Website Traffic – More Of It

by Joe Fuller

Some people think they probably don’t have to market their site because their product is so good and visitors will buy it anyway. Imagine you believe that too. You’re idea is superb and you’ve got your website. You’re waiting for all those visitors to arrive at your site and then to buy your product. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing. Even days later you’re still waiting for a visitor.

You re-think and find an expert in search engine optimization. They tell you they’ll get your site into the top 3 of the search engine results. You pay them for this service. Yet you’re still waiting for some action. You realize that not every one of their customers could be in the top 3. Plus you don’t know how many people actually visited your site but did not buy. That is, you’re at a loss about marketing online.

You do need to market your site. These are some tips about what to do. To begin with it should be clear that there is no easy and quick solution or trick. If there were then everybody would be doing it. Also, you can’t buy your way into the top of the search engine results – it makes no difference how much you pay somebody to do that. It isn’t money you need to use but having a plan.

Plan out your site in order to attract the search engines finding their way around it. Have links leading visitors from page to page in a natural way.

If there are pages you don’t want search engines to index, then keep them out of those pages as strongly as you can. But do give them a route through your site. Each page needs a title relating to that page’s content. Then create real content that is needed in your niche. This is the basis of SEO.

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