Website Traffic – A Simple Viral Tip

by Joe Fuller

Do you know the targeted traffic you want? What your market is? If you do, it makes it much easier to get traffic to your site.

Here’s a tip.

Get or create a PDF or software or tool to help people in your niche. Make sure you’re allowed to give it away, and that you can put your links into it or rebrand it as your own. You can use links to your own site or to a sales page that you’re an affiliate for, so you get a percentage of the selling price when someone buys though your link. You could have a number of such links. Even though you’re giving this product away for no payment, make sure it’s valuable enough for people to want to have it and pass it on to others.

On top of that, have them sign up for your list first. Plus, give people the right to resell it themselves or also give it away as an opt in gift – as long as they don’t change anything in the product.

If it’s valuable enough, it can be passed on to hundreds of other people, maybe even thousands. You’re extending the reach of your marketing through your links and contents as well as getting any revenue from new buyers. Of course, you also have email addresses so you can make even further offers to your new subscribers.

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