Content Marketing – Make Your Content Relevant

by Joe Fuller

1 Focus on subjects in your niche that are not too competitive. Do a search and check the number of searches in search engines.

2 Be balanced in your presentation of your ideas. You don’t want the visitor to your content feeling brow beaten into having to accept what you’re saying. They’ll probably just leave. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have direct opinions as an expert in your niche: tell them they are in fact your opinions and give some reasons why you hold them.

3 Write, speak or show ideas clearly in your content about a specific topic.You don’t want people to be confused about your meaning, otherwise you’ll not have communicated well enough for them to join the dots of overall meaning, and even go off with the wrong ideas.

4 If you refer people to another site which is not owned by you, then make sure you check it out first. Do you really want them to associate you with that site?

5 The page you put content on in your on site needs to be easy to get around, and to and from easily. Lots of fussy fonts and images set out in a confused way will put people off, maybe in frustration trying to cleanly get through, or even find the link to, your content.

6 Use the content to suggest that you will be bringing out some more really relevant and related content, encouraging them to return to get access to that content.

On top of everything, it’s important that the content itself is worth their time and effort. Content marketing is a key way to get qualified traffic and to enhance your credibility online.