Email Marketing – Is It Worth The Effort?

by Joe Fuller

You will know there are lots of ways to market online. So, which way should you use over all the others? Email marketing is a key way but should you bother?

Well, you only have to see what it is.

It’s sending out emails to those who have particularly asked you for further information about your niche or product. For instance, someone reads some content by you, on your site or somewhere else. They then complete an opt in form or a support/contact form, or maybe respond back directly through an email they’ve already received from you or someone else – I do not mean spam here – no one should use spam. Whichever way the contact starts, you have an autoresponder set up to respond to their contact, or you might respond personally to that person and then they opt in to your list. Either way it has to be a voluntary opt in. That is, they’re asking you to send them more information.

The person is a targeted prospect/subscriber for that precise information and your niche. So, is it worth you going through such processes. Not necessarily always in each case. With the opt in as your subscriber you are then able to market to them, and they are interested in receiving more from you. However, not all who opt in will necessarily result in profits for you.

But, it doesn’t matter which way you decide to market, it’s the people interested in what you have to offer that will more likely buy from you. Those who just want free information will either leave or take you more time to sell to.

But the two clear advantages of email marketing are that you can continue repeat marketing to subscribers because of their interest, and the more marketing you do the more you interest and get on your list.

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