Marketing With Articles – Creating An Article

by Joe Fuller

First, choose the topic you’ll write about, and then create a title to fit that topic. Whatever keywords you’ve decided on using, use the main one in your title. The title is important as it’s the first thing someone sees usually, and tells them what the article is about. Keep it accurate as to what is in the article. Also, keep the title short if you can so it gives the focus of your content.

Second, create your article. Make it as long as fits the topic you’re writing about. Put your keyword near the beginning. Ignore percentage usage of keywords. Instead, write naturally about your topic. Having a keyword too many times in the article will be penalized by the search engines. However, where needed use words and phrases related to your keyword but not the exact keyword.

Third, place your links in your article. You can put links into the body of the article but this can be distracting. You want people to read through all of it to the end. Instead of having a conclusion paragraph, take the reader straight to where they can click to go to your site, or wherever you want them to be sent. Either provide the whole URL to click, or an anchor text related to where it links to.

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