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Month: February, 2018

Using Your Content To Generate Money

How you use content to generate money means knowing how much money you expect or aim to get from it. The more you expect from your content, or one piece of content, then it will have to be to some extent like sales copy, leading up to a link to your site. The content has to be compelling so to some extent it stands in for an opt in page. That is, it makes the visitor feel they want more from you. Of course, the content still has to be informative.

You can, instead, have the link in the content go to a specific page on your site to help give it a boost in the search rankings. In addition, this is helped if your content is published on a high ranking site itself.

Having given you these two ideas, however, the key action for you to take is to make the visitor want to click through to your site or wherever you’re sending them, such as an affiliate offer. Therefore, you have to think through how you can influence them to make that decision. This means time and effort finding out who your target customers are, and what they need or want.


Your Content Marketing For Income Generation

Content marketing can be income generating for you by sending visitors to your opt in page, and then marketing to your list over time to produce profits. You start by creating content in some form with links in it to your opt in page. You publish that content on relevant websites to attract people interested in your niche and niche topics. That content makes them interested enough to want more information from you.

What’s important in doing content marketing successfully?

First, find a niche where you can generate revenue and profits. Choose a smaller sub-niche that you can aim to dominate. You can make more revenue and profit from each person on your list from a small niche or sub-niche. If you’re in a big niche such as health, then split it into smaller sub-niches and have a separate list for each sub-niche.

Second, create content that attracts people in that niche who are looking to satisfy their wants and needs in it. Give them useful information free to them. Put a link to your opt in page with a relevant and useful freebie.

Third, in search engine optimization terms, create unique pieces of content and place them on relevant websites, using the same keyword. Better yet, create the content in different formats such as video, text, and audio. This way you get an increasingly good spread of your content and keywords across the web.

Fourth, you must create a lot of content and regularly. Many more people would be doing this if it were very easy. It’s questionable how many marketers are making actual high returns per subscriber or visitor via their content marketing.

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Your Content Marketing – The Significance Of The Big Scale

Content marketing is simply creating content and placing a link in that content back to your site. You publish the content on high rated sites across the web.

Unfortunately, many people think you can a create a few pieces of content, publish them, and there’s an effect on revenue. If it were so, many more marketers would be making their own content and publishing it.

Content will increase your income but it isn’t easy and you must take the right actions. And take big scale actions. It is easy to be fooled into thinking a few pieces will do, without consistency, in order to increase results in your business.

However, it is nowhere near an overnight success method. It takes time and persistent effort. You need to create several pieces of content each day, whether that’s 5, 10, 20, or more every day. Once you have a regular output, you can work out how many dollars in revenue each content on average generates for you.

The absolute basic requirement, though, is to work on as big a scale you can creating content daily. Think many, not just one or two. It is not easy and it’s long term, but it is your own business, controlled by you and your effort.

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Your Visitors To Your Website – Getting More Of Them

Without visitors to your website, opt in pages and sales pages, you can’t sell anything. So you need to work on doing this each day. The aim is to get more and more visitors. You need to do this yourself. If you buy traffic that’s said to be guaranteed, then it will not work. People who come to your site that way, have not been looking for what you offer and never expected to be at your website in the first place.

Here are some suggested ways to get more visitors.

1 You can buy an ad or ads in someone’s ezine they send out regularly to their subscribers. You can buy anything from a classified ad to a solo ad where yours will be the only one in the ezine or even in a particular email. However, you have to choose your ezine carefully as you might pay for your ad and find that marketer’s list hardly responds at all. You have to test different ezines. Also, before you buy, see if you can find out if that list responds very well usually.

2 Content marketing is when you create content with links back to your site. You publish the content on relevant sites. This method provides you with qualified traffic, providing everything else is in place such as the usefulness and relevance to your niche of the content you create.

3 Work with other marketers to market their products in exchange for them marketing your products. This can also apply to links to opt in pages. Again, test your results to aim for consistent ones that enable you to get more and more traffic over time.

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Your Content Marketing: Reasons To Take Action

Content marketing is when you create content, in whatever format, that provides an answer or solves a problem in your niche. You might publish your content on one or two dominant sites for your niche members, or have a whole variety of types of site where they go online.

Content marketing is popular because it generates qualified visitors. This is because after someone has read, listened to, or watched your content, they feel the need to get more content from you. If you link them to your site, the visitor actually chooses to be there and wants to be there. Of course, the topic of your website page or opt in page is on the same topic as the content they’ve just been through. Otherwise, people click away as quickly as they clicked to get there.

This interest in your content is because you answer questions and solve problems in your niche, and means you get people with a mindset to buy from you, and who want to follow through and expand from the original content.

First, create the content that is useful to your niche. Like this content you’re reading.

Second, have a link in your content to a valuable free offer where they can join your list.

Third, publish the content uniquely to a site where your niche members go online. Choose sites from where you get the biggest volume and most qualified subscribers and buyers.

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Why Building Your List Is Important In Your Business

The building of your list is not just important to your business, it’s key to its success.

If all you do is set up a sales page for your product and send traffic to that page, you might or might not, get a steady number of buyers over time.

