Internet Marketing – 2 Important Points

by Joe Fuller

Internet marketing and having an online business is not a walkover. It takes work like anything else worth achieving. Unfortunately, people selling get rich quick ideas don’t usually bother mentioning that.

First, ensure your website has the quality you want for your business. This means more than how it looks if you want it to convert to sales. You have to be able to operate professionally, so have a process by which people can pay you and maybe a shopping cart setup if you want people to be able to buy more than one product at a time. Also, you can offer the use of credit cards and other other methods so there is more than one way of paying you. That is, make your website and business an easy one to buy from. That way more people will be willing to do business with you.

Second, use keywords on your site. Research which keywords people in your niche use in that niche, especially if there is any technical language. Use the keywords in your content. One important reason for doing this is that you want targeted traffic who are looking specifically for such language. That way, when you attract interested traffic they are more likely to buy from you. That is, your revenue will be higher than simply getting all sorts of traffic, including casual surfers, to your site.

For example, imagine you set up an offline business with a shop in your local area. If it was selling lots of products for dog owners, you’d want to use words such as leads, collars, dog food, dog treats, dog walking service, dog beds, and so on in your ads. They attract the attention of people looking to find dog related products. It’s the same online, if you include the example keywords, and others, on your site together with your local area name, people searching for dog products in that local area are much more likely to find your site on the search results. You then get traffic looking for the kinds of products you’re selling.

They are not just general surfers. They are targeted traffic.

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