How To Organize Your Business With Affiliates – Part 1

by Joe Fuller

Have you got one or more products of your own and are thinking of using affiliates to help you sell it?

There are good reasons to have others as your affiliates.

One is that you can sell more of your product than doing it all by yourself. Even taking into account that you’re not getting the full price of the product into your account, you can still make more profit this way because without the affiliates you probably wouldn’t have had the customers that they bring in.

Second, once you have your affiliate organization set up, it releases more time for you to work on creating more products, and others aspects of your business. It relieves the daily time pressure on you. In fact, if you left all the sales generation to affiliates, it allows you more time and energy to develop your present or next business.

To get started:

1 You need to find the tools or service to make your affiliate organization run smoothly.

2 You give each affiliate an identity number or code that enables you to give them the updated analytics on sales and traffic.

3 Also, you must keep records of what products an affiliate is selling, what you’re paying out to them.

See Part 2 next!