Ezine Ads – Using Them For Traffic

by Joe Fuller

When you place an ad in someone’s ezine or newsletter you can be sure that it’s targeted to people who have signed up for information from that ezine. You can use a classified ad or a sponsor ad or a solo ad.

Classified ads cost less than the the other types but by their very nature are not as effective. Generally, they go at the end of the ezine and you are allowed to use only a few words, just like any classified.

Sponsor ads give the opportunity to use a greater number of words. This is because you pay more for them. Solo ads are the only content the subscriber sees, sent out as an individual ad. The idea is that the subscribers think of them as a positive recommendation by the ezine owner. They can be trusted to have an effect much more than the other ads.

Unlike ads in other places your competition is less with ezine ads. The key thing is you have a targeted group of people who trust the ezine owner.

Therefore, you should get a greater response to them, especially if their specifically interested in what you have to offer. There is less persuasion needed, in that case.

You need to get traffic to your site and ezine ads are one way of doing it. If you intend to use ads in general as your means of getting traffic then ezine ads are a useful place to start, and to test out your ads. Making your site visible online is also important and these types of ads can put you in front of a whole range of audiences.

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