Ebook – Spread Your Links In Your Ebook

by Joe Fuller

Even in these days of videos and webinars, it’s still a useful tool to have an ebook of your own. As well as selling it, you can also use it to market your products and website. Ebooks can be packed with valuable information and you have no problem downloading them. They can be spread around as many people as you like, and can be sent easily by email.

You want to give the reader as good information as you can but you can also have other reasons for creating one. Have that reason clear in your mind. Maybe you literally only want to give out the information. But you might also want to generate some revenue because people read through, and not just from selling it. In fact, you could give away the ebook and still make money from the contents.

Your ebook might be about, for example, traffic generation. Hopefully, it will contain advice people can actually put into action. However, you can also recommend products that will be useful to them in generating traffic. You include links to those products at the appropriate places, including back to your site.

If you’re recommending affiliate products then your affiliate link is in the links. You get a percentage of the ale price if someone buys a product. Give the book to your list and allow them to use it as a free gift to others.

You aim for your ebook to be passed around as many people as possible, all with your links in them. However, if you sell the ebook it’s information might be different and your recommendations could vary.

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