Content – How To Use It For Marketing

by Joe Fuller

Content marketing is when you create some content in some format suitable to your niche, and publish it online. You want to be able to optimize the effectiveness as much as you can.

1 It’s much better if consumers of your content think of you as an expert in your niche, someone they can refer to when needed and depend on to provide valuable and useful information and products. They get to recognize your name and website, as well as through information you might give in profiles and in the content itself. Create enough content over time and it will attract traffic to your business.

2 When you make your content, avoid giving every detail in it. For example, if you’re telling about a problem in your niche that people want a solution to, don’t give them every detail of that solution. You provide that full detail after they click the link to a page with the information or an opt in page with the freebie they get when they join your list.

3 If someone finds some of your content valuable, they might link back to it from their site, which gives you visitors from that site. That backlink also helps in your search engine optimization for the content to show up in the search engine listings for the keyword of the content. It’s especially good if the linking site is itself seen by the engines as an authority one in your niche.

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