Email Marketing – Increasing Your Clicks

by Joe Fuller

There are some easy ways to get people to click your links in emails you send them.

Here are 3 of them.

First, keep your subject lines brief and specifically telling what the email is about. Also, of course, it needs to be a topic that really gets their attention. Have them wondering what could be in the email and thinking up questions about it. Once they begin to question themselves about it, they’ll click to see it and start going through it.

Second, also keep your emails brief and straightforward. The contents should keep them wondering and wanting to know more. Make it very simple to get through. Have a key idea that you repeat throughout the email in different ways. The repetition keeps them reading, developing their interest in the topic, so they feel compelled to find out what is so good about the topic.

Third, put links through the email. Make it absolutely clear so they can’t miss it, and frequently enough so they just have to click it. Make it obvious with words like “click this link”, as well as other words which are part of the email body and take them to where you want them to go. Now you have a much more natural way to get traffic to your site without it being hyper.

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