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Month: January, 2018

Writing Articles – More Tips

I’m talking about writing articles but what I say here can basically be used to create content in any other format. Content, including articles, generates qualified visitors and subscribers to your list that respond to your emails.

You use the articles, or other content, after creating them, to market your site on other websites that allow you to publish content there. You put a link in that content linking back to your website and its opt in page.

Generally, people do not find it easy to create content, including writing articles. So, here are ideas to help you write your articles.

1 Make a list of 20 to 100 subjects, or sub-niches, in your niche, and relate to what your own website is about. This is so you can attract targeted visitors – those who are actually specifically interested in what you sell products about and so they will be more likely to buy. Surfers to your site who pass through looking for free information make you no money. Instead, have titles to your articles that you know will attract potential buyers of your products.

2 Before you begin actually writing an article, make a list of 3 or 5 key ideas about the article topic that will enable readers to put the article topic into practice. You can order these with numbers, as in this article, or separate them into paragraphs only. Make sure what you write in the paragraphs is about the subject of the article and its title, as well as to a potential buyer of your products.

3 Create an introduction paragraph that leads the reader into the article body, maybe mentioning those key 3 to 5 key ideas in the article.

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Affiliate Marketing – Doing It To Start Your Business

I think that affiliate marketing should not be your main activity to make money. Really, it’s a place to start your business, so you can then move on to your own products. That is, your own online business. Yes, you can generate revenue with it, and you might even become full-time through it. But it’s still only a way to your own products that you control and develop.

Try affiliate marketing to start off, then having some experience and knowledge gained, including learning from other online sources, then create your own product, and a sales letter.

Let your list know about your own offer. If you’ve been developing trust and credibility with your list, no matter how small, your product will probably sell more than you selling an affiliate product.

You receive more value from your product. After all, you only receive a percentage of an affiliate product price. Even though an affiliate sales page may be much more optimized to sell than your own, you’ll likely make more from sending your list to your own because they know you and have learned to trust you. That is, they’re not buying from because of the sales letter, but because they’re buying from you.

The message here is to build your list and develop relationships with it, sell affiliate products to begin with, then when you’re ready with your list and a have a product, start selling your own products, and maybe drop the affiliate products.

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Internet Marketing – Making Your Business

Having your own business in internet marketing is not the same as picking up a special offer product that promises to solve your problems, and it’s not the same as a scheme of some sort that promises to make you rich. They never work to create your business. You have to do that. You have to have a product you create or have bought with selling rights from someone else. Then have a system created to sell that product, including building your list of subscribers interested in your information and what you sell.

Of course, you could start off in affiliate marketing. But you need to get to your own products as fast as you can. You want a business which is yours, selling your products.

First, choose a niche you already know about, or are interested enough in to develop your knowledge in it.

Second, set up and develop a website. Good hosts make it easy now to set up a WordPress site. That does not stop you developing an HTML site if you prefer, as long as your willing to learn how to do that.

Third, build your list. Have a freebie, preferably related to a product you’ll be offering for sale. Make the freebie something people would pay money for if they had to. Create an opt in page whose only job is to get the visitor’s email. Send people to that opt in page.

So, why should anybody buy from you? This is what to do.

Internet Marketing – How To Succeed In It!

What does it mean to be successful in internet marketing? My view is this varies from person to person because basically, different people see success differently. But for me successful internet marketing is to do with freedom in work and life. However, maybe you think of an exact income or a means to a successful business.

The key factor is the clear intention of what you want from internet marketing. As you may have found out, the ideas are simple enough but harder to apply with effect. That’s why special offers with fast results are misleading, as you need time to o learn and put into practice what you learned.

That means your intention must be clear and persistent to reach that level of what you think of as success. You either do that, or drop out.

How to begin.

First, choose a specific niche, or sub-niche.

Second, create a website that you own and you are not dependent on someone else for. Avoid free offers for this or else you’ll be very restricted.

Third, have an opt in page on your site or a separate domain. This has the only job of collecting your subscriber list.

Fourth, decide on a traffic method that sends visitors to your opt in page.

Fifth, find out and learn how to set up email campaigns so they convert subscribers to customers.

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