Why Your Content Marketing Generates More Qualified Visitors

by Joe Fuller

The prime factor about content marketing is that when they click through to your opt in page, they have qualified themselves as being interested in what you have told them so far, and, this is key, they’ve decide they want more information from you.

If your content is effective enough to get people to click through to your opt in page, and they do not sign up to your list, the problem is probably something to do with that page itself. After all, you have someone who has decided to click through to get more information. That freebie information in exchange for their email and name must be related to the topic of the content they have come from. There is some momentum in doing this and they are ready to subscribe, or whatever else you might ask of them, to get that information.

Notice the difference from this when people arrive at your website from a search engine or an ad or some other method whereby they’re just a cold caller. It is the difference between someone arriving at your door as a cold caller sales person to sell you something. Out of the blue like this, you’re unlikely to buy anything from this stranger at your door, unless it’s something you’ve already been thinking about. But there’s a difference if the person is a friend of yours or someone you know from past meetings, and you already know what they sell, and might have even asked them to call round.

You’re much more qualified as a potential buyer of their product. You’ll at least hear what they have to say.

Think about someone doing an online search. They’re not surfing but looking for something particular. They come across your content title in the results and it fits what they’re looking for. Then, when they click to view the content, they find the substance of it also fits what they’re after. When this happens and they get through your content and they remain interested, the probability is they will click the link in the content.

Then, as long as the opt in page and the freebie continue to fit the topic they were searching about, they will sign up to your list to get more information. From nothing, the visitor is very qualified as a potential buyer from you.