Keywords – Why Still Use Them

by Joe Fuller

In any type of marketing when you choose the right language in your promotion it can affect the results you get that you did not imagine would happen. Using the search engines is the easiest way to find things out and to be found online.

Keywords are still significant in getting your site and materials seen. Keywords move your searchers and your visitors to what they’re looking for. They are almost ads in themselves.

A person does a search in a search engine by typing in some words associated with what they are looking for. You keywords are the link from the search results to the associated material on your site. Use those which home in as exactly as you can on what the searcher wants.

Now, Google is using intent marketing more than direct keyword linkage. They have the record of the searcher’s previous searches and so what they’re usually searching for. For example, they might search mostly for fixes to their mobile devices rather than looking to buy those devices themselves. Therefore, you might use such keywords as “problem with your cell phone?” or “tablets that have most problem” or “how to fix tablet problems”. You’re looking for keywords that will attract a searcher, not just using, for instance, the name of a tablet you’re promoting.

Avoid putting keywords all over the place on your site. This can be seen as a form of keywords stuffing which is a negative for the search engines. However, do create informative quality content, and content of a decent length as then you are probably covering keywords for your topic anyway.

Also, create unique content. That way you’ll be giving relevant and useful content but without using duplicate content or keyword stuffing.

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