Building Your List Using Freebies

by Joe Fuller

It is getting more difficult to get people’s attention online as well as to get them to repeat visits to your site. Try using freebies on your market and track the results.

Think of offers in ads to get a freebie for simply visiting a site or clicking a link. The freebie offer is in front of their eyes and captures their attention. Your freebie offer must be obvious. People like the idea of getting something for nothing, especially when it has some value for them and that they might even have considered paying for. There’s also the value of making them curious as to what exactly it is or is like. They have a need to find out.

Offering a freebie your market wants, needs, finds valuable, or they have been searching for, will get targeted traffic. Particularly if they like the freebie once they have it, it gets them thinking about how original or unique you are compared to competitors.

Psychologically in the background there’s the idea that you must be able to afford to give this valuable stuff away and thus there’s the development of trust. Although, of course, they might have given you their email address for it, so you can follow up on their interest.

Also, here are two qualifications about this method. One is that people are much less so easily willing to give their email address than they used to be. Second, as there are freebie offers of various kinds all over the web, your offer must be of value to those you’re aiming to get the attention of, and for them to take the action you want.

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