Email Marketing – Getting Emails Opened

by Joe Fuller

You need to know how to create an email series, whether you’re marketing through it or simply maintaining communication with your list. That is, your emails have to be looked at and read, not immediately closed after the first sentence.

Not every spam email ends up in spam folders. Spammers obviously want to avoid that happening. Even if it’s not directly spam, many emails that people receive are of no real use to them. So, unless it looks of some value to them, people will never read it through. Therefore your subject line must be so attractive to your subscriber that they feel they must at least open the email.

When you’re email marketing, when no-one reads your emails you don’t make any money.

Use the subject line to include the subscriber’s name. Simply because their name is there, many people will feel the need to have a look at the email.

We all like to see our name so that the email is addressing us personally.

When someone opts in to your list they add their name in the sign up form on the opt in page. Your autoresponder adds that name into you list. You send an email out to that list and the autoresponder checks the first names, and has some kind of short code such as “first name” which it replaces with the subscriber’s name.

You can do this for the subject line or in the text of the email, adding the person’s name where it’s most effective for your message.

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