Content Marketing For Your Website Traffic

by Joe Fuller

If you only focus on creating your content and forget about the person accessing it, you can leave a lot to be desired for a piece of informative or motivating content. In videos, a slow-stop delivery will have watchers clicking away, especially if you have long pauses leaving the viewer wondering what’s going on. But almost all content will have some place for text, a perfect place to leave awkward spellings or misuse of word meanings. Sometimes the content is so good, people aren’t too bothered about it. But if you’re not giving them brilliantly unique content, people will notice and pick up on such mistakes. So, you or someone else need to check spelling, punctuation and grammar. Remember that just about everybody makes mistakes anyway.

You’re content can’t be perfect but people expect someone claiming to know their subject will be less prone to them – unless you’re so far ahead as to be unique, and then you’ll probably be forgiven almost anything. Aim to not lose traffic through simple errors.

To ensure people consume your content, have an attractive and compelling title. However, it must also clearly be about the actual content. Put your keyword in the title. You can also put it in your link to be clicked but vary links too, even without the keyword.

Of course, you have to create lots of content to get traffic from it. One or two pieces will probably have no effect.

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