Using A Sales Funnel In Your Online Business

by Joe Fuller

One of the keys in using a sales funnel is that you can have an overview of your total structure for sales and see where customers are dropping out.

A sales funnel has a wide open beginning into which you attract potential customers. As people go through it, some drop out, usually more and more as they go further into it. The funnel is made narrower as it goes on. When people come out the other end, they are customers of your products.

Now, you don’t want to allow just anyone to enter the funnel. You aim to qualify people as likely customers, including those who might buy all your products in the funnel. On the other hand, you don’t want to block people entering who might become customers. Therefore it’s important to decide and action what qualifying you’ll use.

You don’t want any blockages or hold ups in the funnel, so have your processes moving people on as efficiently as you can. If slowness creeps in to your process, you may need to look at your products in it again and move some out. As usual, testing to get the most effective series of products is important.

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