To Increase Your Traffic

by Joe Fuller

Experienced internet marketers can control their traffic using methods they’ve found works best for them over time. However, when you’re just starting you don’t have the understanding of how different methods might be of help to you until you’ve tested them out. People get caught hesitating as to what to do.

Traffic through the search engines is variable, mainly because you have to be on page one of their search results to see decent traffic. You have to have enough traffic to maintain and develop your business.

What has become increasingly used is content marketing. This is because you can provide expert information people want in your niche, and have a link in the content back to your site in order for them to get more information from you.

Also, this is a backlink to your site from wherever you published the content. This helps with search engine ranking in search results. On top of that, another marketer can link back to your site as a reference they use in their content on their own site.

The second method to get traffic to your site is using your content on forums related to your niche. You’re usually able to put a link after you have made a certain number of posts on the forum. However, you must read the TOS for each forum. Respond to a certain number of posts which ask questions or the writer is stuck on a problem. If you can give useful help in this way, people may click through to your site to find more information.