Using Your Content To Generate Money

by Joe Fuller

How you use content to generate money means knowing how much money you expect or aim to get from it. The more you expect from your content, or one piece of content, then it will have to be to some extent like sales copy, leading up to a link to your site. The content has to be compelling so to some extent it stands in for an opt in page. That is, it makes the visitor feel they want more from you. Of course, the content still has to be informative.

You can, instead, have the link in the content go to a specific page on your site to help give it a boost in the search rankings. In addition, this is helped if your content is published on a high ranking site itself.

Having given you these two ideas, however, the key action for you to take is to make the visitor want to click through to your site or wherever you’re sending them, such as an affiliate offer. Therefore, you have to think through how you can influence them to make that decision. This means time and effort finding out who your target customers are, and what they need or want.