Website – Aim To Include These Elements

by Joe Fuller

It can be a worrying time the first attempt you make at having a website. However, people usually over-complicate what they put onto it, making it more difficult for themselves. The elements I go through are not always used but can be very important to visitors’ first access and awareness of your business.

First, use keywords on your posts and pages. In fact, put them in different places on your site so search engines can pick up on them and not just in your specific content.

Second, set up a contact form or other method that visitors and customers can rely on when they have questions.

Third, provide solid information. This could be part of your content, or your giveaway products or paid products. Aim to give value relative to the level of knowledge and understanding you’re communicating with. Both the amount of information for customers and visitors and it’s clarity, are important.

Fourth, have you ever gone to a website and want to search but can’t? It can be very frustrating and lead to people leaving who might have dug deeper into your site. Being able to search clearly makes your site more easily accessible.

Fifth, if someone else is providing content on your site, make it clear who that person is in each case. It can be misleading to a visitor if you don’t do this.

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