Content Marketing – Creating Your Links

by Joe Fuller

As part of your content creation have 2 or more links in it to direct people to places to get more information, a sales page, or an opt in page.

Make your first a URL one to your site. For example, it might be to an opt in page. Give the full address of that page.

The second one is best as a text link giving the name of a topic it leads to, such as “tomato growing for beginners” . When the search engines see this link they find out what your page topic is and so has more value than the URL one. These are both direct links to your pages. You might want to put the URL link in the body of the content, and keep the text link for the end where people will hopefully end up having gone through your content. Always test hat works best for you.

These links are key to why you should use content for marketing.

1 It gives you direct linking from the site you’ve published on. People can be taken directly to some extra information of some kind.

2 In effect, these are backlinks to your site, and especially valuable if they come from sites recognized as having authority.

Wherever you publish your content, check the word count or time limits for videos and audios they might have. Make sure they do allow you to have 2 or more links. You don’t want to make basic mistakes as the links represent the purpose you’re using content marketing in the first place.

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