Your Content Marketing For Income Generation

by Joe Fuller

Content marketing can be income generating for you by sending visitors to your opt in page, and then marketing to your list over time to produce profits. You start by creating content in some form with links in it to your opt in page. You publish that content on relevant websites to attract people interested in your niche and niche topics. That content makes them interested enough to want more information from you.

What’s important in doing content marketing successfully?

First, find a niche where you can generate revenue and profits. Choose a smaller sub-niche that you can aim to dominate. You can make more revenue and profit from each person on your list from a small niche or sub-niche. If you’re in a big niche such as health, then split it into smaller sub-niches and have a separate list for each sub-niche.

Second, create content that attracts people in that niche who are looking to satisfy their wants and needs in it. Give them useful information free to them. Put a link to your opt in page with a relevant and useful freebie.

Third, in search engine optimization terms, create unique pieces of content and place them on relevant websites, using the same keyword. Better yet, create the content in different formats such as video, text, and audio. This way you get an increasingly good spread of your content and keywords across the web.

Fourth, you must create a lot of content and regularly. Many more people would be doing this if it were very easy. It’s questionable how many marketers are making actual high returns per subscriber or visitor via their content marketing.

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