Why Your Own Website Is Important To Your Business Success

by Joe Fuller

If you’re definitely intent on starting or growing your online business you must have your own website. You could just about get by without one and make some money but if your founding your own business then a website is needed.

I take affiliate marketing as an example because even here, where you’re marketing others’ products, you’re at an advantage if you control a website of your own. This is so even when you’re sending people to the seller’s site in order to make the sale. If you simply send traffic there, you lose the opportunity to sell more to each visitor.

However, having your own site means you send them to an opt in page on your site where you have them sign up to your list. You then send them regular emails with helpful information and further offers. They might be more affiliate offers but they can also be your own product offers. So you’re building your own business and not the affiliate seller’s. The key is to build your own list through which you build our own business, not the seller’s.

You will need a host for your site and a domain name. It only takes a few minutes now to set up a WordPress site through your host and you can start developing your site straight away. You’ll find lots of WordPress videos on what to do on my site at: succeedwithjoefuller.com.

Why bother with a site? Even if you’re selling affiliate products, when someone responds to an ad or clicks a link, send them to your site first. That is, to your opt in page in order to build your own list first. Then send them to the seller’s sales page and they deal with making the sale and providing the product.

Have you got a question or product suggestion? Contact me directly at joefuller@succeedwithjoefuller.com and I’ll reply.