Why You Should Use Content Marketing To Generate Visitors

by Joe Fuller

Why should you use content marketing to generate visitors to your website? It’s because you get the most qualified visitors from that content. That happens because when an individual goes through your content and clicks the link in it, they are saying that they find your ideas interesting and want to find out more.

Think about other forms of marketing, such as using search engines or placing an ad where you send them directly to a sales page or opt in page. These pages are what are being used to qualify the visitor. But using content marketing means the content itself qualifies them before they get anywhere near a sales page or opt in page.

However, posting all your content on your website is not the best place for all of it. You need a highly ranked website for that to work fully. For example, there are marketers starting out who have thousands of pieces of content on their site. But still don’t get much traffic. Most of the content won’t appear on the first page of the search engines.

Place you content on other high ranking and well visited sites. Your content is more likely to appear high in the search results for your keywords. This way you catch both surfers and those seriously searching.

In this way, more people can become aware of you and your site, and you yourself don’t have to work so much on getting high search engine rankings.

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