Why You Need To Do List Building

by Joe Fuller

List building is still one of the best ways to build your revenue and income. But this is not necessarily the key reason to do it.

The thing about list building is it means you can grow a relationship with individuals in your market. Someone might visit your site once from, for example, the search engines, and then you never see them again. But if they’re on your list you communicate with them regularly and helpfully, and can send them to your site over and over again.

At first, then, having a list meant it was an easier way for marketers to get visitors to their sites. They could make lots of offers after the freebie is downloaded, or the visitor buys an entry product. Products can be put in front of a subscriber repeatedly.

Of course, some people still try to use spam email. Just check your spam email box. But this makes it easier for serious online businesses, as they use open and honest ways to build their business. This enables open rates to increase, especially as spam has been greatly reduced and kept out of actual inboxes. The best advice is still to start building your list today, and not to wait.