It might only be a small percentage of the people who land on your site. The point is that your income is dependent on you continuously working at sending traffic to the sales page. A lot who arrive, and even buy from you, might never come back to your site.

With list building, you’re building your business into the future. This people who buy from you don’t just disappear. They are on your list so you can make offers and sell to them repeatedly. You get traffic from that list to your site, as well as buyers.

It’s a virtuous circle for everyone involved. People join your list because they like how you work and the information you provide. They want more information from you, so you create products they want. The more they benefit from those products, and your emails, the more they’re willing to buy from you.

Whenever you have new ideas, packages or products you simply send them to your subscribers, or send them an offer. They trust you, so when you give them a link to a new sales page, you get traffic straight away.

As long as your list exists you have your own source of visitors to your site.

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Why An Opt In Page Is Totally Essential In Your Business

Why is an opt in page totally essential in your business? You need one to build your list. But those sites that have a sign up form placed even in the best position, might be getting less than ten per cent sign ups. You need to aim for around 5 times that.

So it’s best to use a whole page, an opt in page, instead of depending on a form placed on one of your site’s normal pages. An opt in page specifically designed to get the sign up will get much higher rates of subscribers than a form on your site’s page.

Have you ever been in a shop where you have a a whole range of similar products to choose from? Did you find it easy to choose what was best for you? Most people find it difficult. They end up not buying anything in that situation. But if you’re faced with one or two options of a product you want, you’re more likely to take what’s there.

People usually prefer not to have to make a decision – which is one problem some people have in starting or building a business. So, when a visitor comes to your web page with a sign up form on, they’ll be distracted by the other goodies on there, such as videos, links to other pages, or a product your highlighting.

Faced with an opt in page which has only one job, to get their email, it’s much easier for the visitor to decide to sign up for your interesting freebie. Or they might have come across other information from you, like this article, and they want more from you. The only way is to sign up on your opt in page.

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Why Your Content Marketing Generates More Qualified Visitors

The prime factor about content marketing is that when they click through to your opt in page, they have qualified themselves as being interested in what you have told them so far, and, this is key, they’ve decide they want more information from you.

If your content is effective enough to get people to click through to your opt in page, and they do not sign up to your list, the problem is probably something to do with that page itself. After all, you have someone who has decided to click through to get more information. That freebie information in exchange for their email and name must be related to the topic of the content they have come from. There is some momentum in doing this and they are ready to subscribe, or whatever else you might ask of them, to get that information.

Notice the difference from this when people arrive at your website from a search engine or an ad or some other method whereby they’re just a cold caller. It is the difference between someone arriving at your door as a cold caller sales person to sell you something. Out of the blue like this, you’re unlikely to buy anything from this stranger at your door, unless it’s something you’ve already been thinking about. But there’s a difference if the person is a friend of yours or someone you know from past meetings, and you already know what they sell, and might have even asked them to call round.

You’re much more qualified as a potential buyer of their product. You’ll at least hear what they have to say.

Think about someone doing an online search. They’re not surfing but looking for something particular. They come across your content title in the results and it fits what they’re looking for. Then, when they click to view the content, they find the substance of it also fits what they’re after. When this happens and they get through your content and they remain interested, the probability is they will click the link in the content.

Then, as long as the opt in page and the freebie continue to fit the topic they were searching about, they will sign up to your list to get more information. From nothing, the visitor is very qualified as a potential buyer from you.

Content Marketing – How To Make Money From It

Unless you’re creating content to do with your hobby or something like a non-profit club, you aim to get a return on your content in responsive and money terms. This is making content to publish it online yourself for your own benefit.

Some suggestions on how to do that.

First, find out what keywords and other terms people are searching for, and generate content that uses those terms in order to explain and explore issues and ideas about your niche that people are looking for help with. That is, it’s very important to meet people where they are in their online progress so you can satisfy their needs and wants at that point. That way, you know people who go through your content will want to get more from you if they like your content and style.

Second, make sure the title of your content is clear and to the point of the content. Don’t let it be misleading or else you’ll lose them for good. The title gives the subject you’re focusing on and you know your market is searching for, and includes the keyword to do with that subject.

Third, create 3, 4, or 5 main ideas that relate directly to what people want to know about the content’s subject. Put a link at the end so they can click through to get further information and explanation about the subject.

Why You Need To Do List Building

List building is still one of the best ways to build your revenue and income. But this is not necessarily the key reason to do it.

The thing about list building is it means you can grow a relationship with individuals in your market. Someone might visit your site once from, for example, the search engines, and then you never see them again. But if they’re on your list you communicate with them regularly and helpfully, and can send them to your site over and over again.

At first, then, having a list meant it was an easier way for marketers to get visitors to their sites. They could make lots of offers after the freebie is downloaded, or the visitor buys an entry product. Products can be put in front of a subscriber repeatedly.

Of course, some people still try to use spam email. Just check your spam email box. But this makes it easier for serious online businesses, as they use open and honest ways to build their business. This enables open rates to increase, especially as spam has been greatly reduced and kept out of actual inboxes. The best advice is still to start building your list today, and not to wait.