Your Visitors To Your Website – Getting More Of Them

by Joe Fuller

Without visitors to your website, opt in pages and sales pages, you can’t sell anything. So you need to work on doing this each day. The aim is to get more and more visitors. You need to do this yourself. If you buy traffic that’s said to be guaranteed, then it will not work. People who come to your site that way, have not been looking for what you offer and never expected to be at your website in the first place.

Here are some suggested ways to get more visitors.

1 You can buy an ad or ads in someone’s ezine they send out regularly to their subscribers. You can buy anything from a classified ad to a solo ad where yours will be the only one in the ezine or even in a particular email. However, you have to choose your ezine carefully as you might pay for your ad and find that marketer’s list hardly responds at all. You have to test different ezines. Also, before you buy, see if you can find out if that list responds very well usually.

2 Content marketing is when you create content with links back to your site. You publish the content on relevant sites. This method provides you with qualified traffic, providing everything else is in place such as the usefulness and relevance to your niche of the content you create.

3 Work with other marketers to market their products in exchange for them marketing your products. This can also apply to links to opt in pages. Again, test your results to aim for consistent ones that enable you to get more and more traffic over time.

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