Email Marketing – Focus On Profits

by Joe Fuller

Building your list is a great idea but there’s no point in it for your business unless you can generate profits from it.

1 Have more than one list, each for a different area of your business or products. Aim to have people join the list best for them, where they’re going to get the information and offers they’re looking for.

2 Relationship building is important in your email campaigns. Give them relevant content. Combine that with making your offers.

3 When people want to buy one of your products you’ve marketed through your emails, they need to feel certain they can trust your system. So make sure the payment gateway you’re using is smooth and can be trusted. It’s better to choose one people generally use already.

4 Choose an autoresponder that can be trusted to get your emails delivered as well as a relevant thank you system, or anything else you might need for your business in this area.

5 Follow up when someone has purchased from you to ask if everything went OK or to let you know if there were any difficulties. This is not only good relationship building but you want to aim for people to be repeat buyers. By communicating with them in this way it shows there’s a human behind your business front, and it will keep you in their mind when they come to buy other products.

In this way, your list can provide profits to you, rather than just being targeted prospects you’ve managed to get to sign up.

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