Website – You Need Your Own

Are you planning to have an online business? If so, you need to be a part of the online world. Just like the offline world, if you need land as a site on which to create a building, online you need a site. Having one main site means it can be your business headquarters.

6 reasons to have a website.

First, it gives a basis for and builds your brand name through the domain name. It’s unique to you and your business. Borrowing or paying for someone else’s website space puts you beneath their brand, probably hidden away.

Second, whatever you put on your site is your, and only your, decision. That includes how you organize it and display it for visitors. It’s unique to you.

Third, when you market your products you want that marketing to send people to your own site, and not, for example, just to an email address. Also, if you’re using some else’s web space for marketing, it benefits the owner of that space. In any case, too, to make money from others’ marketing, you need it to be on your site.

Fourth, it’s much easier to do search engine optimization on and in relation to a site you own. You choose you keywords and content structure.

Fifth, you choose your own hosting service. On top of which, you’re in charge of what autoresponder you use, and any tools to have on the site.

Sixth, you can do what you like for building your list. On another site, you might be hampered by their rules.

Basically, it’s your business you operate through the website. Otherwise, you’re helping another marketer’s business.

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