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Month: March, 2018

Product Launch Success – What You Need To Know

Are you launching a product? Here are the steps most people take. You put the product on your server, together with a sales page for it. Now you can market the product. However, there are other things you can also do to increase the chances of success.

You must recognize, and take into consideration in your launch plans, that people need to see an offer seven or more times on average, before they make the purchase. One email telling your subscribers of your launch and product? They might read your email and they might go to look at your sales page, but nobody’s really listening. It’s different however if you tell them another six times – then they take notice. But you need to send different emails each time. not repeatedly send the same one.

Send them information emails, being informative about the topic of your product and including the name of it as you do so. Have these in your autoresponder, to go out at times you’ve decided on. Send to your complete list, at least at first, and to new subscribers who join during the launch.

It’s similar to being influenced by ads on television or an online channel that you see over and over again. Therefore, when it comes to seeing the actual product, if it’s a physical one, at an appropriate moment you have a feeling you want to buy it. In other words, many decisions we make are unconscious ones, including having been influenced to make that decision.


Qualified Traffic Generation To Your Website

If you have an online business, you need your own website. You use it to give visitors niche information and offers . But you want qualified traffic to it.

You’re in business to generate revenue and make a profit, so you must avoid surfers and searchers who are just looking casually for information or to pass the time. Even if they are focused on a product of yours, you still want to avoid people only looking for information about it. You want qualified traffic who are more likely to buy your product. That way both you and your visitors reap the benefits.

Use these 3 ways to help generate qualified visitors.

First, decide on your target visitor, the type of person you want at your site. Research where they go online. Market to them at that place, not generally or somewhere else they’re not.

Second, market in places online that have a linked interest with your target visitor’s interest. For example, if your target audience is interested in fitness, market in some way in the health and fitness parts of the web. You can go off from that basis to each fitness topic or niche specifically.

Third, build your list of these qualified, targeted visitors. Keep evaluating that list as to its value to you and your subscribers.

Email Marketing – How To Convert Subscribers To Customers

Getting the conversion from subscribers to customers is not the easy and quick fix some marketers might suggest it is. Rather, it’s more of a long term set of actions and intentions.

To begin with, once someone joins your list the key thing is to develop a relationship with them. It’s the same with any service you want to use. It’s better if you have an idea of their level of credibility that they can help you and they have some experience of their subject. Also, a friend might suggest that particular company or person to you.

You could test them for advice on a less important issue to begin with. Then move onto the more important needs once you feel you can trust them.

It’s the same online as offline. When you’re offering a service or product, potential customers want to know they can depend on you through your knowledge. That’s why creating content addressing the key areas and problems in your niche is important.

Who would you go to first, the marketer with 10 pieces of content online or the person with 1000 pieces of content online wherever you look? Yes, 1000 is a big number in these terms – but you can see the effect.

Part of that content is what you send subscribers in your emails. It’s useful and relevant to what they need to know. Having done that, subscribers develop a trust in you that you can be depended on to provide good information.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to track your emails, such as who opens them, and their click through rate. You can then see which ones are not performing so well, and then you can improve those so they produce a more positive effect.

Email Marketing – Creating Your Email Campaign

You have to learn to create an email campaign and I believe most people starting their online business fail at this point. For example, there’s more than one type of email to write. In addition, you must buy into an autoresponder service as it’s so vital to your business.

With email marketing you get sales you would not normally get without using email to sell. To sell by email you must have your own purpose built list. Purpose built in that it’s targeted to your niche or a specific sub-niche you’re in. Build this list yourself. Buying a list just gives you random people who will have no link with your site or you.

Let’s say you buy such a list on dog training. But how many are wanting information and products on puppy dog training, which is your specific niche? Or if your niche is fitness for the over 50s, how many are looking for information on developing their abs fitness particularly? You want as targeted a list as you can grow, without packing it with people with various interests.

Think about when you will send your emails to your list. Lots of marketers send them on Saturday or Sunday. Therefore, don’t send yours then, only to get lost in lots of others. Also, they might not get opened by lots of people on Monday when they’re at work. Then, they have to get through at least 2 days of emails. Yours might never get opened as people concentrate on work related emails only.

Sales Page Writing Fundamentals

A key skill in your online business is writing a sales page. This is not easy to begin with.

A prime reason for this is that you are always reading the best of the best well written sales pages. A top copywriter can make tens of thousands of dollars for one sales page. Obviously, these are extremely well done. In terms of your sales page, these are your competition.

A common and useful recommendation to develop your skills in this: to hand write a sales page each day, copying it from successful sales pages. Copy only the best you can find and write them out by hand. Through habit you imbibe the key ways of creating top sales pages.

Here are four fundamentals to doing your own.

1 The headline has to be so attractive the reader just has to find out more. It’s the most important part of the page. They have to read it in order to move onto the body of the page. If they’re not attracted enough by it, you lose them, and they never buy the product.

2 List your product’s benefits in bullet points. These are not features of the product but what they buyer gets out of or from the product. The benefits tell the reader how it will help them in detailed and precise ways. So, don’t just give a description of your product through its features. Readers want to know how it will help them.

3 The body of the letter in sentences and paragraphs or sections has to lead on the reader. It must be of interest to them. You can tell a story of some kind, give information about the product, and make it plain what the product does that they need and can use to help them.

4 Having got them this far, you don’t want them bailing out at this point. Give them a strong call to action. Provide a strong guarantee, and tell them exactly what to do next to buy the product. If people are confused, they’ll leave.

Ebook Writing – How To Do It

People often think they have to spend a long time in arduous ebook creation. But it need not be that way. Having a method means you can create them one after another as needed.

1 Choose a subject you will write about and focus on in that ebook. You might think you don’t know what to write about in your niche because you don’t know enough. Or you’re definitely clear about your subject and you know enough about it. Either way it’s the same process.

2 You might know plenty about your subject but is it one people really want to find out about in your niche? Underwater basket weaving is, of course, infamous for this problem.

Three reasons people want to read about a subject.

The first is that they want to get some enjoyment from it. Some people like stories and others more factual stuff.

The second is that some people want information about the subject. In effect, to educate themselves about it. For example, some aspect of cooking.

The third is that some people will read because they believe there is some advantage for them in doing so. Most in online business are one of these people.

Therefore write for beginners if you’re not an expert in the subject.

3 Do research on finding keywords related to the subject that you can use in the ebook. Put your keyword in the title. You might want to have a copyright statement.

4 Do a plan by listing the bigger or key areas of your subject. Then, under each of those put the ideas you want to write about for that area. The key areas can be your chapters. Start writing the chapter you know most about. As you go through doing this chapter by chapter, when there is something you don’t know about, stop and research that information, then finish the chapter.

This ensures you get through all the chapters as fast as possible. Then redraft what you need to, create a PDF or put it into Kindle, and publish.

Sell Your Own Or An Affiliate Product?

When you first start working online you probably come across this problem. Should you jump in and create your own product or sell someone else’s they’ve already created?

Your Own Product

To create this, decide what exactly it is you want to make. Think about what tools and other things you might need to do it. How much in time and money will it cost you? Have you got enough of both to cover the costs? Is it unique or are there others which are similar? Most important of all: will it generate enough money for you to make a profit, if that’s what your aim is? If you decide to go ahead, can you go it alone, or do you need expertise to be brought in to help or even to actually make it for you?

Selling An Affiliate Product

Now, this means there is no involvement in the product itself. The seller has already done the work. What they need from you and others is to market it and refer people to the sales page. There’s none of your money put at risk in the product, unless you pay for ads.

Only you can make the choice of what type of product to sell. This depends on what model of business you’re developing. You can make money either way. But they are different business models.

Simple List Building From Nothing

I believe what I tell you here is the simplest way to build a list. I’m talking about a genuine list of prospective buyers. It may not be the quickest necessarily but any tools you use to list build fast will not build a genuine list as defined, because you simply enroll all and sundry who do whatever the tool gets people to do to join. These are not necessarily qualified people. You want your list to be one you can market to, not just any old list where no-one responds or buys.

What I think is the best way to build a qualified list who will buy your products over time, is made up of an opt in page and content to send traffic to it.

First, create content about your niche: it’s problems, questions, and issues. This qualifies people at the very start of the process as only people interested enough in your niche will bother going through the content. In content you create put a link for them to click through to your opt in page. Publish your content where you find out your target audience goes online.

Second, create an opt in page on your site. It’s only job is to collect people’s email addresses and their name which is added to your list in your autoresponder.

This is a simple as it gets where you’re in control of what’s happening and which you can build on. Go ahead and try, for example, pay per click services, for example, but be prepared for a quite steep leaning curve, as well as the fact you can spend quite a lot of money trying to get it right. Instead you can spend that time creating your simple opt in page, testing variations of it to improve sign ups, and sending traffic to it.

Email Marketing – Creating Emails To Sell

When you send out your emails using your autoresponder service, make sure they don’t end up in the spam box. It helps if you avoid using such words as “free” , “incredible” or “amazing” . Avoid exclamation marks (!), dollar signs ($), and “100%”. Are there things that would make you not read an email? – if so, don’t use them yourself.

Create such an attractive subject line that people feel so curious they have to open it. Set up your email with the person’s name in the subject line, as well as at the start of the email. Even if they know it’s an automated email, seeing their own name still makes it attractive enough to find out what is being addressed to them.

Then the body of the email must be about the subject line. That’s why they opened it, so don’t disappoint them and have them feel a little cheated. Remember you want them to open all your emails after this too. As usual, give them valuable and relevant information. You might also be giving them a free offer, which is a reward for reading your email.

Whether you’re offering something free or something they’ll have to pay for, make your call to action clear as to what you want them to do. However, it might be nothing to do with offers, but you’re asking for a response of some kind. You want them to be responsive specifically to your emails and take action when needed, from within the email.

Successful Marketing – Have A Plan

The first thing you want is an original or unique niche product, preferably created by you. Then you want to devise a marketing plan, including the use of a website, aimed at selling it. This is key to your business success once you have a product. Organize your site to market and sell your product. Each page and part of it should be fitted to that aim: inform visitors about the product or send them to the sales letter.

The product is the solution to a problem or question in your niche. It gives them the required knowledge to get unstuck in the niche. Your visitor will probably not buy your product on first sight of the sales letter. If not, then you must persuade them to sign up to your list. Or you could have them sign up first, and then send them to the sales letter. You need on average to show your potential customer the offer seven or more times before they buy. Do this through the emails you send them.

Therefore have a system to get the emails of your visitors through an opt in page which is only there to collect email addresses in exchange for a valuable freebie related to your niche. Once they sign up you could then make your offer on the thank you page. If they don’t buy from there, you can now send them repeatedly to your sales letter through links in your emails. But without them signing up to your list you’ve probably lost them forever.

The next part of your plan is promotion. Whichever form of visitor generation you do, the main aim is to get email addresses. Use search engine optimization on your site together with quality content on it. Send visitors from your list too.

In addition, create content and publish it online regularly. Other methods are posting on forums, ads in ezines, and using social media for promotion.

Your marketing is not just using some ads online. Instead, use the above methods to proactively build your online business. That is, plan it first, and take action.